Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All 77 Characters (Gameplay Showcase)

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This video shows you all characters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There are 70 normal characters and 7 echo characters.►Discord:

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123 R
You said 77 there’s only 70
Alex Marchioni
22:14 left behind in editing
Big meeny
The direct was nice but I was a little disappointed with the characters the spirits mode on the other hand I'm down for that stuff
Builder of the 4th wall
I’m sorry but if you genuinely get angry over Piranha Plant being in the game, you are kind of sad. He’s a joke character that doesn’t take up a space on the roster or any of the 5 secret DLC characters, and he’s only there for laughs and to make the game feel more light-hearted and not what Brawl tried to do. Lighten up a little!
How can Piranha Plant walk???!
Coilin Corey
Say it with me guys, Marx will get a chance to be a chatacter for dlc.
Comment Man
I just wanted to see every character gameplay.ur vid popped.nice work man!!
I still can't take piranha plant being a playable character seriously lol
This is unfair goomba is the first anaymey in Mario Bros and there is nothing for him in the full Game (why are i saying this idcai if he/she is in Game but if is still unfair)
Gabe Miller
You can’t count right there are def 75 characters idk where you are getting this 70 characters from it was even shown in the video the right amount of characters in the direct there was 74 before piranha plant 🌱
Gabriel Prado
No ness or Lucas in cutscene ness and Lucas could of just psi magneted and healed from the lasers
Gladion 64
Actually it’s 74 in game 75 with piranha plant and 80 with the next 5 dlc characters so there’s only 74 characters in game but great video anyway love the content
Hello There
Im so hyped about the dlc! Who could it be? Sans from undertale? Steve from Minecraft? Banjo and Kazooie? Corus kids? Mach Rider? WALUIGI!? Oh yeah he got deco firmed ): Oh well... Lego Batman!!??
I give up on life
What if we actually get suprised with waluigi
Jesse E
A plant but no Toad or Waluigi
José Alberto Ruiz
Piranha plant will be in the history Mode?\n\n\nI will Love that 😂\n\n\n\nWhatever, is a very good question🤔
Just Fortnite Highlights
Bearbear you are truly an amazing content creator, Like if you agree ???
That's it no whats, ifs, ands, or buts, the plant is now my new main
Karl Cutajar
LEAH Luostarinen
All of the characters are here now so totally awesome after seen that direct
I like how Piranha Plant's final smash is a callback to SSBB
Legit Gamer
0:43 animal abuse call 911 pokemon service
Leonardo Acosta
Que macizo.
Luscious Locks
I'm not upset that Piranha Plant got in but I'ma keep it real chief I'm a little upset that Piranha Plant looks so good. Like I think Piranha Plant has a very good vibe going on in the character design, and the moves look fresh and clean and all that jazz, and it even looks like it could be viable. That scares me.
Why does the website say 74 fighters if there’s actually 77
Nabil Al-Zaidy
Any particular reason the game title was shown after the trailer for King K. Rool?
Nintendo Brother 56
I’m pretty sure there will be 1 new character because In the last Nintendo direct we had Isabell and they said there will be one this month so am positive we will get one more and it will be Decidueye
O.H. X-90
They added the Piranha Plant instead of Geno... RIOT!
Oliver Haywood
Man, I haven’t played this newer Smash but I have so many great memories of wrecking people with Sheik. My friends would get so mad. His movement is by far the best in my opinion. Always liked Marth too but if I wanted to win for sure I would play Sheik.
Never expected a non-playable Piranha Plant being playable
Piggles Goomshby
It’s simple, I see a Plant...\n\n\n\n\n\nI MAIN IT
At 3:02 LMFAO! Oh my God!
Rafael Membrides
The music from Super Mario Odyssey
Robert Rocco
Loving the butthurt in this comments section.
Silmar Becker
Waluigi,Bomberman,Shovel Knight,Zero,Knuckles The Echidna,Isaac And Shadow The Hedgehog Fail To Been Playable
Sub Plz
Piranha plant is in the game but not waluigi😡
Super Smash Bros. Wii-Fan-1
I'm really surprised that Piranha Plant is in Ultimate. Even though it has NO LEGS. but his Final Smash is cool.
Someone got the number right
The Gaming Pal Wolfang
Seriously mr Sakurai, a plant gets in before geno, banjo and shantae, instead of shadow, isaac and even elma?...where is this whole you got a robot toy for smash deal?, wasn't geno YOUR most wanted character? the heck man.\nHope dlc breaks the internet and brings geno, banjo and shantae the way they deserve...and no being a sticker is no deconfirmation, cuz king k rool, samus and the male wii fit trainer have one too
The world according to Lola
Does anybody know if this game will have a story mode? Kind of like it had in the one on wii.
Tooly Bakri
Triston Wolden
I hope they left the American Mario outfit in ssb5
Ultra Raid
Piranha Plant\n\n\n\n\nI main it
Universe section
Bowser jr and villager my main
Vesmir NG-3
17:57 Shulk\n18:15 Bowser Jr
Vic en de knuffel parade
Yassin Hesham92
Is anybody surprised that finally after 10 years of smash were gonna get a story mode( or at least something close to a story mode)?
So I'm confused. The direct said 74 fighters (+1 after Piranha Plant's reveal). Who are the missing 2?\n\nWere they not counting Pokémon Trainer as 3 characters? That's the only way I can think of...
jeffrey jordan
Question... From trailer, Kirby is the only one left.. so.. will he be the only choice in the beginning?
kami shin
I think there gonna be some Eventcharacters
liam taylor
My main is Random
sweetie girl
are you still surprised with Piranha Plant being added?
xXMega LopunnyXx 2002
I gonna main EVERYONE