Evander Holyfield vs Riddick Bowe I Full Fight (HD)

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Where was the HD??
Erling Hansen
Yeah, good fight. The first four rounds, it looked a great fight then slowed down somewhat. The tenth round I felt wasn't as good as people say: despite the commentator's hyperbole, it was more a case of Bowe starting fast and punching himself out. After his semi-recovery, Holyfield put some punches together with Bowe too winded to do anything. The fight looks a classic now of course because of the current crap that's service up as heavyweight boxing, Klitschko-Joshua excepted of course.
Nitro RCNerds
I was privileged enough to be at this fight, and when I reflect on the 40+ years of boxing I've seen (most of it on-site), this is perhaps the most memorable fight I can remember. at 7:13 Bowe starts putting it down (surprisingly) and then (as they said back then) the \
Holyfield did a great job surviving, he just didn't match-up well with Bowe, lost to him twice. He was giving up a lot of size, like a heavyweight versus a super heavyweight... Fun match to relive though...
That wasn't a fight, that was a war!!!
chris holmes
in HD fool
George is the absolute best and Larry and the other guy didn't appreciate it. \
Look at ggg 160# fighter who will not fight the 167# fighter say he too small.\nLOL Holyfield beat up tyson both fight in his prime. Holy was older. I say he was the best fighter bar non. This fight bowe has a fantastic long jab. Huge 270 rehydrated. Could duck his head well under holy righ hook. And was fast. Strong. But he cheated here. Unfair