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Telltale games shutting down in 2018 is as unsurprising as it is unfortunate. The game studio that brought us walking dead and the wold among us, telltale shutting down is a loss for gaming. But what exactly caused the walking dead developer to end up where they are today? Here we take a look at how they got to where they are today. Telltale is shutting down, but they certainly will not be forgotten.

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Telltale didn’t just die, it was... Well, you probably know the rest.
- Simple -
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Gonna be completely honest, I don't enjoy the editing in this video since it seems really awkward at some points (especially when the music stops and he talks for too long over silence) That being said, interesting video with good points but please try less cuts since it really interrupts the flow of the video.
A Person
The fact that they couldn’t make a game that ACTUALLY changed depending on what choices you picked.
Its not the fault of developers that led to this downfall . It was the managing team of Telltale that let it happen because they gave the developers no choice . One developer after being let go , told that they always knew what the problems were but they weren't given enough time to work on those since the managing team forced them to crank out more games rather than allowing them to make a single polished one.\n\nIts disheartening to see , that one of the best storytellers in our medium had to end up like this.
Aaron Brooks
I really am first. I'll miss Telltale Games
Telltale didn't just die...IT WAS MURDERED
Alno Highking
That new engine. Someone didn’t do their job right.
Anders Hughes
First comment!!\nOn a real note though, absolutely abhorrent about tell tale.. I hope those Devs move on to way bigger and better things
Did you call it Life of Strange like 5 times or am I deaf??
This channel wasn't just dying, it was *MURDERED*
Blackman Whitesuit
It feels they felt that it was the titles and not the games that sold. They were trying to put out as many high profile titles, Batman, Game of Thrones, GoTG, The Walking Dead, instead of focusing on what people liked about Telltale, the original stories and characters. The Walking Dead was a flash in the pan because it told a story if not better on the same level as the TV show. It's like there history with an obscure titles such as Sam and Max made them hungry for big names.
CJ 36
They arent fun. They arent games. They arent worth the 10 hours they take to watch.
Captiankirk games
I’m want see what happens Clem’s story wolf among us 2 what happens who is the girl and what if go after what happens to the war in game of thrones what happens in mc story mode What happens in tales and now of galaxy really sad shutting down so many games with cliffhangers not see what happens
Christopher Tran
What's going on with the inserted audio? Is anyone else getting weird voice warping as if he's putting his voice through a soundboard? It's ridiculously distracting.
Commander Daniel Cousland
I was really hoping for a Batman season 3, this Telltale Batman unvirse was my favorite.
Conor Jones
Life of Strange. Cmon dude.
Crankman Crankman
This joke isn’t just being overused\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIt’s being *murdered*
DKoi Solid
21:46 someone hit second puberty.
Da Tick
One like = one oof for Telltale
Dark Guardian
Now, I won’t know what happened to Clementine. 😕 \nDeath of episodic games. ☠️\nSound like forced hard labor at Tell Tale.
Whats with the slowdowns and speedups on your voice track? During the ending you sounded like a demon and somewhere in the middle you went almost rescue rangers robot.
David B
I disagree with almost everything you said. The point of Telltale was (rightly so) telling cinematic, interactive stories. Adding some hack and slash or cover shooter mechanics would have departed from their style--their ideal. Spending more time on new features would have thrown money at something that wasn't necessary for Telltale style games. THE main thing that killed Telltale was that they didn't create their own IPs. People played Telltale for INTERACTIVE choice and consequence stories, but with existing stories there's only so much you can do with that. Established pre-conceived characters, an existing story, etc. Nobody bought Batman or Guardians or Minecraft Story Mode because none of those things were suited to the Telltale style. That's it.
God how stupid can someone be to think they can take on so many projects at the same time? Rockstar or Naughty Dog don't do that and look how big are their studios.
Erik Neumann
Telltale, we barely knew ye...
Fry Lock
Begin a failure, End a failure. How fitting.
Full Spectrum Studios
Using an outdated engine with poor design choices, it was well deserved.
Gentleman Gamer
I wish it was EA that was closing down instead
GrimDark Narrator
Really sad to hear. I did enjoy some of their series a lot, especially Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones and Batman. I wish they would've finished their Game of Thrones spinoff. That being said, I don't understand how the people in charge there didn't realize they couldn't possibly finish 5-6 sets of games at the same time. I mean don't they know how many employees they have and how much work needs to roughly be put into each project ? It's like saying you can build 10 houses within a year as a construction firm while knowing you only got like 3 workers.
what caused it ?This game adapts to the choices you make.The story is tailored by how you play (never in a single one of their games has that been the case maybe a slight change to the ending but that's about it nothing really changes) :)
Hoo Hah
But this is one of the times where you coulda really said...\n\n\n\n\n\nIT WAS MURDERED
Hue Hue
I hope they finish the story of Telltale's TWD in the comics...\n\nEdit:Yeah I know now that they are going to try and make the rest of the season happen...still think is a good a ideia to continue the othe games in comic book form tho...
