Hurricane Michael: Videos show destruction in US - BBC News

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Hurricane Michael has made landfall in Florida's north-west Panhandle region with winds reaching 155mph.It has been called the worst storm in 100 years by Florida Governor Rick Scott.Videos are emerging of the destruction the hurricane is causing across the region.It is expected to move quickly up the US East Coast.Please subscribe HERE

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That's windy.
Albert Pike
UN Weather Weapons
Ale. Costa
Nature is so beautiful and untouchable!! Sorry for the loss of people stuff !
Aurα вírdч
clearly this is just a fake place with fake news
Lets continue to believe climate change isn't real :)
Badlaama Urukehu
I wouldn't wanna be gang groomed in that!
Blizard Media
Free UK.
Disavowal F
Forget \
Dobbs Mill
Hold my beer whilst I keep this glass door shut.
Free Saxon
Quick increase the taxes, it will go away
Goldfinga Sliverfinga
Man made
Haya khan
JA Angel
It is Gods way.  Now do you see how easy it is to become homeless?  People should care more for homelessness and do more for them.  Not just leave them out in the cold because it can happen to us by things like this that are out of mans control......But do humans ever learn to understand the simplicity of the message of the wrath!  When will this un equal world change?  Messages are loud and clear but nobody learns.......
Andrew was way more destructive
Jay Kay
😤 This is Donald Trump's Fault! 😤
hitting Trump supporting climate chnage deniers
BBC shields a schizophrenia weapon user who has stolen a mans life inflicting mental illnesses to deliberately torture.
Subhan allah toba allah
Kevin Martin
Nature doesn’t give af.
Kyota Tsushima
Je vois ...
Noor Tanveer
Much panic and distrustion had been made
Philosopher of Nonsense
More footage of the storm in a 40 second clip than was shown on most of American news. You Brits have it pretty good over there, at least in unbiased news coverage. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in America which is being run by a rabid orangutan enabled by a gruop of chimpanzees who say that this hurricane was a hoax.\nᴩʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ꜱᴇɴᴅ ʜᴇʟᴩ
Rocket Power
Mexico will pay for the damages.
Sara Wilcker
I had a bf named Michael and he was a disaster, so this makes sense.
Stop Political Censorship pls
I love white poeple\nI love black poeple \nI love Mexicans
Sudins Creation
God bless world
Looks like people didn't pray hard enough.
Vivienne Clark Nicholson
Oh my goodness stay safe
america become like syria kkkkk bless syria
This is terrible. It's Rick Scott's Katrina. The same goes for trump. Trump's off having a far-right rally with our tax dollars, and Americans in FL are in a life and death situation. It's just like Bush with Katrina. Basically at the beginning it was just read my lips. Declaring a state of emergency , but not having anything on the standby ready to go
BBC is FAKE news
isaac e ismael machado
juanita arambula
More jobs!! On Trump time he gets the credit.
The angry version of Mother Nature \nThe destroyer 😱
mansor Bakhtari
God bless the people of this region.
meth-lab barbie
Canadian trees would have stayed standing in that little breeze!
pink Candy
Absolutely awful
sabari sabari
Nice video but bad news.
swwimer bang
سبحان الله\nالحمد لله الذي عافانا مما ابتلاهم به
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