Shakira Adam Levine on The Voice (Season 4) - Funny/Cute Moments

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i know the quality is bad but cmoon, it took me forever even find these clips (if you know any website where to download the episodes of season 6, please tell me) i don't own anything

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Ship them until now ~~
Abhishek Surve
I just love her expressions
Abira Azhar
Ae'aza Dewi
I like how Adam looks Shakira when she dance loca
Alang Konyak
shekira love it
Alisha Good
What should their couple name be?
Aman singh
Queen 💛
Andy Saenz
Let's have her back with Alicia Keys next season!
Athena Marfori
I ship them now. Great
Aye Aye
I wnat Shakira and Usher back
David James
She is a very sociable girl. Friendly feeling from the first time. Why do not I know her sooner? Her singing style is great, the performances are great, energetic and attractive.
Dolan StylesSheeran
I ship theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem
Eireen Mejias
Sooooo adorable I ship them 😭💖
Emma Cholnondeley
Adam :Oaf over there.\nShakira: what is that?\nAdam: Its like a giant person. Like an ogre.\nShakira : oh, like shrek!\nAdam: Exactly like shrek.
Emma Sinclair
Eshwar s
Shakira looks like daenarys targarian from GOT
I love it when he called her adorable in that hat. It was so clear that he likes her.
FACechip MuNK40
Adam \u003c3 shakira
Fans del mundo
Shakira y Adam ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Freddy Lalremtluanga Vuite
I love Shakira to come back because i love her singing, dancing and also her English Accent.. But u know hate it or not, i also love Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys so so much and in male coaches i dont know...
Fą Ťįmä
He have a big crush mannnn😂😂😂this is one of my fav video .. adam you have a crush on a wrong person she's already married😂
IyahVenice117 IyahVenice117
Adam,im jealous babe😂
Jennifer Birch
🎵Adam and Shakira. Sittin' in a tree.🎵
Justie Jully
My favourite coach ever
Oh Adam definitely had a crush on shakira
I feel like Adam had a crush on Shakira at one point!
Lady Octavia
I think the better one is Adam kids marry with shakira kids😄
Lizzie Rod
3:54 the moment adam realize he is fangirling hahahhahaha I ship them so hard. ♡
Lndsey MSP
Shadam :)
Manahil Maryam
Someone make up a ship name cause I wanna ship them
Maria Sierra Buelvas
Shadam ♥️
Melda Siahaan
Adam, Shakira 😘😘
Minty Farah Plays
adorable honestly
Ms Ong
This is my fave set of judges and they all had great chemistry
Mulle K
Adam Levine what a jerk , think he cant handle women
Muls Shij
Mëëkkö 838
I want all of them back together again.....they have so much fun together.....and it’s entertaining
Narra Nthony
I like it when the do this with shakira
Natasha Ward
I’ve never seen adam flirt so much ! It’s not bad it’s just really cute and supportive .
Nindy Heru
I wanna see Adam and Shakira back together again on the voice...they are so cute :)
1:40 of all female judges adam only looks at shakira like this.
Pilar Rodriguez
adam wants to be deeep inside them walls...i dont blame him, she's absolutely stunning
Precious Buquid
shakira and adam look sooooo cute together but shakira is 2 years older but their ship name would be akira or akisha
Behati who? Piqué who?
Rajah Frank
they would make a cute couple
3:34 \
Sam Johnson
1:15 had me cracking up so much i really ship adam and shakira
Santos Mts
Awh Adam liked shakira you can see it threw him😂
Sara De Wee
shakira Africa is Wating for you miss you so much shakira you must come Again we miss you so much hope we will see Each other Again take care all the way From (Namibia)
Stefan Velkov
Adam -nivo this company -SHAKIRA LIDER!!!
i ship Adam shakira, but Usher, Blake had also crush on Shakira, soo cute
I am so upset at the people that \
Taylor Meade
I think Adam had a crush on Shakira anyone else? \n\n\n\n\n\nme ship them!
Tiny Grass
If I was on the voice this would be the hardest decision ever...... \n\n\n\n*I ship it to*
Tito8 10
Pique needs to step it up
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Vidoushi Narrainen poullé
Adam did had a crush on shakira❤❤❤
Ximena Tavera
I ship it
Great compilation, quite convincing.
aarthi duraisamy
Shakira and Usher we want you both back on the Voice!
andre s
i ship them so hard 😍
ashish malik
shakira Ur so cute
cuteee pieee
I love them together 💓😘😘
josephine gegato
I love you shakira...
ketho kevis
shakira should come back to the show.
kyli stuhaug
Shakira should come back to the voice
morro naves
Shakira for life
pashence vlogs
Shakira and adam would make a cute couple
potatoes nose
Adam is very nice..
serena Myler
Was he flirting with her? I mean, the guy doesn't seem in luv but....
tobin tony
Adam 😘
wilven bingat
Pique wll gt jealous
Adam:You want to disapeara\nShakira: its a tuffy one\nMe: its a tuffira one