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Airwrecka 💁🏼\u200d♀️👑
He’s so freaking attractive like damn 😍
Alan Munoz
“Filmed on Android”
Alexander Davis
I’ve been listening to this song for months now On Spotify and didn’t even realize it was joji... I feel like I’ve been missing out .
Спасибо, у меня мурашки и мне очень грустно, брат. Текст прекрасен, визуал невероятен. Джордж напоминает мне о моей истории своей музыкой и это так странно ღ Я знаю, что такое разбитое сердце. С любовью из России! Кстати я сделал трек и клип в стиле Жожи :D\n\nThank you i've got goose bumps and i'm feeling upset, brother. I'm fuck with the lines of your song, the visuals are beautiful. George reminds me of my own history so actually i think it is so strange dude ღ i know what broken heart is. You're not alone. From Russia with love!
i still see pink guy making faces ;-;
he went to great lengths, even made a music video, just to get dem booty rubbin his face
Bennett Music VEVO
Literally one of the best songs and videos I have ever heard. So much talent and art in this video. Reminds me of the early 2000’s. A very nostalgic depression.
Brando Commando!
I haven’t even watched this yet but I know I’m finna cry and nut
Brian Baker
This video gave me an idea, don't judge me. I feel like Joji should do a music video compleley blacked out (drunk) if he hasn't already. Attempting to lip sync the words and failing miserably. The artistic effect would fit perfectly to tone of the songs we have heard as of yet. I just choreographed it in my head and it fits perfectly. @JOJI Hmu if you want my help with this idea, i am an up and coming voice actor/film producer and I can definitely pull this off for you free of charge and gladly.\n\n* monetization-wise this could be advertised as something really cool. (Person is included in song minorly but has a major effect). Are you feeling what i'm feeling? Please don't hesitate to contact me.
Charlotte Ndikumana
This is the song you play at night when you’re depressed, anybody else who feel like that ?
Chole Uzumaki
Who’s the girl doing this to him...?!?\n\nI just wanna talk😅
Chris G
I'ma alas up mine own life\ni'ma alas up mine own life\nwe gon' party all night\nthe lady careth not if 't be true i kicketh the bucket\nyeah right, yeah right\nyeah i did bet thee wonneth't caterwauling\nyeah i did bet thee wonneth't tryeth\nbut thee knoweth i mind not\nbut thee knoweth i mind not\n\nyeah right, yeah right\nyeah right, yeah right\nyeah right, yeah right\n\nyeah, thee did bet i knoweth yond the lady ain't\nnev'r giveth a single alas about me\nyeah, thee did bet the lady knoweth yond we ain't\nnev'r gonna beest togeth'r, i seeth\nyeah, thee did bet i wend to seeth thee at which hour\ni'm humour liketh a drumeth without a did beat\nyeah, thee danceth so valorous\nand i bethink yond's kinda neat\n\nwhat thee knoweth about loveth?\nwhat thee knoweth about life?\nwhat thee knoweth about blood?\nwench thee ain't coequal mine own typeth\nyeah right, yeah right\nyeah, thee knoweth i feeleth right\nyeah, thee living even but now\nthee ev'r not picketh sides\nyeah right, yeah right\ni'm ov'rthinking mine own pride\ni gotta not behold nice\nthe lady's just diggin' mine own ice\nthe lady's just diggin' mine own. \n \nyeah, thee did bet i knoweth yond the lady ain't\nnev'r giveth a single alas about me\nyeah, thee did bet the lady knoweth yond we ain't\nnev'r gonna beest togeth'r, i seeth\nyeah, thee did bet i wend to seeth thee at which hour\ni'm humour liketh a drumeth without a did beat\nyeah, thee danceth so valorous\nand i bethink yond's kinda neat
Cool Hands
Oh yeah yeah
That's gotta smell after a couple of takes.
Cu bz
He looks so dead with the booties in his face like he's about to suffocate
From Pink Guy to Pink Eye
I need to know what this was filmed on.
$100 says Joji got pinkeye from making this video!!
imagine the behind the scenes 😂
Djox Brat
Everyone was sleeping on Joji until Slow Dancing In The Dark came out
Dril Siregar
1:32 I think joji need deodorant
Drop Zone
filthyfrank on da track
Dylan Bowes
Don’t worry Joji, you still thicker than all those girls 😤
2:14 is that ariana grande?
Ethan Bowman
Joji is so slept on he is probably the funniest guy I've seen on YouTube and the most vocally talented
Farid Ahmadi
00:55 \nHis smile. So beautiful
Fite me Irl m8
Joji reminds me of food for Louie , They both have personas that they left behind and want to better themselves. I think people will eventually accept that he isn’t doing filthy frank anymore.
