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Never saw that before, flying kangaroo 01:27
Aaron Jimenez
Max are the best road warrior
Aaron Lynch
This movie is so timeless... Agree to disagree but considering this came out the same year as Raiders of the lost ark and before Return of the Jedi and The Terminator, it has certainly aged a lot better. Mainly because of the great cinematography, acting, stunts and visual effects. Gosh I cant believe its turning 35 years old!
Alex Saucedo
Love this movie \n Oldie but goodie \n Awesome kick ass movie. 1982 i believe
Arctic Wolf
Still waiting for the 4° chapter.
Aurora Walkers
1:18~1:20 The Beast Scream!!!
Ayrton Santana
hay un error cuando mad max choca al enemigo
Azrael ben abraha
and the hardcore gay biker with hes feather boa and hes personal biatch rofl
At 1:20 the front end of the falcon is different the front end the headlight lenses and cover is gone before he hits the back of the car
@0:25 👍👍👍
That camera shots are superb.
Bub Dob
I just love the big meaty intake and supercharger on the XB Falcon Gt
One of the best clips in clasic movies
Carter Hoke
Witness me Dogbag! WITNESS ME!!!
Chris Rennie
You, you can run but you can't hide! \n\n\n \n\n\n
Christopher Akerley
like turn the Fury on.  and it has little to do with terorrists right
Cockroach Man
I have this on VHS
Craig Bowmam
I love the wheel spin when he pulls the Interceptor up!!
DIEGO Racing
At 1:20 the Interceptor V8 doesn't have the thing that had in the start of the movie
Daemeon 93
Fun Fact: This is what will actually happen in 10 years due to Tony Abbott ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
David Gray
Good cinematography
Dean Williams
Love \
Just watched mad max fury road yesterday
Dick Waldo
That blonde chick is pretty hot. 2:07
Dragon lair
DropTheBeat Cat
Best movie ever
Eric Rhodes
I always loved the first shot of Max. When the camera zooms out from the super charger. Brilliant.
2 best opening sequences of all time The Dark Knight Bank Robbery and this
Gull Friend
i feel like it gets overlooked how smart the equalization of the soundtrack is here. the small bit at the beginning has the bass cut down considerably and the higher frequencies boosted up to a point where the track would be unlistenable by itself, but because the scene is already so loud and the rumble of the cars takes up most of your hearing, it has to be equalized that way to cut through.
I like Tom Hardy but Mel just looks more badass in this.
Holden Skeels
As a car fan since 2 years old, this movie blew my mind the first time I saw it!
Index Error_
me and my dad used to watch this when i was little..
Jack McGhee
They probably first thought of setting this in America, but changed their minds because it seemed too stupid, like Americans would obviously mostly be sitting around after the apocalypse like they already do, but it's more believable for Americans that Australians would do more crazy stuff.
James Miller
I love that clip of this movie just disliked it for the 69
Jesse Burleson
Talk about one epic, opening scene. Gosh I can't wait for Fury Road. But remember, Mel Gibson is God. Everyone else is just a mere mortal.
Joey Zdichavsky
1:33 that axle hop is for some reason is satisfying
John Smith
I wonder how many times they run some poor fools down after a long chase only to realize that they are fools themselves because they don't have enough gas to get back home?
Jonathan Gooden
The greatest intro ever for a action movie
Lorcan Ward
I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead, hunted by scavengers, haunted by those I could not protect. So I exist in this wasteland, a man reduced to a single instinct…………..Survive
MC Plisken
love to see a Death battle match between Mad max, and snake plissken.
Marco Migliari
This also inspired Fist of the North Star, damn!!!
Marshall Banana
That dog should have gotten a best supporting actor nod.
Mr Nobody
Starts the same way the first one ended that lonely road and his car
I've been watching this movie for about 30 years-and I NEVER get tired of it. I don't know what it is but I can watch this over and over and not get sick of it. Same with Top Gun. Contrast with The Goonies and I watch ten minutes of that and I'm ready to turn it off.
...but war never changes :D ( this movie was prob what brought my love of fallout )
Neil Tomlinson
One of the best films ever made??? \n\n\n\nHell yeah it is , better than Mad Max Fury Road in my honest opinion.
It's less than two minutes long, but this is still one of the most iconic car chase scenes in movie history.
gasoline is so precious everyone is driving cars with 8 mpg.
