Fkj Live at La Fée Electricité, Paris

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In front of Raoul Dufy's painting "La Fée Electricité" Shot by @LeSofa at the Paris Modern Art Museum

FKJ alice improvisation canggu french kiwi juice laféeélectricité lesofa modern art museum paris raouldufy roche musique vibin' without (((O)))

This is beyond beautiful.
AD Films
makes me wanna jump in the sky if thats possible..
Adam Bredesen
4:02 The girl on the left had to take a layer off cause that sax was so fire.
Adam Lubarski
Butter\nPittsburgh ,PA!!!! We need need you!!!
Aklea Neon
If his sound was a woman, it would be the most beautiful woman on the planet.
Andrew Jones
13:16 good lord
Anon Amous
FKJ is so good he makes me wish i was french so i could be like...yeah this is my guy over here. \n\nSuch an absolute joy of a musician this man is. \n\nLove.
Arefin Khan
If this is not beautiful I donno what else is \u003c3
Beat Bodega
Todos mis respetos. All my respect. Truly amazing.
Brian calle Garrido
arte hermoso
Callum Moodley
My life has meaning again
Claudia De Rossi Hernandez
I love it
Conor McInally
why is this the coolest live show i've ever seen? everyone with headphones so they can get the full spectrum of everything he is doing and just sitting down enjoying it. no one is talking over the music or trying to get that perfect video to show people they're at a concert. just music and people completely immersed in it. this is so perfect to me
Cómo Agrandar El Pene
This got to be some form of therapy
He kills it on the saxophone man🔥🔥🔥
Danas Ko
Bucket list: \n\n1. See the painting while listening to this
Dario Sorella
You are a genius!!!
Dave Durden
Awesome as fk
Sick!!!. That much talent should be illegal. The 837 dislikes is beyond ridiculous.
Derek Mannino
my soul just took the deepest breath it's ever taken.
Doctor Mphela
This is an art.
Dre807k Jones
Saw him when he was in Dallas! If he comes to your city, GO! Buy a ticket, buy a friend a ticket. You will not be let down!
Dru Lopez
Second coming of Jesus?
Elena Rayskaya
Hi from Russia! Its absolutely awesome music.. Thank you!
Elizabeth Guzman
Fkj, your music feeds my SOUL!!
Eric Lee
this is greatness at it greatest
Eros Gibertoni
If you aren't listening to this with headphones you have no idea about what you're losing.
Am I in heaven?
Fish Ngwenya
Dude are you human?Your beats are sick as hell
Genré Afrikaner
Two times for this gentle his music does it to my soul
Gino N
I do not know how I end here, but obviously the universe conspire on my favor, this is poetic, this is why I can still smiling. Thank you FKJ!
Granie po Mojemu
It feels like, you've been preparing it for your whole life
Guppie Lips
Peace of mind at its greatest
A masterpiece from a great artist
Jay Jr
about to find an instrument I really like and teach Tadow!!
Jonathan Dafney
Does anyone know what kind of headphones the adiance is wearing on there head?
Josh G
This is some beautiful shit right here
Juan Carlos De Jesus Marin Figueroa
Me parece perfecto el echo de que nadie tenga su maldito celular en la mano, así deben ser todos los conciertos, ningún celular tiene el privilegio de gosar primero que nosotros a esos artistas que dan parte de su alma en el escenario
I hope everyone understands how badly FKJ and Chet Faker need to make an album together...
King Of Kings
hands down my favourite artist right now!
beruce 47 came here and squirted to this
Krish San
He is sacrificed his soul for music... Multi talented... Saxo is sexy hell... Music is Art or Art is Music can’t predict... Oh Man! You are blessed with music... I’m in different planet full of cosmic effects..
Kyle Fetters
I can't wait to cook dinner to this.
Las Vince
This guy is a band on his own..
Latasha Edwards
Love the creativity
Leonardo Bongiascia
just ended up In paradise
Leonardo Castrillo
Damn! Is so beautiful
Lloyd Molefe
Look, this is the sound of heaven.
Lou Harrison
I'd be grooving and losing my shit, how can the audience sit so virtually motionless?!
Mandeep Dhami
Sheer example of music has no language
Mawusi Roberts
Just had a natural high
8.55 wonderful !
Meny Novak
God damn this guy broke my internet!!
Meriam Jacobs
Wish I was there to experience this
Morty Smith
The amazing thing about this is that anyone can listen to this no matter what language they speak
Just an intellectual human 😇
Nahiara Alarcón
Nathan Craig
I hope this is what the future is like
Ndeto Martin
Christ! This guy ...
Nicolas Aguilar
That painting is located at the center of science in Washington DC 👀 I was amazed by it
Noah Aubert
What an amazingly talented musician.
Nokuthula Mahlangu
I am spiritually woke . I am emotionally healing... I feel a deep sense of greatfulness listening to this. My soul is pleased. \n\nNgiyabonga
Nthoneng Dinaala
How is it possible for a human being to be this talented? Everything in me stops when i listen to this guy. Fkj is the future
Dopamina pura!
Pjayprince songs
I would love if u all listen my music and let me know what you think.🤗😍
Randall Smith
Tiny desk what are you waiting for !!!!!
Ranjan Ramachandra
8:16 to 9:22 is just pure gold. The song is called canggu I guess.
Raymond Cortez
if this doesn’t make women’s panties drop, I don’t know what will.
Reinan Soares
Come to Mars please
Reuben Masi
Why am I discovering this now... I feel like crying
Ricel Leite
Pure sound. Awesome!
Serkan Ergün
That's so awesome ... :)
jesus christ (circa 2017)
Sindi Puzi
How Is Everyone Sitting Still? I'm Howling Right Now.
Spencer Fraye
Is that not THE coolest venue out there, lighting and colors and everything
Suleyma Mora
Just beautiful 😍
Teo Van Lier
this guy makes me feel so useless
When the camera zooms out I can't help but think of J Cole playing the saxophone
ThabZz Double Zet
I so wish I was there...
The B Mo
People are seriously sleeping on this cat ! FKJ is a Musical Mastermind !!
Tosh Akoman
Virginie Fauré
Gorgious Man… GO… beautiful, très élégante musique! Bravo!
I tripped out listening to this, just beautiful
William Morgan
What an experience
Xavier Patte
This is so mesmerising
Yahosaphat Ken Yisreal
I accidentally played about a happy accident man damn.....this is beautiful
abt to
The second songs is amazing it captures my attention the most out of them all, Its makes me think about life more just imagine from the mellow start to the buildup then high point then it slow downs like life should be a build up to a great like starting from the bottom, then learning and experiencing the fun and excitement of life explore then we relax in the ending after the foundation is over then we pass it down to the next in line . JUST amazing
This guy deserves a Grammy, a Nobel, an Oscar.....
This is aesthetical ecstasy.
christopher wallace
This guy music is like an extension to heaven.....
davide leonardi
i'm so happy that we live in the same planet
How the F*** could you dislike this??? Beautiful
frankie stewart
Talk about a real passion 💘
gandalf thegrey
You have brought me back to life Thankyou
Watch what I can do.
where can I visit this place for real??
just a bunch of people listening to his music, enjoying his art.. no filming, no snapchatting or whatever, I'm being jealous
shannon myers
Ícaro M. Santana
I need to see you live.