Japan 60 Second Team Profile | Brazil 2014 World Cup

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Anas Mansour
Honda - Ac Milan
Andri Hatiko
Isnt Honda playing for the AC Milan?
Anton Syväoja
Honda plays for Milan
WTF honda plays for milan!
Brett Mackay
UMMMMMMM HONDA?? AT CSKA? Get with it talkSport
Bruce Lee
Honda plays for Milan
Elzat Kadeer
dude! Honda plays in MILAN 
Honda plays for ac Milan
Gerald Koh
they could really be a surprise package this year- with players like Kagawa, Honda, Kiyotake and Okazaki. If their defence doesn't screw up, they should go through their group and even get to the quarters.
Really exciting and fair group
JNe ve vjev
It's Okazaki and Honda now plays for Milan so what are you talking about?
Who is the narrator?
Joshua Rodrigues
1. Honda is at Milan now\n2. It's Okazaki not Ozaki
Jun Miyamasu
its KEISUKE Honda
Liam S
Honda plays for ac milan
Honda plays for Milan
I'd say japan and mexico are the dark horses this world cup
Peter Beardsley
Loving these videos. Can't wait for the World Cup.
Sam WK
How long ago were these recorded? Honda's at AC Milan
Honda currently plays for AC Milan not CSKA :) but loving the insight from this series :)
Stephen Tried
honda plays for milan
shouldnt it be milans Honda?
Tommy Cahill
What about nagatomo !?
dont underestimate Nagatomo ! from Inter.\n\nJapan are unpredictable and dangerous. They played well last WC !
Will Kerr
Honda plays for milan
And Nagatomo?!?!?
faiz akmal
Nagatomo-Uchida-Gutoku Sakai. The best defender for japan NT
rhod b
Its okazaki
The internet when you spend hour-after-hour producing 1000s of videos, audio, articles and images for people to enjoy, without making any mistakes: SILENCE. The internet when you spend hour-after-hour producing 1000s of videos, articles and images for people to enjoy... but, hang on, we've spotted a rare oversight: THAT IS THE WORST SLIP SINCE STEVEN GERRARD!!!!! ;-)
best asian team
Not Kzuki.\nKeisuke . Keisuke Honda