Scrubs s02e19

Scrubs S02E19


Scrubs S02E19 Scrubs S02E19.

Scrubs S02E19 My Kingdom


Season 2 - Episode 19 My Kingdom A 1 minute 18 second clip from 'My Kingdom' (s02e19). The clip starts with Dr. Cox berating ...

Scrubs S02E19 My Kingdom .


Scrubs S02E19 My Kingdom.

Scrubs S02E15 His Story


Season 2 - Episode 15 His Story. Carla says YES. One of my favourite moments from 'His Story' (s02e15) where Dr. Cox is giving ...

Scrubs Season 9 Episode 4 Our Histories - episode 9.04 preview


While their wives are out of town, J.D. and Turk attend a med student's party; Kelso says goodbye to Ted and Gooch. J.D. and Turk ...