Miley Cyrus - Music Evolution (2006 - 2018)

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Alejandro Nuñez
Diva.. Miley es un icono.. las demás jamás podrán.. aunque ahora tengan éxito y récords de visitas..
Alethea Santos
Alex Minaj
Alexa Moonlight
*ILLUMINATI GONE...PRAISE THE LORD*\nInspired was the best
Alice Philippa
My faves are\nI Thought I Lost You\nThe Climb\nDon't Dream Its Over\nmalibu
Alison Campbell
As long as she's happy I love whatever she's doing.
Angel Gabriel Andrade Chávez
y aqui es cuando nos damos cuenta que miley tiene mas música como Hannah y casi toda su discografía es de Hannah
пиздец, мне вроде 18, но я себя такой старой почувствовала
Antwan Pena
Arfansyah vidi
Miley Cyrus LEGEND 👑
Queen 😍😍😍
Baby Mario
Party In The USA 😍😍😍
Black And Yellow
I miss Hannah Montana
Boy Barbie
legend in the making
Brent Brashear
Hannah Montana for the win
Chloe Armstrong
Hannah Montana forever the last couple of episodes always made me cry
Cleilson Santos
Comentário 100 🇧🇷
Commander Celeste
more like involution, her old songs are much better
Dana Hasan
Early ones...I love Miley and will always will...let her music shines more
Daniel Morales
We can t stop
Pop-country queen))
David Galán
Dinah Ray Hansen
deserves so much better, such an iconic artist
Douglas Correa
Miley my princess...👑😍🌸
E Rin
My childhood and teen idol. Love her!
Eloise A Disney Nerd
i will forever love hannah montana. i liked miley until her Bangerz era. but she got me back listening to her with Younger now. idk what happened in 2013 but she did loose control im happy now she is clean again
Eric Moner Gómez
She's a great artist
Freddy Vuite 13
Early ones...i love miley and will always will...let her music shines more
Gabriel Claro
The best
I love Miley of 2013
Guillermo Rojas
2009 was a good year
Miley is the one artist that you can listen to and know her whole life through. I truly love Miley because I have basically grown up WITH her. Her music has saved me and I'm sure it has saved many others also. People like to bash Miley for her Banger era but if it wasn't for that, no one would see her how they do today. No one is anything without mistakes. I am truly grateful for her and her music and when i listen to it, i am truly in harmony. Or should I say \
I knew you wouldn't let us down! You are so fast :D
Jacqueline Falenczyk
Sängerin Miley Cyrus 🌸💜💖❤💖💗💖🌼💜🌼💜🌼⭐🌸🌸💜💐🌺💐💐🌹🌻
Joshifer Everlark
So glad she moved away from the Bangerz music and returned more to her country roots. The music she's making now is beautiful
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores
Me encanta
Juan Vera
Amo esa mujer la amoooo
Julia Silveira
Kiss it goodbye
JustSimple A.H
when you realize you grew up together with her :;)
Kara_Reed: The Dreamer
I have always loved her old music but I still love some of her new music today. Her old music will always be my number one.
This is a THROWBIKE! I am OLDDDDD 😭😭😭😫😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kim Taehyung
Miley cyrus is perfect🖤
Kyra Price
Am i the only one who sang along with every single one?
Licia Di Pietro
I think her best song is actually #nothingbreakslikeaheart💔
Lisa Perevalova
She tried to get rid of the country-sound in the songs after Hannah and it is okay, because the goal was to find her real identity behind the old image but these experiments are hard for me to listen to 😅 it is like watching her nervous breakdown. But now she is the most gorgeous version of herself
Lotta W
ooooof i love and i always will love her so f*cking much😍👑❤️ #smiler
La amo
Malsey team
So basically she has done MANY more calm songs and then people get mad over her Malibu track...\nI have never had Disney Channel so I didn't grow up with her but somehow I found 7 things around that time lol. Since then I'm a fan;)
Naya Merrola
Хелоу, я лив ин Россия. Ю тоже?
Nena maggie
Olivia best vids
I've got the best of both worlds vs Wrecking Ball vs Malibu
Patatoes Cat
My Queen👸🏼
Paulina Kosmowska
I prefer young Miley..
Pennyroyal Tea
I am gonna cry \nNo no, why did she do the 2012-2016 thing
My absolute faves: We Can't Stop, Who Owns My Heart and NBLAH
Rachel C
I’m here because I know this one is going to be very interesting lol
Rajkumar Singh
Bone dance 😍😍😍😍
Sarah Salas
Time to cry ❤️
Sean _reviews
6:03 who woulda guessed one year from then she would be naked on a wrecking ball.
Sebastian Muñoz
Sergey Smirnov
Smiler MC
Sonia Raskolnikov
Such a talented girl
Sujay Das
The queen
Tyra Fosu
She went from Good to Bad to Good
Veridiano Dantas
Esse comeback dela foi tudoooo
Victor Insta
Nothing breaks like a heart ♥
Victoria’s Secret
Nothing Breaks Like A Heart💔
Viktor Burai
Best miley cyrus good ❤❤🖤🖤
Yolanda Enriquez
We need Hannah Montana back😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😨😨😨😨💝her.
Yujan G
I just realized, no matter how rebellious she was, the song is always good.
bobby Lawrence
2006 -2007 are so nostalgic
my favorite is :\nall Hannah Montana's songs\nthe climb \nstart all over \nsee you again \n7 things\nlet's do this\nfly on wall\nhoedown throwdown\nlet's get crazy\nparty in the usa\ncan't be tamed \nwho owns my heart\nwrecking ball\nwe can't stop\n23\nadore you\ncome get it\nmalibu \nyounger now\nnblah
chika smiler
I love you Miley forever 💔
What rollercoaster lmao
jenny plum
We have grown up together I Was 8Years old when this all started I'm 20 now! 💕
joe blackman
So I met her this week and I think it was the best day of my life ❤️😍😘
lesly requeno
wtf happened to her.
mark jacobs
Miley's one of the most versatile artists of the century and no one can change my mind
mimi lele
Amo tanto a miley ♡♡
mrs. nothing
meu amor minha vida
narezya menar
Miley is the most beautiful American artist😍
The queen! So fun to watch this.
nileyfan1998 fast do y'all work!!!
renad ibra
Miley Cyrus in my heart grew up with her no shame that i’m a fan
semi automatic
I love her
yağmur Taş
Türk yokmu lan
Memory lane..