How to make French Baguettes at home

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I have recently uploaded a clearer and quicker version of this baguette recipe using the poolish method if you want to have a look, here's a link to it,

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Came here for the recipe, stayed for the voice as well.
A-MARIE Boudreaux
Thank You \nYour voice is so relaxing 😊
Alex Jhons
Fun fact- Baguettes started during world war one when bakers made thin bread so it can fit in the pockets of soldiers easily.
Badis Dahmane
Thank you, very instructing.
Bella Dvorkina
I discover your Chanel by mistake and very happy this mistake happened to me. I love your voice and the way you present you're baking skills . I wish you all the best in life and good health. Thank you
Biboi Gain
His voice is like in the movies, the grandpa who always tell story about his youth or just a story teller or narator.
Your voice is like a British winnie the pooh it's adorable
Britain Chew3
Can I write my life story and you narrate it 😂😂
Caleb M
I think I just received bread instruction from Winnie the pooh
Carla Luppi
Thank you John for the lovely video. I will definitely try it, but may I say that I think the musuc is way to high, some times covers your voice and spoils the video, just a soft background music would make it perfect, but never than less the baguetts look delicios.
Chloe Nicole
Omg you sound like Winnie The Pooh! I love your voice. Great bread video, by the way! Will try it today.
Chriszette Boucher
Hello Mr John, how can I obtain your recipes in printed form? I love your videos and your voice is perfect for television - you could make videos for children reading stories! God bless.
Omg....I want him to read me bedtime stories too !
Dan Munger
Thank you so much for this video. If the final product is as enjoyable as actually watching your videos, then I can't wait! I have a question for you about the amount of salt. You said to use 1 1/2 tsp of kosher salt. Can I ask for a measurement in grams? I don't know about in the UK, but a popular brand of kosher salt in the US is Diamond Crystal. It is known to have a larger flake than some other kosher salts, so to be sure to get the right amount of salt, a weight measurement would be ideal. Or, maybe you could confirm if you use Diamond Crystal or not? Thanks in advance and keep your awesome videos coming. I am so interested in making one of your cheese recipes, particularly the Parmesan. I don't know how you can wait a year to enjoy the fruits of your labor. :0
Daniel Pantoja
Mr. Kirkwood, 20+ years ago I screwed up a bread recipe and since then I'd only used flour as a sauce thickener, out of fear of repeating that failure. As a proficient home cook I stuck to what I was good at. Last night I saw this video and something compelled me to give it a try. Here's what I did wrong: I used All Purpose Flour (just what I had in the pantry), and I didn't convert Imperial ounces to US ounces. I could tell right away my dough was drier but I persisted, adding moisture in the proofing process. Despite my errors my loaves rose, they baked beautifully and they tasted pretty good (after slathering with butter, a little sprinkle of salt covered a multitude of sins). Your recipe has opened a new world to me, I'm heading out this evening to pick up proper baking kit (scale, scraper, spray bottle, and of course bread flour); looking forward to giving this another try. Thanks so much for posting this video!
Denise Piña
Your voice 😭 I would love to hear you tell Christmas stories or any stories in general !!!
Diane Hibble
I made these, following the instructions exactly. BRILLIANT. I was so happy with them, they tasted divine, just like real French bread. Usually homemade bread isn't so nice the next day but these were. I will have a go at the ciabatta next - although I have 4 bagettes on the final prove atm ! So nice, really worth the effort - which isn't really much effort, just takes time (not time consuming as most of it is 'proving time'
Ej_ L
My favorite bread in the world
Enrique Soto
John can you read me a bedtime story please
Evee Torres
The way he talk, its like telling a story😍☺😍\nThanks, I love baguette😋
Fernanda Cesar
Love this voice! Sounds grandpa telling me stories!
Now that’s a voice for video. When will you be bringing out some bedtime stories?
Gabia Krušinskaitė
you sound like gusteau from the movie ratatouille i love your voice
Harry Bloom
After working a few minutes, always rest for at least 45 minutes. I'm French and I approuve this message!
Ian Lindsay
Hope the wife doesn't spot a missing pillow case, I'll try and put it back washed ironed and folded but she'll know something is amiss. If they go well I'm sure she won't mind. Great video, thanks.
