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This movie contains all cutscenes of Subspace Emissary with all alternate scenes included in Super Smash Bros Brawl for Nintendo Wii in 1080p & 60fps. I hope you'll enjoy it, rate, comment and subscribe for more, it really helps my channel!:)All Cutscenes/Full Game of Super Smash Bros Brawl for Nintendo Wii in HD

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When you find ways to make all characters look badass, cool, serious, or all three in a game like Smash Brothers, you know you're doing something right.
Aaron Galvan
All cutscenes in smash only last 14 minutes. :(
Acrocanthosaurus Gaming
I don't feel so good........\n\n\nDo I feel good?
Adrian Plaza
35:17 honestly my favorite part\n\nEdit: dang 9 likes. That’s more than any of my other comments\nAnother edit: 74?! Wow. I didn’t know people liked this comment so much\nYet another edit: ok, this is getting ridiculous. 108?!
Ancient Minister
Anna Ly
anyone here bc theyre disappointed with ultimate's cutscenes?
It’s funny because this exact kind of video is why there was no story mode in Smash 4
14:14\n\nMarth:That was cool\n\nMeta knight:Thanks\n\nMarth:Want to make a team\n\nMeta knight:Sure
Brayan Medina
10 years later everyone dies \n\n\n\n\n\n*Again*
Brendan Short
Bruh Tube
28:45 when you wake up and realize you forgot to do your homework
I don't care what anyone says. Brawl was one of the best smash games.
Canoga Parque 818
The ending is world of lights begining\n\nSmash 5 story mode is literally sse continued
Carlos Molina
It's ironic that Sonic saved the Nintendo universe.
Chicken Nugget
Wow there was like a million people in that stadium and they all died.
Cristian Burgos
so sonic basically saves the world....what a waste of my hour
Without king dedede they would have been screwed XD
Desmond Harvard
Who's here after realizing how disappointing the Smash 4 story mode was (only 17 minutes worth of cutscenes)
Desu Chan
17:48 poor pikachu. :(
Dianna Harris
Sakurai would never kill off his son. Not in Brawl and not in Ultimate.
Digital Game Land
17:30 - 17:36\nMy fav part ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lucas running from wario and ness in the rain shook me as a kid
Ethan Vo
Happy 10 Years of Super!\n#HappySmashDecade
Fabulous the BOSS
Tbh these cutscene aren't as cool as I thought not trying to hate but I also really dislike the fact that NONONE talks. I'm personally very down for MORE bosses in smash ultimate than this!
Ahh smash bros brawl. The only smash bros game with an awesome story mode. Let's hope Ultimate lives up to everyone's expectations
GD Osman002
I can't even remember that *Super Smash Bros Brawl* had almost an hour long cutscenes in total!? Wow let's see how long the *Smash Ultimate* will be.
Gink the Outertale fox
Am I the only one who understood the whole story as a kid? And also why rayquaza was on water?
Gregory Pabst
Guerreiro Aventureiro
2008:subspace emissary\n2018:world of light\n2028:????(Half Life 3????????)
The original Infinity War
Jaden Rose The Fan if FNaF
I hope the World of Light has the same thing.
Sheik starts to fight Fox and Peach is like stop! Have tea first before fighting! Best part honestly\n\n(Where did she get tea in the first place??)
43:00 while I can say that I love this scene, has anyone noticed how one sided yet weak this fight was.\nOne sided yet the one side lost.
Im not trying to insult sakurai and his hard work, its already good, but ultimate's cutscenes were horrible. they teased us about voice acting, when it was only in the FIRST cutscene, there was only about 6-7 cutscenes in the whole game, and there was no character interactions.
Jordan Brooks
You know when your parents say they don't pick favorites but they have a favorite anyway? Sakurai is no exception.
JorgeXFBunny P
What would you know sonic end the ball.\n\n49:13 Do you see this part Sonic shoe doesn't not have the Encrypted Energy stone.\n\nThat baby greed shoes Encrypted sonic shoe with energy.\n\nThat will help baby greed be fed energy.\n\nTo turn sonic into Straight Super Sonic.\n\nBut at this time there is no baby greed.\n\nSo sonic is not in cryptid with his power.\n\nHe probably knows now why his shoes look that way on my video.\n\nYou should know it'll make Sonic even faster.\n\nBut at this video.\n\nHe doesn't got it bye^_^!?\n--------------------------------------------\n\nOh sonic in 1 cutscene that is so stupid.\n\nIt's like he was never supposed to be in this game.
Josiah Ray
I'm fine if there aren't as many cutscenes in ultimate, but I want a cutscene for each unlockable character instead of the silhouette of them, like wolf, toon link, and jigglypuff
Juan Escobar
* Incerts Ssmbu World Of Light Trailer at the end of the vid*
4:07-4:09 lolwut
Katrina Hayes
19:48*Kirby pops out of nowhere*\nDeedee:oh no\nKirby:Hewo!\nDeedee:oh Shi...
Khoi Le
The infinity war before infinity wars
4:03 best pose ever
Lauren Plays
Mah boi link
Like Wagon
2:24 Anyone here that Piranha's final smash?\n24:48 Feel old yet?
