(((SURPRISE))) dance for the groom | wait till the END !!!

FILMED BY: Heath Whorton at Whorton FilmsThree of my bridesmaids and I became best friends on our college dance team, so when I brought up the idea to do a surprise dance, they were all in. We choreographed this dance from other youtube videos and some of our favorite dances and taught it to my other amazing bridesmaids who were my closest childhood friends and to their surprise, they picked it up well!

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A True Love Official
Wow, The bride is really stunning in her wedding dress. They dance well with her bridesmaids. Congratulations to the lovely couple, Wishing you all the best.
love at the end ayyyyyyyyyyyyy nice dance
Alexa Padilla
I like it
Alexis Bui
Lol this is amazing.
Allie 'n Everything
So cute
Amanda Lee
That hair flip with that veil was everything. Slay.
Amelia Osburn
What was the suprise
Andrielis Gomez
the bride looks like a person i know
Annonymous _ AsFrick
April Flores
Aesrtl Jouny Matt
Ashley Fowler
Thank you for your service. Stay strong and safe.
Aubrey Suarez
Yes yes girls
Be_Awesome101 s
Camilla Aso
Nice dress
Caressa Tackett
what was it that she through to the groom?
Casey Martin
I love the video
Cherry Swirl
Why were the background dancer dressed in black it’s a wedding not a funeral!
Daphane McMullen
I love the dresses
Donna Rice
Good wedding dance
Emma Dockerill
I love these vids were they dance for the groom💘💙💗😁
Erika Hart
Awww so cute 👰🏼🤵🏼
Faith Lee
That was awesome the dress, the dance, and the ending all fabulous.
Hazel Dancy
I’m going to do my wedding like this when I grow up love this video
Host Mo Berry
Can't tell if this is pleasurable for him or if he's seriously nervous
I love how none of them can dance 😂😂😂
Isabella Whitlock
Cute coupleLOL😂😂😂😂😂
Jada Wood
all of thoses girls are gourges
Jalaura Fessler
Got u to 1k u deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😛🙂🦄🙂
Jess Edward
nice one congrats tho👏👏👏👏
Jessica Kelly
Amazing video ever i love it so much everyday i been watching this its made my day so much better
Karen Arevalo
If I was the bride I would be on the floor 👰🏻👉🏻💃👉🏻🤬🤣🤣
Kelsey Crunk
Does pregnant
Kenya Mayberry
Wow that’s a great idea I like the hair and your dress
Kyaralyz gacha,games,vlogs! X
I would've fell in my dress and not get back up.
Lara Kincaid
Yous are goals you are so stunning x
Leah Love
Cringey as heck
Luis Bustamante
Has anybody seen that GIF from Wolf of Wall Street where Dicaprio bites his hand in despair?!?! That's exactly what I'd be doing for the entire dance thinking about what's to come on the wedding night. ;)
Lyla Taha
I love the dance and the bride is stunning
MaKenna Baryo
The bride is is so cute i wish i was that cute
Madisen Kellogg
you guys are amazing and i like your dress it is so pretty and the wedding was very creative and colorful liked your video
Mark Cochrane
Mashaal Dolan
Wow!! The bride is beautiful and so elegant♡♡
Mega_Maddison_xoxo Plays
The bride is prettier than me ugh
Mercedes Turiel
best vid ever!!!
MrsRemy Khuu
I’m going to date I’m going to engaged I’m going to marry Luong trung quang
Muffingamer111244 6
The bride is sooooooo pretty
Rita Hernandez
Loving the reception
Ronda Rousey fan WWE
Who else can tell she isn’t wearing underwear 😂😂😂
Rosa Lizama
She is so pretty were did y find her
Dude you know she going to cheat on you while your ass is on deployment. Sorry to tell you.
Stephanie Moreno
“Wait til the end” \n*skips to the end* I was curious \nANYWAYS I LOVED ITTT😍😍
Summer Johnson
The bride looks gorgeous
Sweetness 101
So pretty...awesome job
Tisha Tanushi
What a surprise...
Tisiana Dalomba
Such a beautiful dress
Tonya Mcgee
good dance moves
Unicorn 4ever
The bride is so pretty and I love her dress
deborah thompson
he is so lovein that beautiful bride great job ladies
dee pruitt
you go white girl!! you gettin down!! Beautiful Bride!
gacha life moonlight
His smile tho 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌
girly girl
Who else skipped till the end to see the surprise 🤣🤣
jessica mabe
Is the husband a soldier
kk family love
that is so sweet
navynick navynick
Baby, the bride was ready to kill it @ the end. Y did they stop her? She slayed; gorgeous girl.
robyn toopypooty
I watched lots of these this was my favourite
sweetner bae
If she did that in heels she is a queen Omg ty for hearting my comment!
yeeyee carter
The bride is feeling herself I love ur dress u SLAYYY