Michelle Obama On Current Political Climate: ‘Fear Is Not A Proper Motivator’ | TODAY

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama sits down on TODAY for her first live TV interview since leaving the White House to give an update on her family and to weigh in on the growing divide in today’s politics. “Party doesn’t separate us,” she says. “It’s the messages that we send. If we’re the adults and the leaders in the room, and we’re not showing that level of decency, we cannot expect our kids to do the same.”» Subscribe to TODAY: Michelle Obama On Current Political Climate: ‘Fear Is Not A Proper Motivator’ | TODAY

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Michelle Obama LOOKS GREAT! That outfit is fabulous.
Alexandra salas
We never forget our first lady Michelle Obama!!! Sorry ( A lot of disrespectful people) on the replies!
Amber Parker
All you extreme lefties who worship this woman need to listen to her words and practice her words. What did she say doesn't separate us again??? Exactly!! Then ACT like it!!! The only thing that separates us really is social class and MONEY
Andrea Akers
Michelle you are a symbol of intelligence, grace, inspiration, humility, and strength. 🙏🏻❤️
Angel Face
Isn't the first thing about being in public office to have good morals and values? Why hasn't that piece of trash been impeached? He doesn't set any standard. He acts like a trashy drug dealer. He incites violence and hate! This goes against our standards and principles!
Ann Moore
I miss you 1st Lady! Some one that can SPEAK! Not Broken English! Oh! Do I miss you! 🤣😘🤗😁
Annie Gillespie
It would be nice if they would just be honest with the world about who they really are. And I'm not talking politics.
Arzo Miss
Still my First Lady 💐🌺👏
Ashley Usher
I love u michelle obama u and ur husban is the best
Remember ignore the trolls.. let them spew hate.. they are cowards.. let them talk give them nothing let them wallow in their hate, its all they have
Bill D
Ok MIKE !!
Blessing Kabari
She is forever wonderful
Boxer Mom
We don’t miss her or her husband.
Brownie lover
Fear is a goal for those who never were taught how to manifest healthy and happy hopeful thoughts and dreams! \n\nFear is birthed by many things! But it BREEDS hate out of jealously ! And evny! There is no other answer to that!
Christopher R.
Queen Obama! 👸🏾💅🏾
Colibr Colibr
She said the opposite of Hillary's message. She's right. They go low, we go high. No compromise.
Crystal Boddie
Love love love Michelle Obama she is definitely a role-model.
Cynthia Johnson
I love Michelle Obama. She is amazing. She sets the bar that we should all shoot for.
Michelle Obama is a real role model... \n\nNot Kanye West who has Disgraced himself today...
God I wish President and Mrs. Obama were still in office. America was so much a better place then.
ED Cannon
I loved that she had a veggie garden at the White House. I am a veggie gardener too. That is how I connected with her.
Ericalane B
She's amazing, what a great role model miss Obama is.
Estrella Oliva
What a Fantastic,smart woman she is...
Fayomi Falade Aworeni
Michelle Obama is the epitome of grace and beauty under fire. She has through her good character shown women and men, what faith and endurance brings to the human experience.
Imagine America's \n current \
H Jay
Isabel Perez
This is what integrity looks like, her name is Michelle Obama!🇺🇸
J Desu
Such intelligence, erudition, class, grace and charm. I think the whole world misses her.
Jane Doe
In all honesty: You cannot blame Mrs. Trump for being a foreign born model (with attractive but questionable photos in her portfolio) with no formal education to speak of and who STILL has to prove her language skills (claiming she speaks 5 languages fluently). And to compare her with this highly intelligent and educated woman is a tiny bit unfair. But feels SO GOOD! So: Great to see you Mrs. Obama, I missed you and wish you were back!!!
John Locke
For sure, Michelle is a classy lady, but everything she says is rhetoric - there's no substance to it - here she starts talking about 'hope' - where have we heard that before? 'Audacity of hope' was her husband's battle cry - look where 8 years of Obama hope leadership brought everything - to a Trump administration. Political families are just that - political - decode the hope message and it essentially lands as when democrats are in power we're happy, when republicans are in power we hope to get them out as soon as possible - people forget now when listening to Michelle saying nice things about George Bush that the whole basis of the Barack Obama first campaign was on the 'darkness' of the Bush administration - it would be better off for all political parties to stop attacking each other in the ways that have become the norm in recent times and move the focus to discussing concrete policies that can be good for all going forward - politicians can never have the ethos of preachers, so it would be better for everyone if we move to less preaching and less framing of everything in biblical terms and more discussion of policy - politicians from both sides need to work together to refresh the image of political life in the country.
Jose Martinez
Former First Lady Michelle is such a kind hearted and intelligent person. I really wish she would run for President.
Josh AGuirre
Beautiful as always .. classy.. what a lady ❤️😍👑❤️❤️❤️❤️
Joshua Dotson
It's funny how the Democrats now love George Bush, when they practically hated him before Trump came around.
Joy G.
Love her ❤️
😍 miss you Obama family!!! Class is an understatement
Karen McDaris
I really miss the Obama family occupying the White House. What is living there now is a big joke.
