Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Origin of All Victory Themes

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Every character in the Super Smash Bros. series has a victory theme. Let's see where all of these themes came from.1080p 60fps gameplay by Nintendo UnityOur YouTube Network: |

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*Riki Bros*
1-up Gaming
I really wish Diddy had the music from when you clear a stage as him in DKC2 as his victory theme, and the animation from it too. I’d be perfect.
Alexander Luque 26
7:22 Emilia, is that you???
Allyson C.
How come the English dub of Xenoblade Chronicles is recorded in the U.K. instead of the U.S.A.???
Origin of all entrance moves or Origin of all items in ultimate! Choose one.
Meta Knights theme was really... unexpected?
Benny Boi
I hope I get to hear \
Billion Orumwense
and now i main fox
Bluestar Eclipse
Megaman should have his victory fanfare from his games
Bowser jr Fan 13
You forgot Simon Belmont
Brandon Pierce
I wouldn't be surprised if the Mii Fighter's theme will be changed to reflect Ultimate's theme.
Carlangas LVDC
The Miis fighters need their own victory theme,it could be based on Mii channel, Tomodachi Life, ANYTHING!
Carol Bit
I'd like to see them add darmani darbus darunia and daruk as playable characters. They been around for years daruk a year 1/2. If they can put in a secretary why don't you put in some good characters like the Goron
Christopher Edwards
I want this game NOW!!
Dantiexp Dragon
Snakes Victory theme is also(but mostly) The game over screen
Delta's Rage 97
Dark Pit. Badass theme for a badass character
9:30 NOW IT'S RYEN TIME!!!!!!
Devan Santiago
I feel like Inkling's theme is short enough to warrant them having a persistent victory theme like Cloud's victory theme.
Doctor Awesomeness
You forgot Castlevania.
Ethan Wright
God the nostalgia
Fyre Humanoid17
Just a random question, for the Mother victory theme, did you use the rom for the unreleased Mother 1?
Gage Piercy
Some improvements (imo)\nMega Man: weapon get theme \nPac-Man: theme after completing two mazes\nLuigi: Dark Moon mission complete\nPeach: ending theme SMB\nNess: battle clear Earthbound\nToon Link: boss defeated Wind Waker\nDedede: first part of his theme\nMeta Knight: Revenge of Meta Knight credits theme\nOlimar: end of the day \nDr. Mario: stage clear
Gamer Shy Guy-Remy D
Game A 1 DWCK\nSomething doesn’t look right
Waiting for Grinch's
Hamish Skirka
I can’t wait to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!! 😁😁
HawkinsGaming H20
Snake victory was a game over
Hdfet Galaxgaggle
Mr Game and watch has no origin of victory theme
Well, we heard a new fanfare for Ness (don't know about Lucas) at the recent tournament. I couldn't clearly hear what it was (loud announcers), but I could clearly hear what it wasn't, and that's what it was in any previous Smash Bros. game.
Improbear luck
I feel like I just won with every character
That isn't Ness and Lucas's Winning theme.
James The Coolest Pogi 2004 SEA PH
Where's Starter Pokemon in Alola! Not cool.
Jesús 3103
Tal vez el tema de victoria de los mii cambie porque este tema es del smash anterior ahora cambie a una parte del tema de smash ultimate
Johnathan Mcbride
Looks like brawl Victory themes for some characters are a perfect fit after all and I like it
And castlevania?
Kayn Toast
Did you just get the victory themes from the wiiu version? And the newcomers victory themes from gameplay at demos, and that's why you could hear the announcer say \
Kit Chan
Ridley's is actually Zero Mission's unknown item theme. And Captain Falcon's was in F-Zero X before GX.
Lol game and watch sounds like metal gear
Loser EXE
10:48 Bayonetta 64 Confirmed?!
Lshards 1991
Smash were really getting close to Smash
Lucian MN
All victory themes? how do you wann know which fighter will join?
Luis Machado
I think they might change the mii fighter's theme to smash ultimate's main theme
Maeve the master thief
That armor dude in Marth's game needs to be a gif because that's a mood somehow
Cloud's brings back so many memories. Part of me really wishes he still did his fist pumps.
