Udinese 0-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Again as Juve Secure Away Win! | Serie A

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Rodrigo Bentancur and Cristiano Ronaldo scored within a five minute period in the first half to take away victory at UdineseThis is the official channel for the Serie A, providing all the latest highlights, interviews, news and features to keep you up to date with all things Italian football.Subscribe to the channel here!

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*OPTImystix* #21
Now I always watch Juventus highlights . I'm happy to see how our legend CR7 is getting well accommodated in Juve .\nBut I still miss CR7 in Real . He was the *Real CR7* . \nCR7 in Juve looks like Messi in Barca ,more like cherry on the cake .But in Real ,he was the main and most reliable striker .Real never had great strikers .They had great defence and handful of great mids tbh. But CR7 was their force .Its hard to imagine how a struggling team met with CR7 and went on dominating the world and the damn UCL .\nReal Madrid 2013 --2018 was the best and most unique team ever. I wish Ronaldo good luck !
17 10
i'm glad Ronaldo scores for the right Team\n\nand by the way \n\nALAVES 1 - 0 REAL
Deep down we all know , we came here for suiiiiiiii 🐐🙏
Abhishek Muraleedharan
I am ronaldo fan \nWill i get a like???
Anderson Rodrigues
João Cancelo playing very well again. He is a great Right Back.
Andrian Rahman
Say goodbye to real madrid. LOL
André Silva
Ronaldo and Cancelo 🇵🇹
Aseem Singh
Why the opposition team looks more Juventus than juventus
Bazil Adnan
Let's go Juventus \nWin Serie A & UCL this season \nGo Ronaldo Go \n#CR7 Beast 👌⚽🎖😎
Bhavnesh Sadayat
Great players can score anywhere. Madrid should have understood that great teams are built around great players.
Like if Ronaldo is better than Messi
Breanna Youn
Amazing shooting cristiano Ronaldo .. I like it..
Captain Jack Sparrow
Well, the first goal could've been his goal too.
Choky Wijayanto
Mantap jiwa...bang CR7...😂👍kaki kiri aja skenceng itu...😮😨😂👍😅
Dede Angkara
Real madrid fans crying
Deepak Goyal
Meanwhile Madrid missing ronaldo 👈😂😂😂😂
Devashish Gupta
Ronaldooooo ,the best !
Dittodino Dittodino
cr7 fans hit a 👍
Diyon Chefprak
Amazing cool 👏
DongChan Kim
Drsaleha55 Saleha
Love you ronaldo
Francisco Dominguez
Así CR7 demostrando quien es el mejor jugador del mundo
Gemma Marak
Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero❤💥 Everybody
Gg ğģ
That udinese keeper save many shots
Giovanni Cruz
I want a girl that gets as happy as Cheilini when Ronaldo scores .
Golden Liar
Left foot is as good as Messi
Gospodin Bangavi
Everybody talking about ronaldo he is goat but what about Mandjukic.. man is pure class
People said he will win anything he wants with Juve cuz they're Juve and they're a big team and failed to realize his influence is why they'll win a lot. That's why Madrid won a lot even though Madrid fans dismissed the notion that he carried them all these years. Now look at how bad Madrid is, they need a new galactico, maybe Mbappe, Neymar and Hazard since they love buying glory. Good business Juve.
Hkm Saharan
Legend 💕 _you know who_
IAm Fawad
Iam Donnels
Am here Cz I hear Ronaldo scored..who’s with me??? Likes here!!!
Jaydeo Cheulkar
Juve and Ronaldo were amazing but Udinese goalkeeper was superb he made decent saves or it was almost 4-0🤗
Joshua 1
Why can we ever see Ronaldo and Messi play together
Fans Juventus like
Keegan D'Silva
Ron has become a left footer ever since he joined juventus
Krist Malacs
Ooooooo o o RONALDO. GOAT damn his influence making Juventus more supreme. 10 straight games winning streak. Forza Juve forza Cristiano...
Like for CR7❤👍
Lakers/RealMadrid Loyal Fan
10/10 wins for Juve DAMN
Leghan Nyabaro
cr7 for every Award...
Little Lory
All credit should go to Mandukic
Luis Prata
João Cancelo:\nBest portuguese RB, still not chosen for the European
Ronaldo !! love him
Juventus start Winning and real Madrid stop Winning. you know what I mean 😉
Mateusz Malek
To be honest it's not Juve wchich I know, from last years, something is going on with Us... Yrs before we had a lot of problems when someone just put bus in front of us... This team is changing so fast... Bonucci came back, his long passes are incredible, Joao Cancelo doing amazing job as a defending winger an as a attacking one... Every single player is doing well..... But if u gonna try to make a open game with \
Michael McKenzie
The accusations against Ronaldo will make him even more of a beast. Scary. Lol
Mini Suman
Mayorga is just a gold digger right
Muhamad Aldo24
Nica E
I love how Juve players are treating ronaldo like a brother...i mean they r not playing juat because they r team mates...u can see that they r treating themselves as family...thats what I love about Juventus...I've been a juve fan since I was little....
