Super Common RB Chords - LOTD #16

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Today's Loop of the Day features some super common R&B chords that never seem to get old!--Instagram: @JeffSchneiderMusicSnapchat/Facebook/Twiiter:

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Abraham Prabowo
hey jef. what keyboard u use? or its just a midi controler?
Adriano Murgia
Congrats on 100k!
Afi Scruggs
I really like this loop. It modulates very easily to several keys and they all sound smooth.
Alfred Woodley
Jeff you’re awesome!!! Thank you!!!!!
Holy, this is straoght firrrre
Andre X MC Records
beautiful !
Anna Magidson
you're amazing! you should teach at university. Thank you so much for your videos
Cool stuff, Jeff... also dig the drums and the bass line
Is there a name for that pitch bending thing that the bass does in the last bar of the loop?
B Miller
You should write a bridge and chorus and blow some sax over that and make a full track out of it! Hearing the snare tail made me think of SuperMacho Drums from Pluginguru. It lets you adjust easily a lot of parameters per drum in any kit within it. Don't know if you've watched any of his channel or shopped his patches for synths like Omnisphere or Kontakt. As good as it gets in my opinion, and unlike a lot of patch authors (with notable exception of Trols at 8Dio...) John can play keyboards so his patch walkthroughs show the potential much better than most.
Ben Peterson
keep it up jeff! these are so awesome!
Ben W
You should do a New Jack Swing LOTD
That moment when you realize it's basically just Cherokee...
Benjamin Bidlack
Fantastic groove and those CHORDS! So nice.
I wish I had the money to pay you when I was 15ish,... lol I have the dough now to pay. Great way of teaching sir.
Blessing Boy
Tnahks teacher !
More sidechain compression would kill it on this. You should try to collaborate on a tune with Flamingosis
Cody Cook
Can we get a screen shot of the master channel settings? Whats the plugin you're using to get that static?
Curtis Buettner
I’ve always thought I wasn’t gifted because I wasn’t black. Maybe others have soul magik too...
D' Frence
Wow, Playing the 2 chord before the secondary dominant just made so much sense and it never dawned on me to resolve the tritone substitution like that. Thanks so much for teaching the theory behind it so it can be applied to any key. Great Video!!!
Daniel Wolfe
Hi Jeff! Thanks for another great vid! Was wondering, where is that kick sample from? Loving how it sounds.
Dato Kakulia
You dont show us last neosoul chords😸
David Vitas
Hey Jeff,\n\nDo you have a previous video that talks about how to do something like the ending portion of this loop? It's the only thing you didn't talk about, and I'm really interested in the voicing/progression!
D angelo and j dilla feels on this one bro
E Cole Bigelow
sounds kinda like D'angelo i like it
Eamon Burke
El Morto Beats Hip Hop Beats
Lovely!thanks for braking down chords.its hard to play well when i dont know scales.i will study more.subbed
Gabriel Maric
I think this might be my favourite loop so far, great work!!!!!
Gavin Leeper
Love your videos man! What software do you use for screen capture? To show the notes you're playing, do you just capture the piano roll from a VST like Kontakt?
Gonçalo Marques
Cool stuff, extra points for the live bass\nQuestion: can you do a video about bass? what you like about bass, and what do you think is essential to know on bass to play the kind of music you present in your channel, also what do you like in the bass players that work with you, etc\nGive the bass some love!!
Haywood Giles
My son heard me playing this and came in to check it I taught it to him too! Thanks Jeff!
Hogan Records
Did the song Sunny popularize this progression?
Those drums ooze \
J Benoit
This is incredibly dense material and I don't get it yet however, please keep it up. I'm getting *much* closer thanks to your lessons and a continual revisiting of terms and concepts such as tritone substitution etc. It'll click eventually (with a lot more practice and work from me!)\n\nYou changed my life, Jeff! Thank you. :)
could you make a purchase of this available on your website?
Jade Nazareno
Can you please breakdown the chords you did on the last section (rhodes part)? Thank you so much!
James Magana
Wow that kool. And I play guitar and bass.
Jimmy B
Please never stop doing this... selfish, but it's amazing man!!
John Torres
check out 'if you want me to stay' by sly and the family stone. it's very similar.
