Road Warrior: First Truck Chase

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The first truck chase in Mad Max 2.

Max Rockatansky mad max mad max 2 mel gibson the road warrior

3:11 who says there isnt porn on youtube?
Ademir Stabury
mel gibson is max ,,,
Alex Phillips
Andrew Paul Afford
mack two stick transmission.
Love the scene where he fires at him with mulfunctioned shotgun 2:57
They all help Max in the end. Even the feral kid.
Detroit Diesel in that truck?
Chas No
The really funny thing, is that that most people regard this as nothing more than fun entertainment. This is your future. Prep or die.
pure stunt amazing
I swear this fucking movie is awesome the costumes are just the best
Dane Weyland
Australia is weird.  I guess because it's populated by criminals
I know it's sadistic, but I love it when one of the gang members gets crushed underneath the truck he is working on.
Dmitri Kozlowsky
This answers the question of procreation.
Drew Mallotto
does any one know the model of the mack?
Dustin McCoy
you left the part where he starts it up :( the air starter is sweet and having him rev it up and black smok comes out of stacks
I love those camera angles!
Wez: \
Fury Road News
@Dustin McCoy I did indeed.
They really don't make them like this anymore.
James Walker
You would have thought that S &M cop with the leather face mask might have had enough earlier in the movie...but no!!...he just had to have another go!!!...what a dipshit
Jason L
Love this movie, but in reality the search for water and food would occupy most of people's time instead of gas, and roads would probably be impassible due to accumulated debris over the years. But then again, in such a sparsely populated area with little vegetation or wildlife, transportation might be a vital necessity if scavenging was the only way to survive.
Javi O
Love it.
Javier Perez Gil
Está más chingona, que la uno.
Jeff Allen
3:10 to 3:14 is one of those great late '70's/early 80's funny (and somewhat 'innocent') sex scenes you just don't see in movies anymore...\n\nI've HEARD that most-of-the-time, back then, the actors really \
Jeri Caroline M
I love the large Australian style exhaust turnouts on this rig
Jim Morrison
Camp Ronnie Barker at 4:15
Flame throwers - Ex RAN 40mm Bofors gun barrels (Shortened).\n
Right. It sounded like those guys watched too much Mad Max
Lord Humungus IVe
I'll barter a tube of toothpaste, some clean socks and some antibiotic for a gallon of gazzoline?
Mac Urban
Great part where Max is just about to leave, where you takes a deep breath, anticipating a tough go.
Masculine Buddha
The girl in the tent really was sexually aroused; pause right @3:12 and you can see her clitoris erect.
Ignore the fact that it's a \
Mike Haggar
0:55 Seems like he's happy to have air support lol
Moon Scar
1:21 have always loved this shot. such a clever way of seeing someone join the chase and catch up to the truck
Muscle Madness
I just realized something what's up with lord humongous out fit.......#fruit cake!!
It's the little things- 2:41 I like how The Humongous seems to hesitate using up one of his bullets for his gun.
I just noticed they had a stuntman as well as a cameraman driving that pink car while it was being hit with the flamethrower :D
It's almost like a silent movie.  You could imagine the dialogue being replaced with text cards (apart from the interplay between Max and the Gyro Captain).  It does need to be seen on a big screen.
Thanks for this little piece of that great great movie, so much better than the new
Raiders truck chase is better.
Politic Artisan
3:12 Best part...
Could you upload the whole movie Fury Road?
Rejected-From-Eve .Zero
Lol I bet they would have trouble keeping up with that Mack if it had a KTA 19.0 L Marine Cummins twin turbo with 3000hp and 6000trq with a 15 overdrive transmission and a top speed of 160 mph but those engines are too expensive they want 40,000 for a fully built one with max output plus driving a semi past 85 while bobtail is kinda hard with no weight on the back aka trailer plus that engine in a stock truck would melt the drive train becauase that engine is made for small tug boats and small trains I have a N14 Cummins 14.0 L with 500hp and 2000trq with a 15 overdrive trasnmission and mine will do 100 mph thats maxed speed
Rushi Jaradi
the hockey mask dude has a cool looking gun. revolver with a scope.
SEaster IslanderS
I'd like to point out that the music in this movie is incredibly epic and catchy. Almost as good as the soundtrack to Fury Road.
Sander Nielsen
Why does the Wez look like Howie Mandel's perverted twin ?
Sinisa Acimovic
film mog detinjstva milion puta sam gledao
2:39 to 3:04
The look off those trucks scary the crap out off me
The Last Greaser
That moment when he stops the tanker, chambers his sawed off, takes a deep breath, and drives into hell has got to be one of the most bad ass scenes ever!!!
Love the way bruce looks at his pet snake before he throws it down on that dude, lmao!
Tim Vogan
All time favorite movie since 1982.
Uncle Bob
The semi Max is driving is a 1979 Mack R36 Coolpower.
Vladimir Brkic
1:05 Bennett
Wsn.stúdios RMS.
Nunca tinha assistido esse filme não
allan kardec feitoza brandao
Sem dúvidas, uma das melhores cenas do filme. 👏👏👏
excellent example of reorienting the viewers  field of view at 1:30- 2:05 then again at 2:00 to 2:30.  Great shot reverse shot at 2:30 to 3:00.  #;30 to 3:40 behind vehicle pan to break the \
DIDI! I remember watching this Mad Max scene somewhere along with you and Frank and maybe some others somewhere in Munich!
The second chase scene in this movie is BETTER than the first. I just can't get enough of it.
cell pat
3:11 - did we see a \
clément fronty
fantastic costume by the great norma marcireau ,( rip) , awesome brian may soundtrack !! remember me the first time i see it in 1982 to the cinema ( i was 13 years old with friends ) it was AWESOME MOMENT !! thanx to post this fantastic sequence ! ( i always love the Inside car scene when he run and start to drive the car !) and the first chase pursuit in the begenning...after 35 years old the road warrior is always fantastic !!
1:22 i dont know why but i always loved the pov of the guy driving the car chasing max..that V8 sounds awesome..great tracking shot
joel gaul
3:11 Lol
Buy why? If you don't mind me asking?
juan luis huerta vivar
My favorite movie
Don't you always hate it when you are getting it on with someone and a tanker driven by Mel Gibson drives by only to have your tent ripped right off the top of you?
mariusz niebylski
mack e9 nice sound
love the part when you see the bulldog hammer down coming up the hill that gets me pumped up every time.
This movie is so much better than Fury Road.
muhammad nur al hafiz
Gla recycler
mundo da perola
Eu amo minha filha
nicolas delibes
i saw this movie may be 40 times. You can't imagine…
Love the dog in this film.
I love how car don't explode into a gigantic fireball when they crash into things unlike most hollywood stupid action flicks
you can just catch the stunt driver falling onto floor at end of 2nd chase when he goes over embankment and rolls truck. In movie \
the Sententious Vaunter
I'm so glad they put stuff like this into the Mad Max video game. Getting to drive big, clunky trucks as well as all manner of mean cars.
1:41 makes my legs hurt. Of all the times to be wrenching on a vehicle.