Meat Loaf - Modern Girl (Official Video)

Meat Loaf - "Modern Girl" vom Album "Bad Attitude" (1984)

1984 Jim Steinman Meat Loaf Rock

A Chaps
aud/vid unsynched... anyway this video is silly but MODERN GIRL is the happiest song ever... even TUBTHUMPER has nothing on this song!
Caitlin Dorr
Sexy meatloaf\n
Dawn Devey
Come one be my Mr right in this new world bae xxxxxx
Erik Stone
I love this Meat Loaf 1984 music video: \
Gabi Mutti
Das Lied ist einfach nur geil die tollen 80' die schönste Zeit kommt leider nie wieder
Geordie T
looks better out of sync
Janice Dyson
I watched this video being filmed. It was a brilliant experience.
Josh Pritchard
anyone notice the lag, here? its about a second out. wanna fix it, someone with editing software?
KRP Mills
Meat should do another album, Bat out of Hell 4, it's about due!
Niels møller
super song, nice vokal - meat loaf - I love you
PrimosTudo Asdoidices
i am 21 years old but i love this song especially the clip not also because of the song but the atmosphere it looks likes from 80s pos apocalyptic movies
Sevda Bajrami
This is still a great song :)
garry Whiting
Stephen Clarke and garry whiting who are now totally proper gay partners instead forever who likes and loves totally heavy metal music instead forever
I first heard this song on the old show \
This video was my first real exposure to Meat Loaf (besides hearing Two Out Of Three on the mall muzak) back in 1985.