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First Lady Michelle Obama sits down on TODAY to talk about the : 'Women Are Tired Of Being Undervalued' | TODAY

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She said absolutely not!  She has found her role/mission to our country.  I can't say that I don't blame her after watching and being subject to 8 years of pure hate & evil.
I'm tired of hearing that Women are the center of the universe while watching 100% of them pile onto a bandwagon armed with dubious claims, and Men being told they have to meekly accept being their social punching bag because it makes women \
888,888_ fiery_mercaba
I am fully aware that this is perpetually-nodding bobble head territory, but I'm going to express my dissent, anyway. Females of all ages will be much better off when you, Michelle Obama, & your husband & your buddies the Clintons, et al, are made to answer for your crimes against the United States of America & imprisoned & whatever else is proportionate to your all crimes.\n Innumerable females were devalued in the womb through your all promotion of infanticide & the mothers who yielded to the pressure of their conscience to admit that it was a baby that died, their very own baby that died, are now dealing with crushing psychological issues. And there are many more policies you all have supported & yet s support which have been devastating to women, but I have not time to detail & elaborate on them all now. Suffice it to say that the time will come when the delusion your all folowers are under will inevitably yield & dissipate before reality, the King of kings scheduled to begin reigning from Jerusalem over the Earth for 1,000 years. But I am sure some shocking awakenings will precede His advent.
Aaron Bynum
So beautiful so elegant and smart a real first lady who doesn't just walk the walk but also talks the talk
Al Dingman
Moochelle isn't a woman and keeps pretending to be one............... Disgraceful!!!!!!!
Alexandra salas
She is the best!!
Andrea Kae
I wonder what she thinks about her husband drone attacking innocent women and children in the Middle East
Angela Hamlett
When they go low, we go high! Not about climbing a monument either. Thank you Mrs. Obama for all your hard work. You Rock!!! ♡♡♡
Annamarie Sieberns
I am glad that she continues to do civic duties in the community to make an impact on the world. It would be great if she were our president, but I know that’s not where her heart truly lies.
Arzo Mrs
Forever First Lady 👍🏻
Ignore the trolls they just show how high their IQ's are or should I say how low
Bhamski Bam
Oh look, another example of an Obama dividing the country. What a shocker
Blessing Kabari
She is wonderful
Brandie Campbell
There's more women, I was abused verbally and physically up to the age of 26 by my own brother! I'm also me too! And I'm glad that this has been taken nationally. Women need inspiration and she is a very good one!
Brandon Schleifer
Undervalued? Women are over-valued! \
Brenda Jordan
Michelle for president!!!
An Obama dividing the people? Shocker..
Carissa Felder
Starting 4:15 \
Carmine Dome
the worst first lady ever. How can she talk about women if she was born a man? I dont get it. Well thank God Trump is prez. and will be until his 8 years is up.
Telling all little girls that they are victims before they even enter adulthood is doing them a huge disservice. Feminist Camile Paglia just recently wrote a great article saying that this new wave of feminism is so dangerous. It just teaches women that they are victims and to hate men. She went on to state that the great Amelia Earhart, a feminist, looked up to men and their accomplishments, and that she was even called Lady Lindberg. Yet the women today in the new feminism age hate men and just want to settle a grudge. The damage of new wave \
Clay .C.
Women don't even pay enough taxes to cover the entitlement programs only available to women. They don't raise children anymore, they drop them off at daycare. They tuck tale and run out on marriage at the first sign of trouble, usually stealing the mans children from him, and the children's father from them. Women vote without paying the price for that vote. Sounds to me as if they are overvalued.
Coletha Albert
Um. Mahlia interned for Harvey Weinstein...discuss THAT.🕵️🕵️ I'm listening....
Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett
Me too is a hardcore leftist propaganda.
Damien Dominguez
Melania Trump is beautiful and the best First Lady . Micheal was to busy having fun in Hawaii with his husband
Danielle Shank
People have to understand Me too isn't just for women it's also for men who have been abused.
Dee Palin
she knows that it happens to everyone but she talking about women she speaking from a woman’s point of view 💯
Devann Golphin
I love her so much, my forever First Lady 😍😍😍😍
Elaine Pearson
Love 💕 Michelle
Ernesto Ybarra
Man-chelle comments about women being undervalued... this is why Hillary Clinton should lead the Me-Too movement\nHillary Clinton: Bill's Affair With Monica Lewinsky Was Not An Abuse Of Power because both for consenting adults! People need to stop taking the \
Fabio Silva
Me too divided men and women.\nToo many gold diggers in this movement.
Worst FLOTUS ever heard Michelle November 9th this morning on GMA did I hear her say listen young people Obama and I had the best marriage ever or did she say have sounded like had to me
GIR 93
Female Empowerment ✊.Progression! Praise God!
Gabriel M
Women are tired of being undervalued by who?
Get Em
Shut up go to Hollywood already
Glimpses of Iggy and Yve
Women *AND* Men MATTER. Otherwise the #metoo movement would've been #womentoo. Love Always ❤
Greg Gomez
Really Michael! Racist family in America. Both of them ruined this country and now we're trying clean it up.