Ishaan Suresh
Telltale didn't just die it was murdered.
JOHN olayinka
R.I.P Telltale \nyour impact on the story telling genre will not be forgotten...............
Are you a robot? If so, you need to charge your battery... Your voice it's making weird things in this video.
Jennifunny Animations
I never played many of their games but it's still sad when a studio shuts down
Jonny Chadwick
WD S1 and Wolf Among Us are among my favorite gaming experiences of all time. Sad day. Sucks that they just became a generic cheap studio to pump out easy to make \
JustAnother Stupidchannel78
Rip Lee
Justin Bellavia
Are you sure it wasn't murdered?
Justyn Stringer
RIP Telltale. You’ll be missed, but you will not be forgotten. 😞😔
King Stevie
Awe that sucks, I'm now left with blue balls after the cliffhanger ending of Tales from Borderlands. Not surprising though, hard to convince people to buy episodes (with outdated engine) and then have to wait months for the next batch.
TellTale Games Didn't Just Die It Was Murdered
Kontrol Zee
I reckon a big part of the problem is youtube. a single youtuber can stream gameplay and millions of people can watch with out having to pay for the game.
Krystal Dragons
I was wrong about Cleanprince's voice being okay and heres why...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n....It didn't die it was murmured
Spread themselves too thinly, and the quality suffered. \n\nA feeling of over over-saturation didn't help either
LanceAlot Ent.
Back to the future was also a good telltale game .. but not mentioned.. shame
Leads The Fallen
Telltale didn't just die\n\n\n\nit was murdered
Liv Champs
wait a second....\nAre you saying that Telltale didn't just die...\nbut that it was murdered?
Marc Shanahan
Telltale banked on The Walking Dead so much it became a \
See something told me to not buy the season pass
They were a small company that were trying to work on way too many projects at once, at first nobody really noticed that the choices didn’t matter, but as more games came out, the more noticeable it became
Mindy Auron
Constructive Criticism: the way you do that whole table slap thing. It’s kinda... is jarring the right word? I think so. Don’t get me wrong, good video but that whole thing for some reason was really awkward in ways. I know what you were going for but... I dunno. Still a good video dude
I’m sad to hear this. \nI bought all of their games post Walking Dead Season 1. \nI hope they can finish the final season soon.
Moses Jonson
They spread themselves way!!! to thin!, blame the managing team of TT that has caused the down fall of TT
Mr. Izanami
what the hell is wrong with the audio? You sound like a ill/drunk dude
21:43 woah what happened to your voice xD
NWO Serbe
I hope they finish The Walking Dead
Nick Nevco
Adventure games were DEAD before Telltale was made, they made it relevant again several old companies have started making them again. \nThey seem to have served their purpose they saved the Adventure game genre.
It makes me wonder how great the games they would have made could have been. Telltale games always makes for a good letsplay to watch on youtube.
This video was a mess. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of your content, but this video worries me. Besides the fact that you sound a little rough, this is a pretty lazy concept for a video. I get it - why make a whole new video when you've already hit all the important points in a previous video - but that's exactly it, you didn't need to re-release the entire video. You could've done this in 5 minutes. The biggest thing for me though was how sloppy the editing is. You've generally proven yourself to be a competent editor, but this video was... pretty subpar. I genuinely hope everything is OK with you. Maybe you're spreading yourself too thin or maybe you're just going through a rough time. It's OK to have an off day and I hope I'm not being too much of an asshole. But man.. I couldn't say nothing.
Patman Gaming
So...Telltale didnt just die, it was murdered...c’mon...say it....lol
Periscope Truez
What caused the demise of Telltale Games?\n\n\n\n\n\nWhen Lee died\n\n\nSIMPLE 💯
Raikyo Izanagi
What caused the demise of this channel?
Raul Ortiz
Damn, you’re trying so hard to not sound like downward thrust but people continue to persist with comparisons lol I personally think you’re more optimistic then his depressive channel. But he’s still good too, sometimes.\n\nEdit: what’s up with those pauses?? “ I couldn’t.... beat.. uh... Batman.. due to my.... saves... deleting...”
This is a very good topic. Quick note. I am apparently the only one in the entire world who knew TellTale's games weren't selling well and it wasn't going well for TellTale. I was not surprised about this news, I was only surprised to find out that I was the only one who understood the position TellTale was in.\n\nEdit: To actually evolve my thought. The reason why I knew TellTale wasn't having a good time is because of several factors.\n1. *Bad engine.* CleanPrinceGaming explains it in the video so I don't need to say anything but I'll say this. The results gave us bad quality games.\n\n2. *Episodic concept.* It was great and new when it arrived but quickly got old in the entire game industry. People can't wait for the next episode when it takes several months to get just ONE new episode. It takes years for them to finish a game. Just like any other game, the episodic concept however, doesn't support such a long dev cycle. We want weekly episodes, not monthly - yearly episodes.\n\n3. *The wait for a finished game.* As I said in point 2, people can't be expected to wait too long for a game to be finished. For a story to be finished in the incomplete game you gave us. People got sick of the episodic concept. People waited for the \
Red hood Lol
Thanos killd it
Riek Opo
This is a really terrible rambling video.
