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Compilation of all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers for the Nintendo Switch in 1080p 60fps. Spirits Mode Reveal TrailerSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate All Cutscenes so far

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-Seedrian Sparkles-
Adikha Toast
E V E R Y O N E I S HERE \n\n me: what about the skelebros? The're also on the nintendo
17:49 wait, what?????
Annoyed Cat
Hey\n\n\n\n\n\nPause at 19:51\n\n\nyou can see Palutena over there standing behind pit and dark pit.
Sakurai: your a nice kid, don’t come to smash tomorrow \nWaluigi: K\nMario: What was that boss?\nSakurai: Nothing...
That's Isabel, she has bells on her head that's, why she Isabel
Bendy Animation studio
Nintendo: Everyone's is here\n\nWaluigi: Wah?
Brandon lee
Marvel: we wiped out half the universe\n\n\n\nNintendo: We wipped out 99.999 percent of the universe\n\n\n\nDC: what you waitin on something
Burhan Mohsin
welp i love smash but i dont even have a switch
7:04 Luigi in his world.
Cesar Dos
Chzhd Chhchd
I WANT WALUIGI!!! 😭 1 like = 1 Wah
DaRealPerson Aqua
The title should have been: Trailer vs actual game graphics
Danel master LOL GUY
Daniel Lopez
Meanwhile Wii fitness trainer is just like \
Now to watch this until December 7th
The Isabelle one has to be the best. Mainly because I've played Animal Crossing New Leaf, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designers and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Isabelle is the BEST.
Doctor W. Richthofen
19:56 \nSnake what are you doin
Here's the ideal lineup for the New Smash:\r\nShrek\r\nBert & Ernie\r\nNaruto\r\nLuigi\r\nDonkey Kong\r\nMaster Chief\r\nJimmy Neutron\r\nDrew Pickles\r\nAladdin\r\nThe Grinch\r\nThe Heavy from TF2\r\nMei from Overwatch\r\nSinge from LoL\r\nAdam Sandler \r\nThe Rock\r\nStone Cold Steve Austin\r\nDr. Mario \r\nDry Bowser\r\nKnack\r\nIce Knack\r\nDark Knack \r\nFurry Knack \r\nJewish Knack\r\nSaint Knack\r\nThe Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2\r\nThe Last Dragonborn\r\nMark Zucc Succerberd\r\nJordan B. Peterson's book \
Eggverse Offficial
Elijah1653 Archetype
The only two characters still alive: Kirby and Piranha Plant.
Emrald Cup
Enderstrike gaming
Incenroar is the new charizard and best brawler
Amazing !
Gaming With Calvin
My opinion on all reveal trailers:\nInklings: Awesome! I can play splatoon and smash at the same time now! \u003c-------- Splatoon fan\n\nEver1ishere: Neat, this is a LOT of fighters I haven't played before, and I don't need to worry about losing my main! Wait, Where's... CHARIZARD?(good thing I quit him a long time ago lol, but charizard should probably still be an echo of Pokemon Trainer, as he has been here before.)\n\nDaisy: Good work nintendo, I feel like Daisy is a good choice. GG.\n\nRidley: I know ridley was highly requested, but wouldn't mother brain make more sense? I mean, she is the final boss, so... Yeah.\n\nChrom: Really ANOTHER fire emblem character? I think we're fine with JUST Lucina and Marth. You want a good character Sakari? Here's one from your own KIRBY SERIES you can add: BANDANNA WADDLE DEE(my top pick 4 next character in smash) No? How about Magalor then? (I'm a big Kirby fan)\n\nDark Samus: Umm... Yeah, sure nintendo. Do that. Lol. (I'm ok with this one)\n\nKing K. Rool: Heh, Donkey Kong is a big franchise, and honestly, I don't know why you didn't add K. Rool sooner, Why'd you put Dedede in the trailer though?\n\nIsabelle: Something tells me this got a lot of backlash, and I don't know why. Animal Crossing is a big franchise, and I think it was smart adding this. GG guys, GG.\n\nKen: Umm, I get adding street fighter characters, and Ryu was a good choice don't get me wrong, but wouldn't Chun Li be a better choice than... KEN? (Sakari probably mains Ken or thought it would be the easiest)\n\nIncineroar: Ok. There is definetly another Fully Evolved fire starter skilled it fighting better suited for this spot, and while Charizard should be an echo of Pokemon Trainer, as he was in smash Wii U, I'm not talking about him. Nintendo. Add BLAZIKEN TO SMASH\n\nPiranha Plant: Are you OFF your rockers nintendo? You add a stupid plant as the first DLC, instead of a very beloved purple character who has been requested SO MANY TIMES, just give Waluigi a CHANCE, Piranha Plant can be your assist trophy.\n\nJoker from Persona 5: Is this game even on the SWITCH?? Really nintendo? How about, maybe Paper Mario? I think you should at least consider.
Ggallqas -
9 months ago was when we got that first trailer. Now we’re less than 24 hours away from the game (at the time of typing this). It’s been a massive journey full of epic moments like Ridley, King K. Rool, Everyone coming back, World of Light, and much more. Thank you, Sakurai.