Obscene Vegetable Matter
You really need the opening montage and narration for the proper impact. The cut between swooping down on the road and zooming out of the super charger is amazing.
Other Guy
Max has a dog, ergo Road Warrior \u003e Fury Road
Pa Co
Old school of tha last good one.
If you check out part one there is the word Weiland on the base of the blower and in this one it has gone. I don't think he was able to get that replaced in a apocolyptic world.
RJG 71
This is the quintessential Mad Max film for me. Picks up right where the original left off with a bigger budget from the success of the original, that they clearly put to good use in the opening scene here. It's even better when it is preceded by the retrospective monologue, I believe by The Feral Kid years later on his death bed, and the shot of the road passing by from the air. The car engine appears simultaneously with the roar of the engine. It's \
Ready Player Two
1:24 Homer: He's about to hit a chestnut tree...
The roads look too well maintained and freshly painted to be post apocalyptic.... :(
max is a savage and nothing stops him!!!
Sean Mcmanus
Now this is my mad max loved fury road but Mel is Max end of story
Shot Down In Flames
Last of the V-8 interceptors.
The Road Warrior\u003eThe Fast and Furious saga.
Spore Hux
Stop childrens what's that sound
2016 boyyy, and that film still perfect for this time)
Most Aussie guys are like the blonde dude on the back of the bike lol
It's not often a great movie has a great sequel. I think adding a dog was a great idea for this film. I had also read this dog was homeless and about to be put to sleep when the producers chose it from a local dog pound and after the movie someone adopted it.
The Necessary Evil
Literally the best opening to a film...... EVER 😊
The Velo In The Vale
This scene was shot in Western New South Wales - Mundi Mundi Lookout - Silverton way - amazing outback scenery.
On the way home, I was with my dog in my car and I pictured this scene in my head.
Tommy Boyce
MM2 is a bazillion times better than Fury Rd... so much grittier and cooler. Wez was badass!!
Tupac Spock
Kangaroo gets hit at the 1:27 mark.
this intro alone kill fury load ...
alex dornelli
alguém desconhecido.
Era criança na época desse filme, tempo bom que não volta,hoje em dia é quase tudo filme que envolve coisas muito estranhas .antigamente tinha muito filme bom.
a movie starting with a move out a super charger cant be bad
is there like no more cops
Now THIS is how you do a car scene. It's brutal, realistic and without explosions.
This movie spawned literally dozens of imitations in the eighties.
This was my favorite movie since I was 3 or 4 until T2 came out. Now its tied... Pretty epic for its' time and still is.
francesco floris2
basically inspiration for the whole aesthetic of Fallout 3
gastongonzalo miño
El mejor intro...Gracias!!!
Its a shame to watch, but that beautiful Monza front end on Max's Pursuit Special was to impractical for what the police force created that car for (Ramming and stopping) Still breaks my heart to see it smash the way it does.
Huh... That Rig. \n\nSame as the Rubber Duck drives in Convoy.
this film makes me proud to be an aussie.
manu men
esto es un clasico, la nueva es caca
matt murdock
In my opinion, one of the best films ever made. George Miller is a freakin' genius.
One of the best opening up with a brief history of what happened and then into a car chase, with one of the most iconic cars in movie history...awesome!!!
The REAL Road Warrior.
there was a good fan theory goin about fury road stating that max that tom hardy plays is actually the feral kid from this film grown up...he took max's name and still has the music box mel gibson gives to him in this film....good theory cause tom hardy hardly speakes and grunts alot just like the feral kid in this film....i like that thought.
scott hyne
Best film ever
tg Razatos
he takes out 3 of them on their ambush!! Gotta love it!!
the Sententious Vaunter
My three favorite characters in this film: \n\n1. Max\n2. Max's V8 Interceptor\n3. Max's sawed-off shotgun
Mel Gibson was the BEST ROAD WARRIOR EVER !!!!!!
they are probaply surprised they are not used to meeting strong haha
veronikah K
I was 10 years old and this was simply MAD MAX 2 to me.Already seen the first part by then
wilson jacob
Esse pra mim e o filme mais inexquecivel de todos os tempos , o MAD MAX de 2015 não chega nem perto de MAD MAX 2 ( a caçada continua ) alem de que não poderia ser outro MAX se não MEL GIBSON.