Crash Test: 2008 Smart Car ForTwo

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Get more info on the Smartcar In recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests, the 2008 Smart Fortwo, the smallest car for sale in the US market, earned the top rating of good for front and side crash protection. Its seat/head restraints earned the second highest rating of acceptable for protection against whiplash in rear impacts. Smart Fortwo is classified a microcar, meaning it's smaller even than minicars. Weighing about 1,800 pounds, the Smart is more than 3 feet shorter and almost 700 pounds lighter than a Mini Cooper.

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Hello Англичани!!!
That's not a very smart car.
Like a bug on a winshield!
A six
i guess what you would really need another car to be were that structure is that is being hit because it should also take the impact. it looks like the smart is hitting a really hard section on the structure and bounces back. most of the momentum is going back to the smart because of the structure. the structure should be able to move like a real car so the the effects are like a real life crash which in this case it is not.. 
Adrian D. Vine
well I'm \
Amanda Nowell
That dummy strikes the airbag too hard.
Amit Mangat
Wow I am astonished how strong the body is
Amos Ikner
because the smart is so rigid the energy dissipates suddenly and is not absorbed. good for the car, bad for the occupants.
Andy Elkins
Can u really fit one of these cars in a truck bed?
Angela C. Marquez
how the legs of the person his back and his face
Anthony Spencer
everything seems fine and well...unless your hit by an 18 wheeler.  Now there's a problem
Ayana Fletcher
Well you’re dead 💀
It does so well because it just gets tossed around. Instead of the car's frame absorbing the kinetic energy, the Smart car itself goes into motion and dissipates the energy through friction. More like a shove than a crash.
dis car is made of reinforced steel dats rite a steel car with a lot of automatic pillows 4 u 2 sleep on if in a crash dis car is 12,000$ or less dis is best car k and its Also cute and very style k drive up to a Lamborghini in a parking lot and see who gets more looks the small car will Cuz Itz bountiful also I have good Gramerrr k\n\n\n\n
I love the smart car
Biff Roberts
They obviously come pre-crashed from the
Big Rhonda
This is why I drive a liftet Jeep Grand Cherokee
Black Boy
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Girl I work with was just killed, hit head on by a late 90s Chevy 1500 2wd truck. Truck driver walked away with just bruises, my co-worker had to be cut out of her Smart Car, she was dead on impact. These little caskets are not safe in a real world situation, in a controlled situation, tests can be modified to make them look safe, these things are death traps.
Boon Lagoon
Cake Batter
Lets put this in perspective folks. The IIHS is funded by auto insurance companies, and larger cars cost more to insure. Why else would they dissuade buyers from a car that passed all their tests, rather than create a better test.
Cedric Thompson
It's a cute little casket
Celestial Penguin
Well, I'll take my chances. I like how the car looks, I'm guessing parking is a breeze, and I'd die to an 18 wheeler anyways.
Dexter Treehorn
Not even the front window broke ...
Dila Tube
Vicesat brought me here
Disco Dubber
Or perhaps people could put down the damn smartphone, keep their eyes and attention on the road, slow down, and just DON’T HIT ANYTHING... Just my opinion.
Dmitriy P
Even the wind glass did not crash
So the trunk fits like what, 2 grocery bags?
I would be interesting to see Don Adams and Barbra Feldon getting into one of those :-)
i've always said that the way and distance that smart car bounces when it hits that barrier, if it were to do that in real life it would probably bounce off one car out into more traffic which would cause other vehicles to slam into it, causing more collateral damage and chances are high by that point the occupant of the smart wouldn't be alive anymore.
Eduardo Calero
like si vienes por vicesat
Electron Power
Just add some airbags into the test truck at 0:58 and you're safe :D
Elims 76
Ока нервно курит в сторонке,люди покупайте смарты за 200К и еще 200 на двигатель,масло и все т.д
I don't really feel safe in my '98 Smart any more....
GTA Hacks
Trump needs this wall
Greg Cunningham
The dirty little secret about this car is vehicle on vehicle accidents involving SUV's or Trucks usually result in life threatening injuries to its occupants.\n\nIt's no surprise that a very light car with a decent unibody can pass basic Government saftey tests.
These cars are easier to park than anything else out there. If that's not an issue for you, then don't buy it. Once you drive one, you see they feel like any other car from the inside. Sure, they look stupid, but they drive like any other car. It's a shame so few people give this little car a chance.
At the average American highway speed of 80mph, your internal organs can not take those kinds of impact. So the Smart car might be the safest in its class, but even if you were in a full ladder frame Lincoln Town Car I doubt you would walk out of a crash unharmed.\n
My Moms Nissan Versa saved her life cuz she got in an accident! \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBtw her car Is totaled...
Iván g
Who do you want to convince?? \nThis car rebouns more than a tennis ball
Jacopo Cito
Heavy= more cinetic energy
Jakub Górka
Yhm... I siła uderzenia powstała w wypadku rozrywa nam bebechy :D Bo nie ma gdzie się wytracić :) Co z tego, że nogi całe, że kabina kierowcy niezgniecona jeżeli nam wnętrzności porozrywa :D
Jayesh Thanki
One big advantage the smart car has over the others is the engine is not in the front. So in a head on collision the engine is not gonna end up in your lap.