John Tyson
bro you have no idea how much you helped me in my own music.. Thankyou for what you do. JT ✌
Joseph Svennson
He's a black man on the inside 👌👌👌
Josh Spoon
When he plays it slow I hear \
Just a suggestion: you should start releasing the MIDI files for these chords so we can get timing down. :)
Justin Stewart
Thanks for this. I'm getting my 9th chords down and this gave me a chance to put it into practice. BTW what Rhodes vst is that you're using? It sounds pretty much identical to the Scarbee Rhodes patch I was playing along with.
Kiara Fire
Kyle Johnson
To my ears the ending sounds like: \n\nGmin9: G, Bb, D, F, A\nEbmaj9: Eb, G, Bb, D, F\nCmin9: C, Eb, G, Bb, D\nBmaj9: B, C#, D#, F#, A#\nBbmaj9: Bb, D, F, A, C\n\nLove your videos, Jeff! Keep em coming!
La Verdad
I like to think if b2's as a Neopolitan relationship. Just sharing (:
Fantastic loop Jeff! Thanks!
Louis Pearson
HELP!\nC, D♭, E♭, E, G A♭, B♭, C\n\ni really like this scale and have been practicing it, What is it?!\na Phrygian + 4♭ ?
Luke Chesley
What's a good non apple alternative to logic pro x
Markus Christmas
It's a really fascinating experience to hear your mixes sound better day by day! Loved the loop today, thanks for the vids!
Mitch West
Does anyone know what program he uses for his loops? Thanks.
what's the voice setting you use, i mean what kind of instrument is this? it's not an organ
OP-1 German Style
I Love it 😍👍🏽
Oteko Otieno
Do you mind showing your fingers? \nI need tips on how to hold these voicings
Patrick Malveaux
what's your thought process behind your chord inversions??
Peter Hunt
This is sick! Nice voicings and the whole thing trimmed down to the bare bones. Thanks!
Prince McCalman
Please for loop sample
Rabii Guellim
Hi jeff i like all ur vidéo but i have a question im a sax player and i want to play jazz but my teacher said to me you must first play much classic is that true?
Reece Keyz
Great stuff but the flat 6 would be D natural Eb is the 6
Reinhard Goagoseb
Sounds really nice
SSM Pop Quiz
can i get that midi thoo *eyes emoji*
Saim Mert Sarıçalı
ı lıke your musıc
Sean Dangerfield
Great teaching. It's easy to understand your train of thought describing your chord progression, with the added bonus of explaining your bass and drum tracks. Thanks for actually teaching and not promoting or selling anything.
Shearaton Carter
This is fire, sir.
Steve Collins
cool groove...
Taiwo Bamisile
As a producer, I started watching you videos today after subscribing. I appreciate what your teaching. I hope your having a successful music career. It will be cool to work together. Blessings.
The partimemusician
Super cool sounds Jeff.Keep up the inspired work-I keep recommending you to my muso mates. :)
thanks for your channel
Thomas Cumming
you are a legend mate thank you for sharing! I'm trying to figure those high chords at the very end!
Tibor Danc
why all peopel like 2much talk
Tim Han
Are you using a vst for the Rhodes sound? If not which stock logic instrument are you using?
Tomas McCluskey
Cool loop today!! Do you have any comment on muting the bass + leaving half a bar without drums at the start of the second round of the loop? I've heard this type of thing a thousand times in R&B, does it have any science to it?
Tony Ellis
Love you man, I´m a guitar player with a logic and a keyboard . Nuff Respect.
Tony Lancer
I would like to know, how you make the bass and kick sit so nicely together in the mix?
Love it! Want to know the chords on the Wurly track & the end chords 37- 39 seconds. Thanks.
Wayne Van Son
Great for me!
Your Tune
Why arent you on spotify & co ?!?!?😣😣😢😭😭
what kind of synth are you using ?
Amazing how everything is so clear for him while for me it appears like a foreign language that is really hard to learn. :(
blastomatic disel
The progression sounds partly like Good Love by Anita Baker.
in 2014
darwin rios
how/where did you learn to play piano? I've been trying to learn to play like this !
Just discovered your amazing channel -- thanks for the great videos! Subbed!
komasi agader
this is dope but it would be more cool if i could understand lol
jeff your chords have a real jazz feel. keep it rolling man
michael seth
Back to the 70's & 80's...ole skool groove sound..
great stuff..:)
william baumert
Nice haircut
марсель 777 абдуллаев
Ай молодец!
I'm really appreciate for every video you released , they helped me so much , to understand how chord progression works in a easy way , \nAlready subscribed, and just want you to know I'm grateful to you