Imke Salz
You seem so lovely! I love your gloves and that you explained everything so well, I did not know most of the tipps and tricks before, so thank you for showing them!
Jackson Magriplis
John, you deserve a knighthood for culinary arts mate 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jane Leelavathi
This is confusing, an English man making a French baguette with American folk music playing in the background.
Jean Jenner
I a French Baker / Pastry Chef and I operate a French bakery here in Florida for the last 34 years. While the professional method is somewhat different, this is definitely the best video I have seen so far. However, one thing you have not mentioned is the dough temperature. For your method, I would keep it at no more than 75F (24c). Also, if you add vitamin C (ground one pill) that will prevent the baguette from collapsing when you score it.
Joachim Mosser
I'm french and those looks as delicious as the ones I can get near my house. Congrats !
Joey Drexler
Would I use the same measurements if I used all purpose flour?
Johan van Dyk
This made me feel like a child watching and listening to Santa Claus giving instructions on baking the baguettes. Absolutely enchanting. Loved every minute of it. ❤️❤️❤️
John Kirkwood
Very low fat Fries recipe, coming soon.
John Murman
Great job! I did this but had a hard time as its so sticky, so i left it in the bowl and turned it in there every 45. Got my sub!
Jon C
I can't believe I did it! Of course, I'm covered with flour, the kitchen is covered with flour, and the dog has a bit of dusting on his snout; all well worth the effort. Although I've been baking breads for years, I've never attempted to do \
Easy peasy lemon squeezey!! Thank you for sharing, Mr man from the North East of England xx
Joseph Niccoli
Your voice reminds me of Winnie the poo and I love it reminds me of childhood and shows me how to make great bread
Katy Slater
Very exciting! I made my first batch today, from the USA. I am a little challenged with the moisture of the dough (mine was too moist and sticky). The next time I make the baguettes, I will not add all the water at once, seeking the correct consistency. My question is about storing the loaves of bread for every day use. What is the best method to keep them fresh, in the cooler or out; and what type of wrap? Thank you so much for making this easy, I do not like bread and live in a rural area, away from easy access to baguettes.
Kevin Panganiban
It’s like listening to an audio book. Pls read harry potter!!!
L Follzz
2 years later and im still seeing the uploader helping people in comments! much respect
Lagom Landet
Sir, you should be the commentator for BBC planet earth...!
Loni Carr
What a wonderfully done video.\nThank you for also putting in English measurements. I love making bread, even though I haven't done so much of it. Sure, I could pop down to the shop and buy a loaf ready made, but nothing tastes like homemade. Besides, what a great way to make a house a home with the smell of fresh baked bread.\n\nEDITED TO ADD:\n\nI subscribed too. :D
Louie Ramirez
Your voice is so soothing. Great informative videos... I’ve already subscribed. Can you tell me the best way to store the baguettes and also your sandwich bread and how long is the shelf life? Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
This video made me want to travel 800 miles just to see my grandpa, hug him and travel back!
Such a sweet peaceful poppa voice...
Ma Che Cazz
Well I can say one thing, the French sure take their time to make bread! Now I understand something about foreplay :D
Manu Weiller
Nice recipe, thanks!! very clear and easy to follow.\n4 baguettes is a lot, you think we could freeze the dough at some step? when?\nbest regards!
Mark Span
JOHN! I've made this French Banquette recipe twice now and my family, friends and I LOVE it! Thank you... I've had to increase the oven temperature to 425+ in order to get the cooking time down with better browning and crisper crust..
Mehmet Ali
Dear John Yesterday I took your recipe. I tell you something\nbest of the best. * * * * *How should I thank you\nmany many thanks. Respect\nGreetings from Antalya
Miriam Albroot
If anyone hurts this man I will personally haunt you
Mohammedi Mohammed
WoW \nWill try but...\n\nYou are so good that all the process looks so easy but I know it is not. \n\nMaking a good bread is a blessing. \n\nThanks for taking your time and explaining every steps
A great work, thanks very much I will try to do it though I know it won't be easy...
Nacho TMC
Fantastic video. Superb voice (reminded me of Sir David Attenborough) and diction. Loved your tidiness, cleanliness and organized method.Well done!
