Hip-Hop HeadS Newest Song: "All Out Life"

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Slipknot 🤘❤🤘
Albersky 05
Alex Hefner
Enjoy this video, guys! Do yourself a favor and buy one of these shirts! You know you want to. If you are reading this, it's a must now ;) love you guys! i hope this video made your day better :)
That part they chant\
Andrew Mendez
Day by day your turning into a metal head welcome brother 🤘🏽🤘🏽
Aniket Ghadage
Please react on slipknot the negative one . pleaseeeee
Given Up - Linkin Park!
Ben Z
Thank goodness you jumped on this song, Alex, cause it's a dope ass song for a dope ass day! Love that you enjoyed it !!!
Botond Berkes
Brandon Korous
Upon A Burning Body - Texas Blood Money
Canyon Filler
React to Suicide silence- you only live once
Christian Siegel
Reaction of a German band called Any Given Day and they covered Rihanna's song diamonds . Really great but they got own great songs too
The Browning - Carnage sooo goood
Dakota Merrier
i wanna see u react to \nAllegaeon - Proponent of Sentience III, The Extermination
Damien Bonnel
Royal beggars - Architects 😍🤘🏻🔥
Dovah - Penguin
Holy shit this song is awsome
Dustin Sadler
Dylan Forrester
React to the band Whitechapel and do their new song “Brimstone”
Emmanuel Mota
React to slipknot -only one.
Enea Kevorkian
I already see myself in a big circle pit
Epica - Consign to Oblivion (live at the zenith.\nNightwish - The poet and the pendulum (Live at wembley).
Fabio Padovan
Slipknot rules daaaaamn!!!!
I really wish you would react to Theocracy - Mirrors of souls, its the best song i ever heard and its fricking 20min long! its an epic tale of soul searching. The band is a Christian progressive power metal band. The lyrics are super amazing and even if u are not a beliver in god u will love the lyrics. plz react to this song
Felipe Alejandro
React to Brimstone by Whitechapel!!! Also a new song, your mind will be blown by them!
You arent hip hop head anymore lul
Golden 2K16
I fucking love this song
Woot! Same reaction to this song! Lol. Great video man!\nCheck out!\nAllageaon - Grey Matter Mechanics\nNekorgoblicon - Powercore\nBattlecross - Push, pull, Destroy\nGuarantee you will love 'em!
Hernán Vásquez
No Stonesour f*** thing.... This is Slipknot.... I wanna cry... And scream!!
Hoser McHoserton
Skid Row - Monkey Business or Wasted Time
Hunter Hollis
Such a good song
Its good to the the Knot back to the IOWA days
Immaculate Deception
How many bands are able to go back to an old sound of theirs and then do it better than they ever did before? Amazed.
hey susan
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Your genuine enthusiasm makes me smile :D
It's CMD
Can you really even call yourself a hip-hop head at this point?
Its Daxr
metal elitists: \
J'zargo M'zalmo
I'm a big Slipknot fan, i'm glad that a lot of people like this new song, but I genuinely don't like it at all. Hope the album isn't disappointing.
Jeffrey Munks
Watched this so many times.. Rather watch it with your reaction then on it's own 🤘
Jesse Gillmore
Please react to Kamelot Lair Lair ft Arch Enemy
John Becker
Do a panic at the disco
John Mays
Great reaction bro! I’d like to recommend along the Rammstein lines of sound. The band is Eisbrecher and the song is Automat thank you for your consideration bro!!!
Jordan Long
You should react to critical acclaim by avenged sevenfold
Josh Godman
Honestly your reaction was about the same as mine. I couldn't stop smiling.
Katherine Prather
You should react to Bullet With a Name by Nonpoint!
Kennymar Oliveira
King Kehmi
The blood part freaked me out also but the song is really good
Luca_nring VLN
You are a Metalhead my Friend😋😋🤘 @AlexHefner
Luisni Bermudez Juncal
I have tickets to see Slipknot at July at Spain 🤯🤤🔥
Marcelo Rodrigues
React to A DAY TO REMEMBER - I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What are You Made of?
Mark Williams
This new slipknot song is awesome, cant wait for the album. Hoping they do a uk tour. any chance of reacting to some Dope or Mastadon in the future??
Devin Townsend Project - live at the Royal Albert Hall 2015 - Funeral, Bastard and Death of Music
Måns Hull
Lamb of God - Walk With Me In hell
Nancy Rodriguez
Another maggot anthem. Long live slipknot.
I played this while in the taxi. The driver said why am i listening to that kind of music. Lol then suddenly, \
Nick Romeo
Attila - Pizza
Oneshot Onekill
Hell yeah! 🤘,... P. S. Nonpoint Generation Idiot 😁
Peter James Villegas
4:10\n(Also on 5:15)\n\nAlex.exe has stopped working.