Michelle Obama please run for president
Herr KartoffelKoph
Y'all wanted to wear shoes and vote. Now all y'all do is complain.
Just because you \
Jaclyn H
Incredible... 💖
Jakob Mahase
Such a classy, powerful woman. She’s both a role model for boys and girls and someone America should be proud of ❤️
Janna Nijland
Michelle Obama is eloquent, honest and so very inspiring!
Jeff Beck
Go back to branch Michael
Jehan Watley Interiors
Forever FLOTUS. Her service to people is amazing!
Jennifer Melee
Love love love her.
I love her! She speaks very well and is passionate about the youth. Its obvious she loves her girls and her family! I wish she would run for office!
Joe Hoe
Her make-up could have been better, her dress is beautiful. Love and miss her
Judy Benyacov
Talk talk talk it’s Cheap
Kara Kaur
Melania please take notes!
Inspiringly hopeful as always. Best first lady ever
Lecia Bella
So happy international girls day... \
Leonard Wells
Me too nothing more than a cool club for liberals!! And false accusations !!
I consider myself and my female friends and family blessed that we have not experienced overwhelming oppression or less opportunities. I’m wondering based on my own experience why the message is that there is an epidemic of women’s oppression? In another interview Michelle said that party doesn’t separate us, it is the message we send that does. To some degree I agree. It is the way people are using the me too movement to exaggerate issues is what I don’t like . It makes sense to always strive to get better but that is not what I read and hear daily. I mostly see the message of an epidemic of oppression. I don’t see the epidemic. I see that women already have equality of opportunities and women have the courage to stand up and fight for their rights in cases where they are mistreated. I don’t see an epidemic of oppressed woman though. Michelle also said fear is not a great motivator and yet when talking about the me too movement she contradicts herself. I agree that fear does not foster improvements and fear shackles us. But I do think big government uses fear tactics to control us because of that. This is why I listen to my neighbors, family, friends, and coworkers to understand what is going on and I don’t take much heed from people in the political arena. Government is getting to big and I see that is a problem. I think we the people need to take care of each other better and stop believing that the government will “fix us” . We already have freedom, let us not lose our freedom by giving it away to the government. For example, marriage.... government needs to get out of the marriage business. Marriage is a personal choice and it is defined differently by different beliefs. Marriage decisions belong to us, not the government.
Marcos Juarez
It is wonderful to hear former First Lady Michelle Obama speak. Women (and some intelligent men) are tired of being undervalued. That's why the Hashtag MeToo movement works for survivors of sexual misconduct and holding those accountable who are committing sexual misconduct.
Mary Torres
Mrs.obama i love u,i love u😍😘😗😚😙💖💟and god bless u!!! U are a beautiful kind wpman,and i miss u as a first lady!!
Megan Hollowell
How I miss you Michelle Obama!!! You are such an amazing role model for all the woman in this country!!
Michael Watson
This beautiful classy intelligent lady could blow her nose and what would be in the tissue would have more class and integrity than what's in the white House
What a beautiful class act!!!!!! I miss her incredible intelligence and love her compassion. So grateful for all of her amazing work!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Nick Beats
Me too movement won't last too many gold-diggers making false claims.
Nuunu Birgitte Boassen
Michelle is so crucial for this time in history.
PaiN ExoTiC
If you've been abused or assaulted, report it to the police, not making accusations online. This makes way for opportunists to take advantage of it and make false accusations just to get back at someone they dislike. It's a terrible idea...
Not everyone has #metoo, but we can continue the education with boys to be respectful, and girls to speak up if they had a bad experience, generally why women didnt speak up is because they felt ashame, fear or losing their opportunity. This is not just a men problem, it is society. Some guys are bad and will continue this behavior if women don't say anything.
Pitabas Bhoi
Men rise up and take back your due space in the society.A less deserved person can't have more authority and power.
President Donald J. Trump
I did more in the first 8 HOURS than Barack Obama did in 8 YEARS!
Rebia Jones
Yesssssss live everyday as if it's your EULOGY....... Love you Mrs.Obama she always come with FACTS.😘
Rick Sanchez
Says the panel of some of the most pampered women in the world. 🤦🏽\u200d♂️
Ruth Brent
Not just girls. We must teach our males NOT to behave as though they have rights or power over men. Not all males are bad, but one is to many.
S Goodman
Why don't the Obama's focus on the Riveting crime in Chicago? I don't understand that, Chicago is the their home state. As a Woman I don't need her Voice. I Have My Own!
Yeah and men are tired of having their lives ruined by allegations with zero evidence and men are tired of the women who admit they lied not going to prison.
the trolls on social media really need a new writer. notice all the comments hating on her are so similar. keep trying russia we know you’re there
Spens inthevalley
The metoo movement is for bitter democrats who leak stories from 36 years ago who even the accuser was unsure of. Great role models for our youth.
