My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Location - Stewart Road, Wandsworth, London


The railway bridge, under which Omar (Gordon Warnecke) first sees Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis) with his racist pals.

Daniel Day Lewis as Johnny in 1985


Daniel Day Lewis (1985). Originally shot for British ...

My Beautiful Laundrette 1985


Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: Like us on . An ambitious Asian Briton ...

My Beautiful Laundrette - Love Scene


Famously romantic scene between Omar(Gordon Warnecke) and Johnny(Daniel Day-Lewis) from the film My Beautiful Laundrette ...

The 50 Gay Films That Changed My Life


This is a tribute to 50 gay-themed films that have truly made a difference in my life. While the number of queer films has grown ...CC

My Beautiful Laundrette - Omar and Johnny


Johnny and Omar show us how its done in the movie My Beautiful Laundrette. This was mostly an excuse to ogle a young and ...

My Beautiful Laundrette 1985


An ambitious Asian Briton and his white lover strive for success and hope, when they open up a glamorous laundromat. Johnny ...

My Beautiful Laundrette - First Kiss


Johnny and Omars first on-screen kiss in the film(and the first time the audience learns of their romantic relationship.) Lovely and ...

My beautiful launderette Tania


Loved the movie. Loved Daniel Day Lewis. Loved everyone. But Tania stood out for me, she was incredibly truthful and a force not ...

My Beautiful Laundrette - Johnny and Omar


A compilation of the best scenes of the outstanding film My Beautiful Laundrette. If you havent seen the movie in its entirety, there ...

My Beautiful Laundrette Official Trailer #1 - Daniel Day-Lewis Movie (1985) HD


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My Beautiful Launderette - Opening


Scene of the opening of the Launderette from Frears 1984 film.

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) | Trailer | Film4


Omar (Gordon Warnecke) hires his school friend (Daniel Day-Lewis), a former Fascist and current lover, to do the graft in ...

British Film - My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Clip 1


was one of the most controversial, and surprisingly successful British films of the 1980s. Produced by ...

British Film - My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Clip 3


This scene contains strong language of a racial nature. Omar has hired his old schoolfriend, and recently reformed member of the ...

my BEAUTIFUL laundrette - Trailer - (1985) - HQ


Trailer for Stephen Frearss film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Gordon Warnecke, Saeed Jaffrey, Roshan Seth, Shirley Anne Field, ...

Lloyd Cole The Commotions - Mr. Malcontent My Beautiful Laundrette


A tribute to the cult The Commotions, whose is ...