Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lazio HD 1080i (25/08/2018)

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Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lazio HD 1080i (25/08/2018)

Ronaldo es una mierda sin su ramos y benzema y bale
Aaryan Giri
Thumbnail at 5:54
Adi Bro
Ajmal afridi
cr7 my favourite
like se stai cercando qualche commento italiano
Anael Pierry
Messi \u003e penaldo
That actually was a pretty damn good assist.
Anthony Romeo Cust Mac
Ronaldo sigue siendo el Mejor Like si Eres Latino
Ata Epon
Ferry cool
CR7 did everything he could but score, he's had good shots over the last two games, created multiple chances, drew more attention towards him so that other players can have more freedom and space...yet people say \
Brasil Memes
Só fui eu que percebi que no 2:35 a bola pegou na mão do cr7
Hahaha ronaldo can't get goal if he go out real Madrid
Carl Jhonson
Jajajajajaja que es esto, un top de las mejores caídas del partido o que??😂😂
Caslu 07
Acho que ele ta com saudades do real madrid haha
Cecilia mco
There is no Tony kroos or Modric in this team ...everyone in this team is hungry for power and goals so every one works hard...they you will realise that creating and scoring at same time it's not easy ask messi
ChockoTv Gamming
Ronaldo es un sobrevalorado
Damy TecnoElectro
Nada que ver Ronaldo como jugaba en el real a como esta en la juve.. Igualmente el no tiene la culpa.. Todo depende de los compañeros que tenga y el método de juego que aplique el entrenador.
Deep Web
O que tá acontecendo com o Cristiano Ronaldo é culpa dos companheiros de equipe q não tão jogando em sincronia com ele
Diego Augusto
A pior escolha do CR7 ir pra o Juventus. N tá jogando nada
Diferit Official
2:27 ahahjajajajajjjajhahah
Emir HD
Россия Russia топ
Eyes-Red Soldier Hellish
se nota que no lo quieren en la juve, se nota la diferencia de juego que tenia en el madrid y en la juve
FIFA18 World Cup#2
What a pass from CR7 when Juventus scored 😂🤣😂 XD LOL
Ni Comparación con el Verdadero Ronaldo Nazario Da Lima. CR9 Rompia todas ls defensas de Italia
Galería del Gol
Giio Diio
Están en un proceso de adaptación tanto cr7 como el equipo adaptarse a el... 3 meses más y se verán resultados así que tengan calma....
Gimme the Loot
Why can't he shoot freekicks above the wall anymore, looks like he's not even trying for the rise and dip, he's just aiming and shooting hard.
Giovanni Bertagna
Cr7 is the best of all
A melhor assistência que eu já vi hehe
Guilherme Martins
Que lenha jogou nada
Gustavo barbosa
8:05 que isso CR7?
Jorge Camacho
7:59 No se equivocó, así iba la asistencia 😅😅😅
Jose Kross
Yo dijo que CR7 tenia un chip que lo hacia jugar bien en el real madrid y la pegada era muy eficaz todo lo contrario cuando se fue a la Juventus le sacaron el chip y ahora es una mierda realmente una decepcion ahre.
Jose Ulloa
Vamos cristiano ronaldo demostra que tienes talento🙋
José eduardo campos de castro
em 2:30 cr7 pegou com a mão para fazer o gol
João Ferreira
I saw the game and he is playing as always good football and helping more in the middlefield...creating more chances for his teammates as well could had already 3/4 assists and 3/4 goals but it's still in his head some pressure after he scores is first few goals in a few games in a row I bet with anyone that wants to bet this year he will be top scorer in europe...I hope really for all the haters that juve finds Madrid in 4finals or even semi finals of champions...that's my only wish...let's see who it's right in the end
Juan Gallegos
Soy yo o ha cristiano se le está akabando el power _ o no está. Agusto en el Juventus
If he wears long sleeves, he will get a hat trick
Linzz Mito
Muito massa, agr sim eu sou fã do CR7 (AMO JUVI)
M1SciX GaM3
Forza lazio🔵⚪️🔵⚪️
Anyone predict the game that he will score?
Marry Depp
Likàs öma ĺükã bïřäñ directo 😒ét fresto Ronaldo😠oooooo Cristiano 😔👎đižaro fařaíano 🙅real Madrid toga juventus real Madrid 👍😃😘😙💓💙\nJuventus😠👎👎👎👎👎👎🐸🐸🙅
Mec Trap
Esse cara não sabe editar ele é burro
Miguel Duran
Florentino mejor fichaje vender a un tío de34 años por 120kl\n😂😂😂😂😂el puto amo presidente florentino
Miguel Sandes
Ronaldo\n 7
Mo Aka
Very bad
Mohammad Usman Khan
Its too early to say bad about cr7...\nHe is the best player let him adjust with the conditions of serie a and his team..\nHe will definitely do well
Monty Mokalake
Terrible song but great player
New Football 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo failed with Juve as if playing with Portugal Ronaldo became a messi better than him.
