Anne-Marie Ed Sheeran – 2002 [Official Acoustic Video]

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. ZăRoby
She wants a piece of that redhead dong
2M Baby Gender Reveal
Kids born in 2002 are now 16 😭. I feel old.
500 subscribers needed to make me smile
That sweat slap at the end hahaha\nPlus we need this acoustic+Ed version asap
The ginger guy should make a song he's pretty good
Alfon Sianturi
Wtf 2:13 angel voice?
Alibek Kulma
Anyone watching this right before 2019?
Andruu MMer
The way Anne-Marie looks at Ed is just so cute.
Anisa Muratovic
women get you a man that looks at you like ed looks at his guitar
Anveksha Rai
I am so happy that she is getting all the success she deserves
Ava Corradi
i love this video so much i have watched literally 10 times
Ava Meyers
An acoustic version i didn't knew I needed👏
They are just friends, aren't they?
Batz Gaming
Oh this is why you friend zone with marshmello
Bhaumick V Mathur
*_Oops! That was really lit tho....2002 with 2 awesome singers together._*
Bhioma Adisti
Whos wacth in 2019?
Bruno Rocha
One word: C U T E !!!
Cam Cnt
👍👍👍1 th fan
Can I get 1000 subscriber without any videos?
I was one when you fell in love.\nNow I'm listening your story.\nFeeling awesome.
Chiara Cami
I know he's engaged but I ship this so hard I'm sorry it's not my fault
Chris Fer
she looks so excited and with full of love..I don`t know if he provoke that or she`s like that naturally.
Daniel Kim
I'm the only one who looks like Ed Sheeren's nose is fake? 😂
Dave Nelaka
3:10 😊😍
Davey Lambo
If you were born in definitely love this one.... I'm one of them.....we still young af
Dominus Gamer
Who was born on 2002 🙋🏻\u200d♂️
Emma Colmen
Who ships them???
Fighting Demons
They are so lovely together
Ed sheeran should’ve gone :«Haven't I made it obvious?\nHaven't I made it clear?\nWant me to spell it out for you?\nF-R-I-E-N-D-S»
Francesca Brusa
guys i wasn’t even born in 2002 lol
GalaxyCupcake 101
Hana Milly
Anne-Marie's voice is such a gift. They're so talented ♥
That Ed guy is pretty good. he should put out some song and I bet he'd blow up
*This is what happens when 2 brilliant souls meet together* !\n\n2019?\n2020?\n.\n.\n.\n.\n3020?
Hfy Fsfg
Humanity And Culture
Nailed it buddyyyyyyy, ❤️ u
Ikhwan Effendi
2019 ?
Inclined scorpio
*Yeah, I came Back again to listen this ....and to see these both* 💕
Insiya Chittorwala
Anyone watching this on the last day of the year?
J.A Got7
I'm guesing(did I spelled it wrong?) there's an inside joke with the 'ooohh' part at the stanza and the 'uh' part in the chorus. Thats the part where they laugh the most
r they dating cause if not then they should date
JeJe Youtube
Anyone Watch in 2019🙋 Leave A Like😉
Jeric Peligro
i'm inlove with this song😭❤
Jinshid K
Happy new year vibes!
Kad ix
She is so in love
Katka Formánková
Všiml si někdo z Čechů, že má na croptopu napsaný zvíře? 😄
Kdkdk Kdkd
1/365 from January on 2019 something or anyone active.. like and add comments if you like friendly on Anne Marie and Edd Sheran 💖💖😍😍😍💖 I am from Ecuador ..
Limelight WhyDontWe
Ed seemed very focused and Annie was goofy 🤪
Lorenz Bansil
Who still watching 2018😁😁
Lorenzo Schmidt
That´s what happens when two talented singers meet.
Matyáš Jašek
Anne Marie has czech hoodie
Mau Hermosa
what a beautiful voice of you two😍💕❤
Mela oktapiani
wach in 2018 and 2019 :D if i want back and back again
They have to collaborate together! That would be a dream come true!
Mikylah'sChannel LOREIN
*Anne Marie's laughing with Ed sheeran*
Muhsin Maulana
Anyone watching 2019?
Nabilah Adibah
Narvita Singh
Her voice is so angelic 💗 ....and I'm over here singing sounding like a dying cat
Nepali boys
Pramada Nightcore
2019 ❤️
2019.....Any one??
Raheeq Suhaib
The \
Saurabh 88
I think Anne has crush on him😃😃
Sauti Sol
Find you someone who looks at you the way Anne Marie looks at Ed (0:16)
ShadowCrystalFemaleAlphaWolf KillerThing
*when Ed was talking* *I was looking at Anne*\nMe: Wow she looks like she doesn't wanna do it...\nAnne Marie: HUH!\nMe: Oooh! She gonna kill Ed!
Simran 167
I love their friendship 😂💖
Sofia Lopez Kawanishi
I will always remember the day you kissed my lips\nLight as a feather\nAnd it went just like this\nNo, it's never been better\nThan the summer of 2002\n\nWe were only eleven\nBut acting like grownups\nLike we are in the present, drinking from plastic cups\nSinging, \
Omg tell me better duo than this ❤️❤️
Suraj Singh
2019.... Anyone....
Tajemniczy Kanał
Tereza Praská
Češi- jsem jedniná kdo si všiml že má na mikine zvíře?
Teuris Guante
We need a full acoustic album from you 2 together 😍😭🔥🙈
Tokato Kiho
Dammit now that s a real talent
Anne-Marie's skin shines brighter than my future :)
Tristan Berrington
Anne Marie is just amazing, she doesn’t need auto tune to sound good\nLike if you agree
Turkish Reaction
I just discovered 🙄
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 2002
Viih Na Telinha
Sorry Ai .. Mas Eu Shippo
Vince Chung
Ed sheeran acoustic is so damn beautiful😎
Yoo Jin
2 \n 0\n 1\n 9\n ?
Me encanta Anne y Ed más❤
abdullah homs
So nice
Jan 2019?
emir canlas
How to make the world a better place?\nEd and Anne: Just hang out singing and film it. \n\nWOW.
fashionable gamer
I think Anne-Marie fell in love with Ed shereen ❤️🤔\nDo you think so too...???\nYes = 👍\nNo = 💬 ( I don't think so)
hoài mơ
She always smile 😘
i am groot
im groot 😍😍
iMagic Gamer
Them messing up is still better content than me singing at the top of my lungs
kenny S
Anne Marie's Smiles \u003c3\n0:47\n1:14\n1:23\n1:36\n1:57\n2:20\n2:29\n2:35\n2:55\n3:08\nAnne Marie Your Smiles Means Everything To Me \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
mundo da Sara
olik antonio
Amazing,btw anyone who watching in 2019?
Ed Sheeran acoustic is everything 🙌🏼
sergen akiov
Anyone watching 2019?
the red one
Monday 7 , january , 10:51 , 2019...... Anyone
tosia łabęcka
I need this on Spotify
ziddan alfas aridi
¿ ¡
I am Korean , she is soooooo lovely!!!!!!😂😂😂 i watch it 2019 👍❤
Асхат Жумадильдае
Ḿ-śṰễŕ ɞïʚ HőùĈînê ɞïʚ\u200e\u200f.
She's talanted ! That's all i can say ! \