Summer Special Super Mix 2017 - Best Of Deep House Sessions Music 2017 Chill Out Mix by Drop G

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Summer Special Super Mix 2017 dj drop g - deep house dj drop g deep house summer special mix 2017 dj drop g summer special mix 2017 summer special super mix 2017 - best of deep house sessions music 2017 chill out mix by drop g dj drop g

Don’t care if it was deleted with veiws, we back now!!
любителям дип хауса\
Aaron Ccaypani
Suban el vídeo original, con ese vídeo se podía trabajar tranquilo y en armonía
Abdurrahman ÜNLÜ
Adrián Luna
Gracias! El mejor Mix, aunque los videos que tenía antes eran los mejores!... Espero que tengas más de 78 Millones de reproducciones en este Mix :)
Alex Walker
is it possible you would please upload the previous video to mega or something like that ? id really love that video
Alexandro Gómez
Minute 35:20... buenisima
Alfredo Santos
holy shit! thanks for re-uploading this, was looking for this music all over youtube, is the best mix!
All Gee
different account different phone but I cried when this mix came back
Alon Shlider
omfg I have been looking for this one for alot of time!!! thank you for re-uploading!! I do really appreciate
Alvin Burke
this gave me a big collection for my playlist! Thanks for that. Anymore recommendations? I also like rubayne - the come up and sky parox - midnight drive
El mejor MIX LEJOOS!!! cuando lo bajaste casi muero. gracias por subirlo de vuelta
que bueno que lo resubieron
Angel Nguyen
Love this mix.... adding the list to top again :)\n00:00 1 - Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Lonely (Drop G Remix) \n04:50 2 - Jax Jones feat. Raye - You Don't Know Me (Denis First Remix)\n09:04 3 - Zayn & Taylor Swift - I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Dj Vianu Remix)(Sara Farell & Simon Samaeng Cover)\n13:23 4 - Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (Midi Culture Remix)\n18:10 5 - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - Starboy (KEEM & Godunov & Burlyaev Remix)\n22:05 6 - Linkin Park - In The End (The Distance & Mad Morello & Igi Remix) \n26:27 7 - Adele - Hello (Angelika Vee Cover) (R.M Remix)\n30:32 8 - Gala - Faraway (Diego Power Remix)\n35:46 9 - Bebe Rexha - I Got You (Mar G Rock Remix)\n40:50 10 - Imany - The Good the Bad & the Crazy (Ivan Spell & Daniel Magre Remix)\n45:05 11 - Ian Carey - Keep On Rising (Eyup Celik Remix)\n51:15 12 - Zeni N - Someone Like Her (Spiros Hamza Remix)\n55:48 13 - Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down No Hopes (Dima Flash Different Guys Remix)\n59:50 14 - Sia - Unstoppable (Wallmers & Geonis Remix)\n1:04:13 15 - Vanotek feat. Eneli - Tell Me Who (Retart & Romanescu Codrin Remix)\n1:09:04 16 - Lady Gaga - The Cure (Spiros Hamza Remix)\n1:12:15 17 - Hakan Akkus - I Can't Be (Drop G & Regard Remix)\n1:17:58 18 - Charlie Puth - Attention (Joey Stux Remix ft. Johnny Rez)\n1:20:46 19 - Evanescense - Lithium (V.E.I Deep House Remix)\n1:26:06 20 - Pascal Junior - Holdin' On (Original Mix) \n1:31:58 21 - Mahmut Orhan feat. Eneli - Save Me (Original Mix)\n1:35:20 22 - The Kelly Family - Fell in Love with an Alien (Regard Remix)\n1:39:02 23 - Drake - Hotline Bling (Studenkoff Remix)\n1:42:40 24 - Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love (Cover by Romanescu Codrin & Victoria Skie )\n1:45:56 25 - Jasmine Thompson - Adore (Aviate Remix) \n1:50:30 26 - Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Martin Haber Edit)\n1:55:16 27 - Lost Frequencies ft. Sandro Cavazza - Beautiful Life\n1:57:59 28 - Coldplay - Clocks (Claude Daniel Remix)
Armando Schneider
kamelenteen met briie
Can you please put this mix with the old video, that was the best, please re upload it
Black Room
Branzel Ginappo
My best remix to training back!! :*** Power!
Béla Szabó
Yes it was epic, and rly missing it :( rly rly rly
nice video tnks
Caíque Costa
Hey Dj drop G keep doing your awesome work, your playlists are really good I have been hearing some of them more the 10 times
DFW Cluster Repair
You had a vid summer special 2017 best of deep house with 78M visits you deleted it?
DJ Pato - Deep House
Cmon bro ! You are my Idol !
Dardan Bajrami Official
Dear kundan
I downloaded the previous video with this by the way its just so touchy i play this at least one time a day.
Deep House G Mix
Official Video:\nOFFICIAL VIDEO has come back ! Thank you all so much.
Diego Carletti
i had to chase down the whole web for it...but its back! thanks for the re-upload!
These mother f***** haters... For sure they reported you... I was going to play your sessions in a party and I couldn't... We will always support you! Best sessions ever! Keep going Drop-G
Dilish Zwaan
Where is the video-clip? The only thing showing is a picture of the bikini-babe.
Dj Kondo
Good Job ! Welcome back \u003c3
Emre Çakırmanoğlu
2017'de stajda dinlerdim bi ara kaldırıldı ama yine yüklemişler efsane güzel mixler yine yine yenideennn
Fabián Iglesias
Nice compilation!!!\nName songs please!!!
