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hahaha buddest
Deazz Peath
Didnt make me laugh but it make me want to go the toilet
Why were two old men fist fighting
Eden O'Neal
0:00 - 0:15 how i feel after school
Gamer4 Life
this was not as funny as I thought
Halo Man
3:17 they are talking lithuanian
Iosia Pati
damn thats a sexy fart haha..
Jacques stevenson Alphonese
At least this was 1 percent funier than the chilli jokes there both lame sorry its not my fautz it iz noz zee funay im zalking aboz
Jameisadells Taylor
its not funny at all
Jhudiel Astorga
I didn't laugh while watching this video is there something wrong me? ;_;
John do
at 2:03 cool dude not bothered by the whole thing just interested in his pizza
Jordan Flo
KatEMC08 -TheEmeraldMinecart
the 2nd one was very funny but the others not
Keith Cruz
wheres the lady with the huge azz bending over?
Kevin Mogul veeery funny
Kiki anime gacha
This wasn't funny this was kinda painful
Kody Gray
Wheres the thumbnail from
Kristin Roney
That kid must really hate micky R.I.P Micky mouse😢
Logan paul vlogs
Is stupid
Love Erhabor
What t
MMA Jayy
2:10 tell me why that look like Noah Boat @loveliveserve
Maverick Villafranca
it so funny
Monkey TDM
Was I suppose to laugh okay Hahahahaha
Nonjabulo Nsibande
This video is so boring
Oscar Orta
It a not funey
Riccardo Cecchi
....sooner or later people will learn to film ORIZONTALLY and not vertically.
Richa Khanna
This did not even make my laugh or cry🤔🤔
Roberta Chilelli
Song at 5:00???
Rodianne Rosal 🤣😁...strong old man😀😁😂💪🏻
Did we really need a full minute of the cat in the bowl ?
Sharks Attach Land
it so funny too
The first is ewwwwwwwwwww!
Slamw_ Games
This is a gross video I didn't laugh once I hate this vid it gross
Sport Vids
Steve Kulchawick
I don't like your videos
Taylor Michelle
This is the first one I've EVER found that actually made me laugh so hard I cried.
The Shark Kidz
Not funny
Wong Kee Them Wong Kee Them
Lol it suck i dif not laugh
Yolly Mendoza
not funny
analyn tobias
angel mary john
this is nat a funny Video
che junio
Not funny
jamaila Tayaben
Its not realy funny I mean it
jenny flores
its not funny lame
velnomous asthmass
2:45 the way that skinny Lithuanian was talking XD