Mark van der Wal
0:00 and 2:46 These are the themes I heard the most. Why? Pikachu and Mario have always been my mains in Smash Bros.
Outdated by 3 days ago
Maxwell Rochette
The Miis may get a new theme closely similar to ssbu's theme.
Metaluigi Dahedgehog 28
I'm pretty sure Lucas has a new one. 8 melodies rearrangement.
Miles Toadly
The Zelda series has another victory theme for Ultimate...
Mini Mix Animations And More
Mega Man's should be weapon get from mega man 1
Mudkip Master
Animal forest?
Myster E
Are you going to make an updated version when the game actually comes out?
Nevena Sapic
More of the Super Smash Bros.!!!\n👑👑👑
Principal YEET21
If you are here when this comment is posted, you aren’t done the vid
Raymond Haun
When it Comes Out I'm gonna Enjoy it!
the MGS one is more of the game over theme.\nand the Pac-Man one should originally be from the arcade version.\nsame goes for Street Fighter 2.
Reid Epperson
How is the Ice Climber one SO GOOD
Robin McCormack
That was cool.
Give me more smash brothers
I hope Miis get an actual victory theme this time
Shadow the Edgehog
victory is my destiny
Shiny Jirachi
Skeebo Skeeba
I think the fanfare for the Mother series reps (Ness and Lucas) was actually changed to an excerpt from the 8 melodies, I know this applied to Lucas for sure due to a clip of one of his victory animations playing the theme, so one would assume the change would apply to Ness as well
I hate that DK jingle rendition, it misses some notes from the original one. It seems it will never be fixed...
Sonicice 24
Diden't you already do this video?
The miis theme should be a rendition of the classic mii channel theme
Steph Widdowson
Do 128 ways to die in super metroid
SuperSonicfan 413
The castlevania victory theme played at the end of the Belmonts trailer.
Swanky Jay Toons
How do you get the title screen like that at 2:31 or is it a hack?
Thumbnail with krool to the right look like umvc3. Imagine smash with those type of graphics 🤔
T.G. Saph
Where is Simon? I'm pretty sure we had him confirmed
Tartiflette et Chorizo
Quoi que elles sont un peu toutes similaires
The Phantom
10:37 Owww.... DAT ASSss....
Tommy Aquino
Interesting that half of these are title themes, the victory ones are understandable given this nature but the amount of title/opening themes intrigues me
Maybe the Miis got a new victory theme.
Venom Knight
wait but characters are getting the same theme but a few got new ones
These aren’t up to date, they made new ones for everyone in Ultimate
Waheed Abdullah
I wish these guys got these Victory Themes:\nLuigi- any Luigi Mansion music\nLink- any BOTW music\nAll Pokemon fighters- the music whenever you win a Pokemon Battle\nBowser Jr.- Enter Bowser Jr. music from Super Mario Galaxy
1:33 AAA \u003c333
Will Down
I can't wait to play as king k. Rool
Wolfger Lynel
couldnt wait until all characters were revealed huh? XP
Zack E.
Okay, I have found out that Ness's victory theme may be different in the final game than in the demo
Where is Isabelle?
0:57 best one the made so far
andre gribble
So Cloud gets this long-ass theme but all the other RPG characters don't?!
dededelete this
Lets be real.\nThe main theme of yoshi's story is sung by pikmin.
joaco &co productions
Que originales los mii fighters XD
junior D.
i hope that when King K. Rool get knocked out of bounds he makes the \
mario soto
6:05 potenciaaaaaaaaaaa
nep addiction
Actually the miis have changed to ultimates chip tune but I honestly wanted the smash 4 jingle back
Isnt the Bayonetta sound false? The reference shlould be the sound if you close a mission and the medal pops up
if Geno doesn't get SMRPG's victory theme we riot
Sadly they not change some themes since Brawl
I wish the pokemon had the post evolution theme
I'M SO HYYYYYYYPED but until then Let's go pikachu is great to play in the meantime JUST 20 DAYS TO GO PIKACHU
When Bayonetta came, I was thinking, oh no, there's nudity here. Then it cut. Thank God. No nudity on this Christian channel.