Like I'm supposed to trust the government's \
Jesse Thatcher
I'd rather die in a golf cart than a smart car- Atleast then I'm goin out in style oooooohhh wut wut
Julio Paez
I have had two of these bad boys and both times I was struck by some muttonhead SUV driver. First time I got rear ended and walked out unscathed while the other driver broke a leg in his Yukon. Second time a lady in her Honda Pilot hit me head on and her car caught the worst part of the impact I only had whiplash
American cars\u003e This death trap \
Max Massimo
auto crashes can be avoided with this APP ( in case of bad visibiliy, rain, snow, etc ):
Miguel Carvajal
I'm a smart fortwo convertible owner and it's been great car for me been driving it for a while up and down different states and can't complain
The guy just basically said it : \
Buy a Prius, you suggest? I'd rather walk - even if both my legs are broken!
Nikola Martinis
Smart Fortwo is awesome and safe!
Pro Car
Uuuhhhhh still no !!
This car was designed for crowded inner cities, where it's difficult to find parking space. It does really well in that environment and its safety cage works surprisingly well for the size. It's not meant for large-area suburbs or highways.
Samiul Islam
+zemixerus \nWas he buckled up?
Much better than I thought
Scrumpy YOS
If your \
I feel safer in a f150 the a micro car.
Sesto Corelli
Deth car 2008
Sir 64
Стекла летят так что...какого боковые стекла не сделать как лобовое, рили все эти осколки в глазах останутся или ещё где.
Stephen Butler
Looks a lot safer than most pickups are.
Steven Rintala
Hey I have a smart car and it’s a lot safer than most cars it was hit in the left rear by a vehicle 5 times it’s size . I had to replace the left rear wheel , plastic rear quart panel because it was cracked and the lens. The other car was going roughly 45 miles faster than are car. It’s front was destroyed radiator, lights front wheel, drive axle, and right fender, Also it’s airbags blow .. so don’t say that A smart car is a bad car it’s a lot safer than most cars made here & from Japan ,Korea etc
The Adventure Mazda
No idea why anybody would buy one of these. Gas mileage rating is terrible for power and weight numbers. Regular sedans that arent hybrids get better.
The kids in Africa
This car is actually pretty damn strong compared to other cars
Judging by the speed it was going at (~26m/s), and its weight, combined with the time that took it to come to a stop, the car hit that surface with a force of roughly ~2,000kgf. Interesting...
Ton Villarama
If that car bounces on the barrier in real life: it would make one car bounce off and more cars would slam to it which may cause the ouccupant of the smart would have no more chance to be alive due to alot of damage on its body, cause alot of collateral damage to the occupant and the car then car has no more chance to be repaired and occupant has no more chance to live so uh uh uh dont drive this car that gives u death guarantee
Troy Carr
boooo well kinda good
'Although the dummy still smacked the shit out of his head on the steering wheel, in spite of the airbag, and the door latches failed during the side collision, we think this deathtrap, I mean, vehicle, is perfectly safe.'
Valérie Zorn
check out that front cavity and plastic panelling. that's part of the reason the tridion safety cell held up perfectly in the overlap. this car was built to take on cities and suburbs and does so perfectly. I've seen minivans that are a lot more unsafe, and a lot of older cars too. plus, do you really want to drive a larger car in an urban area? I tried an impala, and it was entirely too cumbersome. especially in the parallel. this car is a godsend for anyone who's in the city more than half the week. I'll take it over anything else. oh, and the fuel economy is just an added bonus
Wendi Cope
also all of you that think that large trucks should be taken off the road, this makes no sense, people haul heavy loads and they need a big truck. I was in an head on collision in a Dodge Ram diesel pickup and I still broke 10 bones, I collided with a SUV that was smaller and lower, their fault
For a calm city or a town this is an ok car. As for highway I guess i'll skip it 
Zai Kjims
I'm inlove with this toy haha! how much is this guys?
Lol at all the Americans claiming that the Smart crashes terribly. It does perfectly fine by modern standards, getting 4 out of 5 stars from EuroNCAP. It crashes better than most American cars.\n\nAnd of course you die when hit by an 18-wheeler. You will in everything, even a Citroen C6 or anything from Volvo.
Great advice thanks
So what they’re pretty much saying is the Institute for Highway safety is a useless Part of the government
The smart looks safer than the Prius to me
Americans sound so scared judging by the comments.\nMaybe you just drive really shitty or something, cuz' you are making it sound like getting hit by a truck is an mundane affair, an event only survivable with your ford pickup.
Felipe da Auto Super estava certo.
I lost my head in a smart car accident. Only just had a hair cut too!
I like the part where he says \
mat kliko
Very good car en safety
I would like to see the smart take on the new small overlap crash test
random person 1216
I'd still take an f150 any day.
I was amazed when I realized how tough the itty bitty Smart Car is by putting the passengers in a hard \
samuel villalba nova
Like si viniste por : vicesat
secta wakandeah
Considering how light that thing is, thats not very good
Seems like the problem is too many larger trucks and not that the smart car is small. Large trucks affect all cars on the road. Reduce/eliminate those and everybody wins.
yang mills
just drive with a helmet on lol
the prius and camry had poor frontal results for the 2012 models. the prius wheel went into the cabin and the roof went down resulting in major body damage.
Паша Бондарь
Дибильная машина
варя ибрагимова
why not you make airbag at car's exterior surface?
🎃Walking Dead💃
I see these on the interstate.I wonder what stunt man is driving it.They may be safe at a 40 or 50mph crash but what if the (other guy)is driving 70?I wonder how smart you would feel or even if you lived through it?