No Name
Ronaldo goal at 9:06
Odiljon Ismatullayev
Daxyuuya mol chopon yoq
Pedro Santos
Haters will always hate no matter what, even though he got man of the match.
even when he dont score, he draws so much attention on the pitch so the defender of the oppsing team is always on him with 2 or 3 guys, which makes room for other players.
RONALDO مليطات
وين اللعرب
Rabin Ajah
ketajaman ronalado menurun😊
Raditya Nadhif
Just admit it Ronaldo is getting a bit slower and isn’t scoring goals as he used to or maybe cuz he doesn’t have much chemistry with juventus
Rahman Hilmi
Rasuke ch. Nc
Cuando entré... Ya entran todas. Nos os preocupeis
Safin Mahammad
Sandra Salazar
es el mejor del mundo mejor que messi
Shreyas Vinnakota
Ronaldo needs a full sleeve jersey
Stilist Elnar
cristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo-- \n\n cristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo-- \n\ncristiano ronaldo--
Super Vegito
Hard luck Cristiano\nBut he is been playing amazing\nThe goals will come...Allegri just needs to find a good playing style that fits Ronaldo
Suraj A R
I play football and I know how tough it is to play with a new team. You get fewer passes and fewer chances, your understanding of how teammates play are very low.Your morale will be low. It might be very frustrating at times. If one is mentally tough, all these can be overcome, but it takes time. That is why, even though I rate both Ronaldo and messi equally(in terms of talent), I consider Ronaldo slightly better than Messi(in terms of temperament and toughness).I don't think we can ever see Messi playing outside of his comfort zone.He will retire in Barca. Messi can become the Best Footballer in the world if he can play a good game for any other club.\n\nTo summarize, As far as overall performance goes, Messi is better than Ronaldo. But in Terms of an overall player, Ronaldo is better than Messi.\nAny one who considers either of them as bad player are trolls who have never played football.
Səlim Səlimov
Amazing game from Best ! He deserves big respect !\n#NeverGiveUpCristiano
TNG Automotive
He was shit in this game gave ball away for more times than any other player for the money he’s on should be better against a average opponent Messi shows his class every week Ronaldo doesn’t
Wilkens Agenord
I dont now
Ronaldo got *MOTM* and a decent 8.6 rating!!
Yap Flip
He's the best Player in the world I don't care about haters opinion \n#CristianoRonaldoTheDon
aaron alejandro nuñez hernandez
Se le perdió la magia
adnanx clash
Tô vendo q la na Spain e o lugar de CR7
ana ana Gonçalves
CR7 najlepszy!
Cr7 is the best
eman mhomed ali
ጤና ይስጥልኝ አመሰግናለሁ ስለተከታተላችሁ
fanz بيسان اسماعيل
العرب 👍👍
Imagine Douglas Costa, Dybala alongside him in Champions League....
Needs to relax don’t force it
karen ramos
moiseis top games
Num ta jogando nada na juve #voltacristianoronaldoproreal
mustafa palak
ronaldo battı
piz kiz
😍😍😍 keren
putra mori fishing
Ronaldo new hero for juventus, and trophy champion league only for juve this year 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 setujukah anda?????? .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
sam Ono
WOW!! Forget about goals, I'm a Messi fan, but this dude seems to be playing better than he did at Madrid. I mean, at Madrid, he was a goal machine. But observing him now, I see a Ronaldo that I saw at Man United. Calling for the ball and not just running into pockets of space or attacking the goal. I see a player who has now returned to drawing players to himself, running at players. Stretching the game and looks to be running more from wings, although also striding across the box to shoot. And that spells bad news for Serie A defenses, because once he gets his scoring grove back on, he would be UNSTOPPABLE!
sebtunseb el zorro con traje
seth Rongngi
Ronaldo don't cry ..You will be like neymar
taz networx
Ronaldo is doing just perfect
ut nguyen
3:15 nhin vao cho ay cua abh
zylL max
No falta el que diga\n like si lo vez en enero2019
Мамед Мамедов
Роналду маладец легенда футбола
Шокан Жарекешов
Роналдо легендарный ☯️,но он стареет 🎂.............,.........
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