Renato Silva
Best song ? Nooooooooooooo forever !!!!!!!!!!!!! Duality os their best song
Richard Ursch
It is scientifically impossible not to bang your head to this song...facts
Robbie Mitchell
Tremonti - So You're Afraid
YAAASSS my dude is on that night time release level!!
Ruckus Rawson
Avatar - Paint Me Red\nAvatar - Hail the Apocalypse\nAvatar - Statue of the King
Ryflewis The bird lover
When I first heard this song I thought it was complete shit but now don't know what the hell I was thinking one of their best songs definitely top 10
Sammy Lane
SK has been working on this new album in secret cause I only in the last 3 weeks heard they have a new album coming out but at the time no one knew just when it would drop and then 3 weeks later we get this.
Wow, now here's a message...this is soooo much more about way more than the music industry, or entertainment industry. Look at the imagery adopted to adapt the message the lyrics convey with the aggressiveness of the music...yes, it's about the entertainment industry on one level, but so many more facets are included. I mean, how can you miss the Burkas, the kind of vans used for NGO migrant transportation, and there being a hint of it all as \
Sarius 656
Sure, it's a great song but it's definitely not their best like your thumbnail says... \nAnd alex: You haven't heard all slipknot songs yet!
Stebbi LV
Sounds like they're going back to their roots 😁
Steve Graves
yessss!!! ur reaction was the same as mine! I couldn't contain myself 😂 freakin dope AF!! love this new Slipknot!! so stoked for their new album...
The Panda and the Boo
Twelve Foot Ninja - ONE HAND KILLING\r\n\r\nAbout time to revisit them and make us Aussie's proud again! ;)\r\n\r\nAnd yes, going to spam this again. It's been too long. :D
Please do a Blister Exists or Virus of Life reaction 😭
How is he not a metalhead yet?
Tyler H43
what's extra cool is that the actors in the jump suits are all slipknot fans that signed up to be in this video. I love how much slipknot cares about their fans!
Vinicius 619
Avenged Sevenfold- A Little Piece of Heaven
The more you listen to it, the better it gets
Yugen Jonathan
At. Least head bang properly
I just discovered your channel yesterday and already watched about half of your metal reaction videos. I am re-experiencing the first time I heard these songs and can't describe how much I love this music. I am a huge fan of Slipknot, Stone Sour, Pantera, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. I think it's time to make the promised A Little Peace Of Heaven video. And also maybe a reaction video to some In This Moment song. \\m/
ano nymus
Boi if u haven't heard custer. boi. u dead😂 listen to it
colby dyess
Immortal - Withstand The Fall Of Time
dill funk 1972
First five words i could tell he wuz a hiphop head
franco torta
try right now:korn
haydn mortimer
React to While She Sleeps - Anti-Social
james kingdom
Listen to anaal rathrakh
javier raigosa
What’s up with A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN?!?!?!\nDope song & reaction btw!
jen scott
This song is totally Metalgasm!!!!
k tab
There are no words to explain how excited I am for this.\nI saw them announcing tour dates and low-key hoped we were getting an album. \nWE ARE GETTING SLIPKNOT BACK. 2019 just got a whole lot better.
marroni ugelli
This is soooooo anti everthing the young are afraid of living
Please react to Exciter, Stained Class, Beyond the realms of death (1978) or the Sentinel (1984) of Judas Priest. You won´t regret it lml
rocker snake
React to empty words by Death!
Dude I was in my car during my lunch break and I had five minutes left. I opened up my phone and saw that Slipknot had just dropped a new song and I screamed “WHAT?!” at the top of my lungs. Needless to say, I was pumped up after listening to the song. It’s good to have my favorite band back in action.
Can we just like this, to appreciate the always funny, on point and never boring, dope ass editing?
i love the what the video shows too, fans with weird awesome masks all stuck on a bus trying to claw thier way out eventually thier able to escape and set that motherfucking bus on fire that was holding them in and stopping them from doing what they want to do such a powerful message and true how the industry works for its own gain
I wouldn't say this is the best Slipknot song but much rather a tribute to everything that makes Slipknot Slipknot. It seriously has everything, fast stuff, slow stuff, Sid's dj-ing, Craig playing the same note in a certain rhythm, the beer keg. It has everything.
I woke up Thursday morning and it was in my sub box, completely unexpected.  I think I listened to it at least 4 times that day,\nIt's a beautiful look into what's possible for the future.  Plus it's 6 minutes long, but I don't think it drags at all.
Харас Вело
More Slipknot please!
React to Infant Annihilator - Crucifilth