Robert H. Goddard: The Father of Rocketry
Simple, \n\u003eHorrendous management\n\u003etoo many IP's bought (which are very expensive.)\n\u003eSaturated their own market with too many games\n\u003ePeople just watched the games online as aposed to buying them.
Telltale betrayed point and click and Sam and Max. Yes, I salty, look at my avatar.
Microsoft should have bought it, they need studios.\nThis was one of those studios that with a bit of help could have become huge.\nBest of luck to all peoples who lost their jobs and their families.
Tyler are you okay? Your voice kinda seems off
Stephen A Smith
Telltale didn't murdered it was die
Stuart Garlick
Dude, you've already done the apology video. The title, the intro - it just comes across as self-flagellation. At the end of the day, 90% of your content was sound. Don't keep hacking your old videos to bits, saying you told the wrong story. You told the story that was right for that time in your stage in your development. If I went over every old blog post I'd done and which people had savaged in the comments, I'd be a nervous wreck - in fact, I was, I stopped writing. You've already owned the mistakes, now use the skills and craft you've always have, and move forward, not backward.
Telltale shutting down is the emotional *plot* *twist* no one saw coming
Tayyab Hussain
Just wanted to play wolf among us 2 Man. I really waited for nothing
Tenashe Semnoi
What killed Telltale games?\n\n\n\n*Boring tales!*
That Cynical Guy
Taking in more games than they can handle
That gamer Life
Rip teltale rip XXXTENTACION damn how many more bad things are gonna happen in 2018
What is with that weird autotuned microphone? One moment you sound normal, the next you sounds like a bro who smoked 50 ciggies a day the last 15 years.
No offence or anything but pausing your video ever minute or so to explain the self explanatory really REALLY breaks the flow of your video and is really unnecessary.
The oversaturation of Telltale Games titles was absolutely the cause of my disinterest. There were just too many games (majority of which I couldn't care less about). I would have been happy if they simply continued with Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us. Blind ambition and corporate greed killed Telltale.
Get woke, go broke.
They've engaged in too many big caliber projects considering the studio's actual size. Also, I have a feeling they didn't consider market's oversaturation and decline of interest in The walking Dead and Game of Thrones due to their terrible TV series. Finally, their prices are pretty high considering how short their games are, and how often they're just similar to each other (after all, they're developed by the same studio). Some could see it as quantity over quality.\nWill miss them, though - some of their titles were good.
Dude, is your voice ok?
Zhero Zhero
Telltale was garbage! They barley had original ideas. They defiantly didn’t make video games - but movies were occasionally you had to press a button. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is a prime example of how you can have a strong cinematic experience and make it feel more like a video game.
_Simply Abysss_
It’s just shocking how a huge community that came together to create telltale games, ends in a sad and mysterious way. I’ve always looked forward to The Wolf Among Us 2 coming out and The Walking Dead Season 2 to arrive.
Are you ok? If you need rest, then rest. Don't do the same mistake as the developers
Telltale Games was the video games Roman Empire
Cleanprincegaming's voice didn't just die, it was MURDERED
jay sheriffe
Microsoft could/should have buy out telltale games, they are losing the single player exclusives battle. a company with the potential telltale has could benefit them. \nAlso square enix could/should have stepped in too, they took inspiration from telltale and are gaining a foothold in the interactive movie genre(the only rival was telltale). Having telltale under the square enix brand would make them a monopoly in that genre and they could do well. It's not likely happen but i can help but think off the lost potential with telltale.
kung lao
the problem is that telltale is doing things like minecraft story mode and batman and dont get me wrong im not saying these games are bad but how can they ignore game of thrones and the wolf among us and focus on other things !!!!
So basically Guitar Hero Syndrome struck again, eh?
marshall parker
Wolf among us season 2 was so close
i hope a miracle happens and someone takes over the telltale game series and revives it, just something..................... i want that WOLF AMONG US 2!!
Its funny that you speak of quality over quantity holding true, yet you’re pumping out video after video featuring others opinions and gameplay. How bout you take your time, actually play a game in its entirety and put together a video with YOUR gameplay and opinions.
I have played video games ever since I can remember and a number of the games I've played have made me cry a lot. Games like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Life is Strange, The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, those things made me cry like a baby. However, this video was on a whole other level. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen in games ever. Clem is dead and it hurts so much.
*The Gaming Community will remember that.*