World of Light hype
Lost Crusader
Funny thing is, you don’t need dialogue to make each scene exciting. Seeing each character interact is already enough exciting
Had to come back to this after watching World of Lights boring cutscenes. Was hoping to see more interactions (and expected less cutscenes) of the Nintendo characters working together by attacking the Master Hands & Galeem, boss encounters, etc, but nah... We get a light show of light & darkness. Oh well. Still can't wait for Ultimate to drop
Lucas Eduardo
43:20 For those who said the kirby was lucky to survive.
Too bad Ultimate doesn't have any good cutscenes.
Marvin Basden
1:59 they broke the xbox (xd)
Nintendo Zelda
The cutscenes are amazing to be honest
Dang Falcon just murdered all of those innocent pikmen.......
Patrick Harper
31:40 - Funniest part of this whole story\n41:55 - Easily the most awesome sequence in this entire series (lookin' like Asura's Wrath up in 'ere)\n46:10 - The scene where you finally realize that King Triple D is real MVP of the entire game (even self-sacrifices @ 21:40 like a true hero)\n\nBut no lie, DDD is literally the only dude who actually did anything significant to the plot. Somebody pat him on the back.
PeachApricorn's Sweet Dream Princess!
37:24 I offer my brother a bowl of pretzels and I get one for myself as well. Or I could offer my mother and father some hot cocoa. That would be sweet as Peach says.
43:25 Kirby... how did you....
Ren Ookami
When looking back at it after all those years...There's quite alot of things going on, forshadowing things to come.\n\n\n\nBrawl story was darkness trying to make the characters \
Ryan Oostwal
Peach has the power of TEA
Peach lookin a little thicc.
This is considered the BEST story I have every witness as an 8-year-old. If World of Light can make it even better, then I can die happy
I wonder what is sonic doing when the black hole bomb started
SuperMariofan 2021
Here before people start being disappointed that world of light didn’t have enough cutscenes
Talking Barrel
8:53 fox man uses \
TeamDead Meme
Who else is just having a good time watching this?
The Fat Brooklyn Raccoon
4:08 Hey Pit, uh.... ya feelin’ alright buddy??
The Rookie cop
Of course sonic is the one to save the day.\n\nMario: GOD DAMN YOU A-SONIC THE HEADGE-A-HOG!
Tostada SG
I didnt understand a shit of what was happening in that time but o boy how I love it
Triff Mangle Slip
There was an bring together a group of remarkable see if they can become something more...because when we needed them they can fight the battles....that we never could.
True Awkwardness
25:25 That horrible moment when you already beat the boss and then you have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!
Tyler Pony
24:51 does anyone remember this Transformer welp were gonna have to fight him again for the 3rd time
Tyson Maas
O M G this was my favourite game as a child I would come home and play this every day but I could never finished the game 😆but then my Younger siblings broke the disc...Then my mom bought the game again a few year’s after that and I finally beat the game...😅
37:20 cringe.
World of Light in Smash Ultimate is trash and Subspace devours it in every aspect, dont even stop yourself from looking at the leaks. Everyone is over hyping ultimates adventure mode, when its beyond a letdown
What's that supposed to mean?
45:27\nEVERYONE IS DEAD Smash Brawl trailer
Yanyi Mai
Kirby is so cute at the first.
If only there was an HD remake
Anyone else here after the disappointment of “World of Light”
I'm sure there is a connection between this Story and the World Of Light. It seems they take place in the same universe, so I am *really* sure there is a connection... perhaps Tabbu or someone wants revenge and attacks pretty much straight after this story; maybe literally after this part \u003e 49:37, the resemblance in setting here seems a bit too uncanny. The new villain's (SSBU) attack literally shows a shadow ball resembling the ones in Brawl before exploding into a light beam... even more eerie is the glimmer of light shinning after things seems to be okay (in Brawl)... Unbenounced to the Smash Crew... their battle is only beginning...
bdt2002 Gaming
I don't care what anyone says, this will always be more fun and entertaining than World of Lame-oh, I'm sorry, Light, looks to ever be. I'm liking Ultimate as a game so far even though I don't have it, but honestly, the amount of time and effort put into Subspace Emissary should say it on its own, that this ALONE just straight up outclasses WoL, and maybe all of Ultimate itself.\n\nFight me, haters. I beg you.
choo_choo_poo 2
4:07 *made me laugh for some reason*
cloudycap rainbow
i remember playing this when i was like 7
d O_Od
43:00 the best part hands down
digital dragon jade
Literally the ONE thing this needs... Is dialogue... Otherwise this is amazing
ladynoir otaku
Despite all the newly released Smash games, Brawl still remains my favorite in this series. The graphics are awesome and realistic-looking and we also got this epic story mode.
lets hope world of light has a bit of this. i dont care about the great maze and that this was 8 hours long, this story mode was fuckin awesome
I honestly wouldn’t mind if the story mode will be like this in ultimate, sse was actually fun to play through for the first time.
If you come here because of the lack of cutscenes of Smash Bros Ultimate and are nostalgic about this time ...
OK,Now you’re seeing the comments because you want to say something for Ultimate.\nThen I speak for you.\nWHY THEY DID NOT MAKE ANY CUTSCENES IN WORLD OF LIGHT?\nOf course I remember that Mr.Sakurai said “It’s not a story mode”. But after that he showed the awesome cutscene (it’s similar to 45:20). Because of that, maybe a lot of people expect like at least 5 or more cutscenes are in the ultimate.But it isn’t.Who can blame to them?