OP Destroyer224
Ronaldo doesn't have a weak foot \n3/4 goals this season were weak foot goals
Oljan Hallidri
Juventus' highlights videos before CR 7 transfer: 500K views\nAfter CR 7 transfer: Millions and millions views.
that strike from ronaldo is hell
Patrick Mugisha
Juve after 11hours 2.3 m views ,real after 11hours 507k views
Paulo Dybala
Good perform by Udinese's GK if not it should be 6-0 to Juve
Philip Gregory
That keeper was definately man of the match
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Raam Rehaam Singh insaan
Who came here for cr7 ?
Rasaq Sodiq
Hit the like button for you agree Madrid is crying 😢 for ronaldo
Reeta Borah
Well after cr7's move to Juve, even strikers are assisting goals\nLike cr7's assist to manzukic's goal\nManzukic assist to cr7's goal,etc😃
Renzel Kamuro
Mandzukic must be the best teamate to ever exist in football
Ryon Fagon
Ronaldo is getting use to the league and his new team he will start scoring a lot of goals in the league soon
Sa Wa Abdul
Step by step.. cr7 going on top.. 😍😎😘
Saint TM
Sakib Thoker
Udinese keeper made brilliant saves just loved those saves
Sam Geee
Juves best ever start to the season! meanwhile real madrid have failed to score in 4 games for the first time since 1985.....
Sarang Sarang
Saumitro Saha
What a performance by \n\n\n\n\nThe goalkeeper 😷
Septian Dwilesmana
He seems happier playing for juventus And his team mates really love him
TaMAsHa__ кыргызча
Cristiano ronaldo
The Persian Atheist
Ronaldo seems so comfortable, it's like he has been with Juve for 10 years.
Thuto Mmokwa
Cristiano Ronaldo, aint no other name that sends shivers down my spine. Best player there is💯👏👌👍
Thành Hà
Ronaldo is the best
I am absolutely glad that Cristiano is in a club where he is loved and appreciated for his hard work and efforts.
Tmoney 7
i love how the Juve players love Cristiano and celebrate with him, i can see that Juve loves him more the Real, im so happy for Cristiano
Tryptamine Odyssey
Ronaldo’s skills are refined. Flawless, along with Juventus amazing team working together. They’re sure to win this champions league. The future is bright for our team!!
Tyonanda Gaotama
Keep calm and support ronaldo
*Real Madrid be like*\n\
Victor Hernández
Cristiano Ronaldo GOAT 👑🐐
Wert Gamer
Ronaldo's back
Yeboah Kwaku
Who is here to read comments and appreciate Ronaldo.?
Your Father
Out of nothing, Ronaldo rises and scores and the defenders can do nothing but watch greatness at it's best
ZiZi ,
Juve with ronaldo will take the champions league mark my words
ardiansyah abdi
juventus every week was trending in indonesia
belajar menggambar
I did not surprise if ronaldo will win everything with juventus... Just like in madrid and manchester united.. and his record absoluty imposible to break
belle Cantú
El mejor del mundo Cristiano Ronaldo!!!!!
godson johnson
gully ggg
Cr7 is the best
iamkutta 420
CR7 4goals 4 assist\nKing
I'm a simple man, I see Ronaldo I press like button. The football GOAT! 🐐
ilo shaker
johnny ridden
this is Ateamwork..love juventes
Meanwhile real Madrid loses again. They took cr7 for granted. Can't believe people used to say they won champions league because of Modric!!!!
roman reigns
That's the power of ronaldo
santri indonesia
This week's video millions of viewers because Cristiano Ronaldo scored goals
soso toni
That means real Madrid nothing without CR7 ..
techno world
0:51 it was Ronaldo's goal....he was scoring but Rodrigo Intrupted.....but then also Ronaldo was celebrating...shows his kind nature
Иисус Мануэль
Cristiano ballon d'or 👑
Фернанду Кардозу
No CR7 No Party
ഒരു കട്ട മമ്മൂക്ക ഫാൻ
Only to see ronaldo goal
Udinese 0-2 Juventus | Ronaldo Scores Again as Juve Secure Away Win! | Serie A