Nancy Pasaribu
New subscriber here 😊\nI will follow your step by step instructions for the delicious French baguette.\nThank you for sharing 😊
Oli Doma
superb - its my favorite bread !!
Paul Ferguson
Very clear instructions. Thanks so much for contributing this video - I'm about to give it a go.
Petra unstoppable
My first 45 minutes just started my dough is really sticky but I am so excited. This a real challenge for me
Philroy littlekip
great Stuff John cheers
Rebecca Cook
I love this video! Also your voice sounds like the original Winnie The Pooh and I love it!!
Robert Moore
Beginner baker here. Water on the hands instead of flour just changed the game for me! I have been trying to figure out how to keep it from sticking when I’m folding without adding flour at every interval! Thank you!
Rommel Asuncion
The David Attenborough of baking bread! 🤩
SSG Squidward
His voice is perfect for national geographic
Sam McCloud
Thanks for the recipe and love your voice. You probably get it a lot that you sound like Winnie the Pooh.
Sam Pan
Very relaxing video to just watch. You sound like Winnie the Pooh Bear if he was a grandpa. Love it!
Selmer Reference54
Wow...I did not know that it is very time consuming to make good baguettes, no wonder Americans baguettes suck.
Spain on a Fork
this was amazing, such a great tutorial
Stig's Useless Cousin
Didn't know David Attenborough bakes so good!!!\nSubbed.
I'm French and I can tell you that's exactly how a good baguette from a good baker ( or the Boulangerie) looks like.
I'm french and I approve this video !
Tee Tee
TY John!!! Just made them and wonderful! Very easy to follow directions and tastes soo Good. Highly recommend.:)
It's almost as listening to Sir David Attenborough narrating a French Baguette recipe. Great voice!
Bro why do you sound like a wizard?
Ultimate Adventurer
You are Incredible teacher !!! Thank you very much !!!
Veronica RS
I love your voice!!!!!
Veronika Dvoršak
Omg, I’ve tried the recipe and they turned out great! I couldn’t wait to try them. I have a baguette tray and baking with it was so easy. So happy I found this recipe.
Wendy Cook
These look delicious, I can imagine a nice dollop of butter on those and in my tummy they go 😁
Yanet B
His voice 😍
Yassine EL AZMI
why am I watching this ? I can't even cook pasta without forgeting the boiling water at least 2 times
Ziad Agha
hi, beautiful presentation! without the additives the bakeries use for breads, how many hours or days your bread will last? thx
thank you for the great recipe. i tried it and got BEAUTIFUL baguette ♡♡♡
anthony ruiz
I heard that with making a polish the day before and add it to the mix gives an extra better flavor
b zv
What a discovery Sir! Great . Congratulations
bitcoin man
You have such a pleasant voice. Like Winnie the Pooh.
kim loan Cao
This is the simplest way to make French bageuette I have ever seen. Thanks you.
Watched yesterday, made some today, very nice, thank you. But I had to bake them about ten minutes longer and move them to a higher shelf with the oven turned up another 20 C to get them to start to brown. The oven is a conventional oven, not fan. Any suggestions about adjustments I should make to the oven settings, position of the oven, etc.? I'll try a few variations myself anyway because even not quite as good as yours look they are certainly worth another try.
You should start a youtube channel and read fairy tales or bed time stories! Your voice is amazingly soothing and charismatic!
I enjoyed your video John, thanks. I did not realize how much time and effort went into making this bread. I have a new appreciation for it.
Incredible voice and skill. It's like Winnie The Pooh taught me how I make bread.
Great video, sir. 👍
prakash saini
Look delicious , I will definitely try today, plz mention all ingredients and quantity in the description box , thanks for sharing
Ou sinon venez en France :-)
victor hugo
Bravo John ! La mie est bien alvéolée. Pourtant ce n'est pas si simple à réaliser. Mon boulanger saupoudre ses baguettes d'un peu de semoule de blé très fine. Elles en sont encore plus croustillantes. Mais c'est une astuce que vous devez connaitre. Encore bravo et bonne continuation.
Winnie the Pooh is baking bread!
שושי מבשלים גורמה לייט
Its not only the beautiful receipe and the great results. Its the way you presented and explain everything. Its clear, its accurate and i loved it. I hope you will do more videos.