Monique Abbadie - Loca The Voice Season 4 Blind Audition HD

very nice song....

Audition Episode Season Voice

- MadissonVilly. -
Она лучше оригинала спела супер.,!
A Mohammed Arif Arif
Like you girl 😍😍😍
Aa11223344 Aa11223344
I don't like monique but i like shakira so much
Aadi Shiha
Shakira's smile is killing😍
Adi Lala
All you nedd
Amila Mila
I love it
Asmaa Saad
i love adam is my favorite singer
Bastian D
i like all the girls coaches in the voice US, even i like Miley since The voice
Chhani Black Star
I think Blake and Adam love to watch Shakira dance
Damião Da Silva Queiróz
Monique sou seu fã
Djilali Belarbi
DouD love of India
Waw byetifel i love ha💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
Dragon Ball Super
That girl actually sang it better than Sharika did
Emma Jackson
She is amazing
Enhjørning Jentene
Gameking 49
Blake looks like Ryan from rooster teeth
George Vasileiou
Granny and slendrina
Hits of N Edits
Monique's realy great than orgianl
Hurul Ain
I dont know how much i only repeat this video .. adore 😍😍
Hvcvb Uffg
Adam ilove
Jasbir Kaur
She nailed it..
Jeff Vanvenrooij
1:17 all bundy is in the room
Karen Granado
The reaction of shakira so beautiful
Khusbu Magar
She is just stunning
Considering that Blake wins more often, they should want to be on his team by default.
Lidka Sikora
Lily Potter Junior
They all knew that she would pick shakira
M Manivannan
Dear monik...i love ur,voice,innocent....i love shakiraaaaaaaa....when i heard this song i am going madddddddd...i love u both from my heart..
Madalina Calalb :3
0:14 yaaaaaa we have food in da' fridge
Marco Alisdair
shes not even blind lol
Marwan Daali
Maryam Ammar
معقولة ماكوا عرب
Mayur Sarade
0:20 omg what an expression\nI love you Monique..She Is Beautiful..God Bless You
Md Babu
Michael Vince
Shakira is so cute
Mohamed Elmasry
N_g3 الغربي
الرجال الي لابس اسود وش اسمه
Nada _yara
This is so self-confidence!!!
Norjana Saumay
The look on Adams' face while looking at shakira. haha can't get over it. 😻😻😻 😙😙
Nutella XMSP
Lmao that descrpition
Orlanda Lucena
Papita Dey
She is so beautiful,and her voice oh my god, make me crazy.i have fallen love with her.
Paulo Brasil Brasil
Realmente impressiona essa cantora profissional posso dizer como Diretor de Produções Artísticas televisivas em breve Empresário do Setor Televisivo na Regão Nordeste.\n\nEssa canta melhor do que a própria Shakira. Sem mais comentários.
Pink is Punk
Is it bad that I like this version of Loca rather than the original?
0:55 when I passed an exam that I didn't study
Qusia Nazir
I loved ittt👍👍
Rama Mouawiya
Shakira's reaction is priceless 0:04
Ravi M
amazing voice!!!😀
Reuben D. are just PHENOMENAL....Y ADEMAS SUPER LINDAAAAAA!!!!! I will buy all your music!!!!! Love ya!!!!
She sings it better than Shakira
Saara Tahsin
Marry someone who looks at you the way Adam looks at shakira... 😅
Saim Khan
this one is better than the real one
Sama Elakad
مفيش هنا حد عربى
Sara 04yt
1:20 when I get my math test which I didn't study for and I passed
Savannah Ray
Scout Steve
I like this better than the original
Sehajpreet Kaur
I hit my button first..... lol
Shourav Dipto
Its mind blowing!! And better then you!!
Shuba Veeriah
When Adam turns he was like she's amazing but she definatly choose Shakira
Sims Aly
Brasil ?
I liked this girl , the performance , the voice , everything was on point, until she said some thirsty shit to usher then i left
Somali Chatterjee
She isn't singing but shouting too vigorously.
Somen Pan
Best ever. ❤❤❤❤
SuperSixGamersPranksters Youtubers
0:54 when there is actual food in the fridge
Suvam Dhakal
Thanks Voice To Launch In Nepal😍😍
Tere Rodríguez
2:47 when you know you are going to fail the exam but you answer it anyways
The lil Pikachu
Monique: god this is \nUsher: so hard I know\nMonique: usher why you gotta come and say that, you and you’re good looking self\n\n😂😂😂
It's so beautiful!
Vipul Sundriyal
Is this Cardi B from maroon 5 ......the judge in white t-shirt ??
Xil7 F
والله صوتهاا بطل🤤❤️❤️.
When shakira and usher turned adam was like \
wow that was a great moment!!
Zainab Qazi
0:55, when there's leftover pizza 😂😂🤣🤣
Zara Arsalaan
alone girl daisy
i love u shakira ND Adam both
carisa oh
Am i the only one who replayed this a thousand time
deNnis hUi
1:14 OMG Shakira still HOT 😍
harsh vardhan
Adam was 2 rude
hello lama
I like Shakira. u are too good\n......u are a great singer in this world 😊😊😊😊
jiMiN hAs JaMs
tbh monique sang it better than shakira herself lol... STILL LOVE SHAKIRA LMAO
kasha lol
2:09 when the teacher says you don't have homework
khushi G
@1:15 the Adam looks at shakira\nGirls get a man who looks at you like that with a smile and proud in his eyes
king shirai
and she is my girl friend ....♡♡♡♥♥♥
kitting tasya
you is good
robert craig
did Shakira produce your music????
saniya chishty
Thankyou bro i want save this video offline thankyou so much
shivam Dhamal
My ideal Shakira......
tsatsral telmentugs
can't stop watching this video ... especially when she is crushing hard to Usher
zazoo 2539
Her voice got so tired... wondered if she reached far in the competition
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Лучше оригинала!💪
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روعه 💜💙
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good I love you shakira I am arabic