Gaming Shark
I don't understand how you make a sad song, with booty in ya face 😂
Best song for adding to your depression
Garry Maxwell
imagine what Joji have to explain to those girl to make this video..\n\n\
1:15\n\n\n\n\nYou're welcome
Itz Splash
When he says I didn't take your Scar.. 0:57
I showed this to my rice field...\n\n\n\n\nNow its filled with fried rice.
Jarl Trippin'
0:56 I'm a dude and I'm straight. So can someone explain to me why my pussy's wet?
Who hurt our mans
Jesus Perez
1:22 is pure art. After Kanye, this guy might be the biggest genius in music right now. And he is largely unknown. He is sublime. He if Filthy and beautiful. He is art.
Joel Benites
I masturbated to this\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\noh wait dis aint pornhub :I I played myself
Joey Da beast 2
I met him the other day in Boston at a restaurant
Who came here after slow dancing in the dark??
Karen H
Hes hot at times like in a weird way idk
Kermit's grandad
Slow twerking in the dark
Kisha may Langkilde
0:54 when your parents got the remote
Kody Hah
Sadboy hours. \nFor real i fight killing myself after watching my two best friends die in front of me.\nCheck on your friends. Let them know you care and actually listen. Dont dismiss them say \
La Alegoría
Some else imagine joji with a star treck suit.
Lil ßad
Cade os brasileiros🇧🇷sad$tar???
Litzy Mora
He’s so pretty it hurts
Lol YT
Inagine now X I alive and they sing in duo.\n\n\nRip X
Madison Flowers
Whenever I see Joji I'm like \
Maja *
If depression had a theme song
Martha Tedla
he looks like he's about to burst out laughing in all of the scenes with the girls twerking
Maxence de Mey
Song not finished yet but wanna play it again already
Mayank Dewangan
Bring BACK JOJI Vlogs
when u go from dancing in elevators to singing depressing songs
Meta pawpaw
I came here for 1:14
Vengo del video de ysy perrakos
Peter Petroleum
0:22 Using lyrics to explain my life
Rimsha Tehseen
When fat people get depressed.. \n'' i feel like a drum without a beat ''
His face has got to smell after all that booty clapping on his face
Sara Fernandes
Joji looks like a diferent person in each take. I love that! \u003c3
Scout Elite
1:27 is that the same bathtub we all know and love?
Scxry Kid
most underrated artist out
Secret Handshake
The white xxxtentacion where every song is about depression yet very catchy
everybody chatting about this is America and I got this on repeat
when you were invited to a party, but your depression was also invited.
Shooter Rock
I want to see the \
Slurp Juice
I been looking for the pink guy but o where to be find, I wonder where he is at but this is the closest I can get to him😭😢
I could listen to the beat alone
He doesnt look very well, i hope someone is taking care of him
Stephano Piper
a e s t h e t i c
Sub Killer
is it me or does he look like filthy frank
Sunny · Waifu
How does every song you release become a classic?\nEXPLAIN
0:56 when your friend says he watches porn for the story
Theeggchannel Bop
How does he have like 5 totally different haircuts in this video lol
They Took her
Thy father
It's very sad that George wants his filthy frank persona to be in the past and all people comment about is filthy frank
We’re all hella proud of you and what you’re creating Joji. Don’t be changing. Don’t sellout. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.
First he made us laugh and now he makes us cry
Jojis music makes me wanna stand in the street under the streetlights while crying
Venii M
You're music makes me feel alive, I live through it. Thank you \u003c3
Vinny Philly
My favorite singer now
Yazzy yazz
This can be a good depressing Twerking song
alejandro jara
Joji video requirements :\nWater\nBathtubs\nBlood\n80's tv look\nDepression
_how do you not giggle while filming this tho_
dat calculation tho
Presenting, *butt sandwich with Joji patty*
ey b0ss fuk u mang
frank is slowly taking control of joji again
0:13 \
poor joji\n\n\n\n\nno one knows he gay
0:27 Looks like he came straight out of Star Trek
morgan dodson
Idk but I think I love this man
nora v.
i just fell in love
Went from pink guy to I wanna die
phillp Rosa
Goodness gracious brother.😂
saaa.brina _
I hate myself....I barely noticed that I accidentally disliked the video🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Legends never die
Yo man! Your song is the best! I listen this shit every day 3 month and I like it. Sorry for my English \nHello from Ukraine.
— anushka.
probably the most depressing song to twerk to.
best wierdo clip ever❤
1:14 Aren't you just so beautiful? ... but broken.
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
You look so damn Asian with short hair