Sylvia Smith
Tools, education,strengthening laws is needed ,but everyone that is accused of a crime is not guilty once accused anyone for any crime has the right to defend themselves even murder and due process in a court of law..This appears to be the issue of debate at this time,many are saying no but is it legal if accused for sexual assualt you go to jail automatically.
Tanya Owen
Surprised that it took women so long to stand up for themselves against men. That is really the only surprising thing. Trump was the cstalyst for this, he helped it happen...
Tara Speaks
Cmon FLOTUS foreva.
Tennessee Jed
Dude looks like a lady....
The Leader
In my opinion American women are overvalued and American men are treated as if our perspective/point of view and or feelings don't matter as long as women feel comfortable.
Tim Sambro
I love you Michelle, always will.
Bye Felicia ! You had your chance epic fail!
Yin Yang
Michelle does not get it, that the world is not just about women. She seems too much into herself and her answers are confusing
Yuan Geng
God, I miss hearing a First Lady who's honest and eloquent and educated
Zero Sum
Fake news propaganda everytime i see, HRC, the Obuma's, Creepy Joe.They are the past. They had their moment. They are IRRELEVANT. Is their party that much in ruins they need the former roster line-up?
Then women shouldn't lie, cheat and manipulate their way through life.
a.r. hays
I think that nothing is wrong at all with the movement people should speak out . But with that being said , The RADICAL party that has invaded the Democrats take anything they hear and try to use it as a smear regardless of the outcome if the other party accused is innocent . Radicals ruin innocent people's lives without hearing the outcome.
alexandre martin
michelle our favorite transgender
alonzo slade
This is so biased. Women claim they are fighting sexism when they are actually committing acts of sexism.
an ce
Keeping Powerful and truthful.Shes the BEST💐🌹💜
I'm shocked by some of the cruel and tasteless comments below. Even if you don't agree with Michelle she is an honest person and wants to help Americans. Saying she is really a \
carol yvette
How politics depressing cuz is going against your agenda Michelle people I can’t believe you can’t see through this
craig clermond
uncomfortable for the guy is being falsely accused .definitely a work place goal future women should work toward .
Michelle O has zero class. Ghetto.
david nichols
How does she have straight hair???
gitanjali Karki
ggrt micelle ........in un
Pray for men! Males will be extinct in 10 years!
kelly mason
l Mclendon
M E 2 was a movement started by women, for women.
r B
After watching Melania watching Michelle Obama was a refreshing and inspiring change. The difference between these two women is monumental and Mrs. Obama unlike Mrs. trump really cares about the country and the women around the world. God Bless her!
Michelle like so many completely underestimates the backlash that is unfolding against the MeToo movement. It seems to be now the favourite subject of “recreational outrage” on both sides. The backlash though happens mainly in a subdued and not very visible form, in how people vote, for instance. It’s entirely conceivable that we get another one of those complete misjudgements about election outcomes followed by a big surprise. I really worry that it will happen again in the coming elections. What the most vocal MeToo moved don’t seem to understand is that many men only support it publicly, while keeping their reservations to themselves. With all this shallow talk about white patriarchy, don’t be surprised if many women, in particular white women will take the side of their white men. I wish the MeToo movement would understand that it’s now high time for them to reach out to men’s organisations and listen to their grievances as well, instead of continuing to depict them as evil and unjustified. They must establish trust among men that justice will be served, and the influence of actual hate groups will dwindle. This doesn’t work with slogans like “we believe the victim”. It was mostly fodder for the right wing who could stand ground based on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”, a principle that the MeToo moment should be the first to subscribe and emphasise much more. The other thing I find worrying is the nonsense about “toxic masculinity”. It is mainly used to for the misdemeanour of men, because it looks for the cause of evil in the nature of men, which is something a man can’t really chose. As I’m writing this I realise I’m merely stating the obvious. Nothing really has changed about the nature of men and the nature of women. We still form a functional society that is predominantly based on a fruitful cooperation between women and men, mostly mutually accepting their roles. And bonding and family in whatever form is still the foundation of society. The problem is that these shrill calls for justice and “equity”, even to the extend of largely being justified, often commit a crime against common sense. You can’t change common sense by screaming at people. You may think you succeed because hardly anyone in your audience contradicts, or dares to contradict you. So you can hear all day on PBS about MeToo stories, hardly any critique of it. You can easily get the impression that everyone agrees. Same on social media, amplified now by clamping down on whatever may be seen as extremist, often based on blunt AI methods. In the meantime in the other universe that you don’t see from your bubble, the silent and not so visible majority makes their decisions based on instinct and common sense, the common sense their feel is being under attack. That`s why I foresee another dark awakening for the Democrats in a few weeks. I so much wish that I’m wrong, and still hope that at least Bernie Sanders makes some headway for these straightforward ideas about healthcare and workers protection with more pay and less social engineering. So I would say to Michelle who I still adore: Stop understanding cultural change as a war and stop using words of war. If you see it as a war, especially as a war against some construed image of men, you are gonna loose it.
If women are tired of being undervalued, they should leave the Dhimocratic Party. What's stopping them from doing so?
zealuv African
Men are in trouble... No wonder suicide rate is high among men