Laila Luna
We miss you, First Lady! You are the epitome of a role model!
Louis Anthes
When they go low, we tell Michelle Obama to keep quiet.
We love you Michelle!
Maranna Latimer
Michelle Obama for President !!!!!
Maria Ford
This is what a First Lady is supposed to be, not someone who goes to Africa and dresses like she is a wrangler for Curious George.
Mary Swanson
Love her
Melissa Tracy
LOVE HER!!! She’s such a great example to Woman all over the world!!!
Michael Actor
And yet her dem party endorces harrassment and violence to promote their agenda. Lie after lie
Miss. Phyllis Renee Foster
hi, miss Michelle, you are a role model for all womens an girls, God bless you, and your family, Amen.
Liberals are so lost. They have no true leaders and their entire party is in chaos. Judgment day is coming and they know it.
Nathan Doyle
love her!
We miss you so much, Michelle!!!!!
Obey Amma
She’s right about separate bathrooms
Olivia Lively
Love you Michelle! What an inspiring motivational speaker and leader!!
Paul Miller
Penny Bellamy
now that's who you would want for a first lady this is the country's bomb chelle she's great all around
Perry Walton
Articulate. Thoughtful. Relatable. Forever First Lady.♥️
Princess Amberella
A real First Lady
Sandra Nelson
Michelle is right. When they go lower, you have to go higher. Follow your moral code, follow an ethical path, remember that we are ALL that we have. \n\
Saveea Paris
MAN    LADY   MICHELLE    GO   AWAY    -       &      STAY    AWAY!!!
Senait Messele
She is for ever The First Lady of USA.
Senior Thug
Mrs Michel Obama is what Class is in a First Lady \nAlso AS a Mother Wife
Shawna Varganyi
What an eloquent and gracious woman.
Spartacus 804
God I miss this woman and her husband! How can you hold any animosity towards them without understanding that your issue is not with them but rather yourself..
Susan Reynolds
Thank you, Michelle Obama.  We miss you and President Obama.  America needs more politicians like you and Mr. Obama.  America needs more descent people like you.  God Bless
Tad Tranclere
I voted for Hillary, but this comment from Michelle Obama is pure hypocrisy. I went to Michelle Obama’s rally here in Phoenix. She said “if you vote for someone else or you don’t vote at all, you’re helping Trump.” That stuck with me because it’s pure scare tactics. Madame First Lady you used fear as a motivator.
Terrence Green
Class, Educated, Grace and Humility words that come to mind when I see Michelle Obama. She was an outstanding first lady.
Thomas Vancelette
Love her
Tierra Shenea
The trolls are in full effect in the comment section. As we southerners say, 'Bless your heart.'
Tim McDonald
Can we get an international day of the boy?
Torey Phillips
I love me some Michelle Obama and she is one classy lady..!!! She is one beautiful black lady..!!!
Truth Seeker
That’s why Trump won. He gave hope, and he has delivered!
Vic C
Love you First Lady!!❤️💯
Wonderful Mom
Yes!!!! Decency!! It matters!
You get a car!
She’s such a fantastic woman. Miss her❤️
a b
Yes! Michelle looking GORGEOUS as usual!!
Can Melania bring this kind of a crowd.....
anamuls and us
She is amazing strong and knows what is right and she is truly a great person kind loving caring and wants everyone to be happy and free. I think we are going to see alot of Mrs Obama she is going to be around for a long time. Amen
Such a beautiful and lovely lady. Pure class.
docaw filex
I am not a American citizen but I love the Obama's
What do you think of socialism?\n\n\nVenezuela
She's so pretty.:)
Fear is not a good or proper motivator, but it is a motivator. Republicans have used fear to get votes for years.
k jackson
Wow a first lady with charm , knowledge , beauty and can talk refreshing !
keukeu N
Our forever First Lady, we miss you ❤️!!
What an amazing woman.
logan mantz
Democrats are psycho and won’t have a civil dialogue
lynnae gink
First of all, I love Michelle Obama, she is a picture of beauty, and Grace
mark jones
nice to see some class again
#Omg Michelle Obama look gorgeous! #hatersgonnahate
Love her!
mom&me Totalinsanity
Still magnificent, oh I miss them so.
Oh Michelle, thank you for reminding me what an intelligent, classy First Lady is. And it's SOOOO nice to be able to understand what she's saying.
The saddest part about this video is that this generation is more concerned about documenting it on their phones than just taking it in. They won't remember that feeling of the first lady walking by them because they're\u200b too concerned about posting and tweeting. It's sad.
My forever 1st lady 😍😍😍😍😍
miss you so much !!!!
russellRussell rung
What does he know?
stephanie brown
love you Mrs Michelle Obama!!!
Blah.. blah.. blah... The hypocrisy of the liberals and media makes me puke!\n\n🤮
youa xiong
if party,colors, genders, doesn't separate us then tell the Democratic to act like it. I haven't seen politics this bad, I have to say this is the worst, seems like we're acting like third world country politics, there's no hope.