Furkan Öneş
Vazgeçilmez Mix’im 😎🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Gonzalo Acevedo
¡Very good remix! And thanks for uploading it again. You're a genius. Greetings from Argentina. :)
Haohao Tian
Why close?
Hugo Obrien
Thank you so much for this amazing mix! anymore recommendations outside the list? I also suggest Sky Parox - Midnight Drive and Rubayne - The Come up
Iskren Ivanov
Thanks for reuploading the video!!
Jack jackson
During these songs, I believe in love while she was leaving me🙂
Jamie Capper
I am SO SO Happy this is back on YouTube. I love it. Love from London man
Jhonatan Manuel Panduro Aliaga
solía entrenar pesas con este excelente mix pero el otro día quise reproducirlo y ya no estaba :( ahora nuevamente aunque sin video :)
Joao MA
Amazing music!
Jorge Herrera
Please bring video back very please!
Julio Quintana
That was an awesome video, sorry to see it go :(
Julius Houston
Oh my .. wish summer never ended! Anymore suggestions outside of this playlist? I also recommend sky parox - midnight drive and rubayne - the come up
Karina Reyes
Qué pena no poder ver el video.... es la mejor compilación que he escuchado...!!!!!!
Kevin Hsu
DJ Drop G i love this mix 2017! man i was searching for the video for few days.. now it's back thank you
Kevin Metz
Out of all this is my favorite. I'm just glad that nobodies around to see me dancing. This has a great beat all the way through.
Konstantin Yuzefovich
welcome back, man! We love what you do here! Yes, guys? Put thumb up!
Kwintesencja-Kobiecości Kamila Łagowska
I would just like to ask ...\nwhere is my favorite bit\ngive him back ....
Lars Thomas Denstad
I love the original video. Is there any chance of getting that back? I downloaded the soundtrack just now and will support on patreon or whatever if there is a chance of downloading the track with video. Feels.
Lisa parker
awesome O:)
Luciana Paroni
Hola alguien puede decirme el nombre del tema del 1:40
Luisa lopez
The besssTTTTT - Saludos desde COLOMBIAA
MARIYA Thompson
So sad!!! I love your versions of mixes. My support to you! Keep up!💖💖💖
Lo mejor del 2017 y ahora del 2018😎😎👽
Marisela Rangel Carrillo
Que paso con el original video!?😤
Matěj Kubis
The best deep sounds.
Mi mi
Mirajul Islam
Just awesome
Mohamed Swidan
Wonderful mix keep up its spiritual (3
Moomba Man
What happened to your previous channel man?
Mustafa Ok
I've been looking for this for weeks. Thank you so much. I'm sick of the video being deleted
Mutiga Ben
Downloading this before someone deletes again ....
Rafael Andres Guzman Conde
Oh NO!!!!, this was an epic compilation of perfect girls, Beaches and landscapes.. please bring us the video again, this songs are a journey with the video.
Rede Brasil NO AR
nao nao nao onde esta o clipvideo:
I like the older video. It's so relaxing and so pleasing
Robert Frew
First time hearing this excellent mix!  I'm groovin'..
Robert Gill
ik heb kaaskoorts
Ronnie Wells
I have missed this, I am glad it is back
Ronson and Miriam Pereira
This one is -really special. Glad it’s back. Went insane looking for it.
Rosalina Huaman Hualla
Por que eliminaste tus musicas😖😭😔😧😨\nBuenas musicas 👍👍\nLas mejores ...
Sala88 Comunicação
coloque o video de novo ai ...
Sara souza
Alguém do Brasil aqui ✌🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Scott Rogers
Man I listen to your mixes everyday all day at work!! I was super pissed when they came down. Thank you for sharing again!
Subhradipta Tripathi
Thank you for giving it back... Please upload one more you deleted in which \
Sven Saks
Can you at least please please kindly confirm the name of the blonde model at the very beginning of the video that belonged to this mix?\n\nThank you!
This is one of your best mix\nThanks for re-uploading💖
The Grange Balti & Grill tm
Can you please reupload the video. Its one of my favourite video.
Tomasz Izdebski
who knows the song 50:45?? please help me :)
V Music
I Found this song 1 weeker :((( THE BEST OF ME \u003c3
Vida Nova
Vinh Nguyen
finally found it lol best mix EDM :D
Wero Negron
Hola me podrían decir el nombre del minuto 1:51:00 por favor gracias
yes,, what happened? my favorite video is closed!!
this really is the best mix ever
Zelrein Babe Suarez
What happened to the previous video? I been watching that like forever
bakul bryant
Thanks for re upload brother. I miss these tracks toooooooo much. Really I'm glad.. love from Poland(Krakow)🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😘😘😘😘
hrisi ilieva
What happened with the video? It was a perfect combination with the set, i just love it!
jonas ladou
no music no life
kang'ethe njoroge
where can we find the video, it was perfect
larry finkle
I’m done with you...
maria caldas
Im so happy ...thanks so much for re uploading it...this is a great mix. Best vibes always.
minhphan dong
who knows the song 30'-35'???? please tell me??
Yey it's back 😁 👏👏
omner Garcia
Q tristeza q se borro el video
секрет сервис
Who deleted the video ?
серега шеф
Куда делся клип?