Greyson Lawrence
Who Would Win?\nA being with the support of a thousand Master Hands, a being who can create unstoppable beams of light that took out 73 legends (and the whole universe) in seconds\n\nOr\n\nOne pink sucky boi
Homer from Family Guy
19:32 Sonic slowing down and holding out his hand in an attempt to save Pikachu was seriously the cutest shit.
Ice Knight
We all just gonna ignore that nintendo teased luigis mansion 3 right under our noses
Igor Roblox666
Poor luigi just died i would smash that spirit
Kirby is myth, Kirby is legend , Kirby is god
JAMES Gaming LV2
I think i can say that i am the only one who was watching this and playing goat simulator
JadenTheMaster YT
Luigi’s soul just enjoying its self 9:33 sees a giant crying mask with one glowing eye
Jardiel Boris Deleon Garcia
Wtf por isabele nos cambiaron a waluigi :v
Jesus Trinidad
8:52 Be gone T H O T\nYou don't belong in this world you monster
Jonathan Rendon Marban
Fans Of Subspace Emissary During Spirits Reveal Trailer: is this story mode? *A few Seconds later* I wanted a story mode NOOO\n\nFans Of SubSpace During World of Light Reveal Trailer: OMG IT IS A STORY MODE NO WAY!!! *A few Seconds later* DANGIT ITS A BOARD GAME!!
Kate Funnekotter
Kirby is the most popular character so that’s why he’s the last one.
Kelly Johana
Second trailer: Everyone is here!\nLast trailer: Everyone is gone!! Except for the Kirby..
Kova’s Entertainment Channel
21:16 - 21:46
I get Kirby’s the only survivor and all but how about a shoutout to Link? Dude and the Hylian Shield stopped 3 whole lasers or whatever you want to call them
LaShofi83 :3
19:55 top 10 muertes más violentas del anime
Logan The Octoling
By the time I start playing this game, I’m going to do 8 Player mode or whatever it’s called and use all Inkling skins. You start off with all the characters from Super Smash Bros. So I’ll have to unlock dat woomy before I do that.
Wii Fit Trainer: The world is ending; seems like a good time to do yoga!
*The last clip is just Nintendos version of Infinity War*
Luis AHM
Nmms deberían poner a banjo kazooie
Luna The galaxy eevee
If a freaking plant can make it in smash I think sans can as well like I will be so freaking mad if he doest
M Paradas
19:54 snaaaaaake!
M4m4 Lu191
Too bad squidward was hit with light while in the box
MarioPlays ROBLOX and more
Marvel: We will wipe out 50% of the universe.\n\n\nNintendo: We will wipe out 99.99% of the universe.\n\n\nMe: *Oh my god.*
Mica Gamer
21:52 \nhola gente, vengo del futuro y hablo español para decirles que mart malvado es casi igual a Kris de deltarune :v\n\n\n\n\nLike si sabes que es deltarune :3
Mr.Devin Guy
Guys,Luigi isnt in the final trailer.\n*guys,Luigi is actually dead*
Poor Mac..
Mushroom Retainer
If you listen closely to the inkling trailer, you Can hear the main theme (lifelight) at the end.
Mya The Cuphead Ink Demon
Mystical Sea Potato
Not going to lie, I laughed so hard that it hurt when snake died. All the characters trying their damndest to fight back or escape, and then there is just snake in a box.
NBD Smokey
Mom: So you want to fight fire with fire\nMe: EGG
Nelson V.I.P [The DarknessWhithe]
*¿Hero Kirby?*
NinjaXFiles ®
22:24 No way. Is that Rathalos?
Ken: So, you wanna fight fire with fire, huh?\nIncineroar: EGG
Out To Lunch
Nintendo: ALRIGHT! New Smash. What old characters should we include?\n\nAlso Nintendo: All of them.\n\nNintendo: Really?\n\nAlso Nintendo: YES.
20:00 when you feel the burn too much
Mah fellow Kirby mains *UNITE*
Nintendo: Everyone is here!\nGaleem: Hold my beer
Reuben Bryon
We’re is waaaliwigi
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis
“We’ll win this, I know we will!”\n\n\n\n\nPress X to doubt
So Kirby is the 0.01% of bacteria that isn’t killed by Clorox wipes?
Saiyan Slapper
Plot twist, every character is just Kirby pretending to be the others
Sean Reviews
all are good trailers except Isabelle trailer
There's a sweet smash5 theme in inkling trailer...\n\nAaaah =u=
SlickSilver 7
Marvel: wipes out half of universe\n\nSmash: hold my beer
StarMarine108 Let's play
0:47\nIf you listen carefully, you can hear the theme for Ultimate
Everyone talking about how Kirby survived, but what about the other pink puff ball Jigglypuff? We never saw Jigglypuff die (totally not trying to find a way for my main to survive).
Super JG Gaming
Surreal Syrtek
15:45 and Little Mac is dead.
T_ T
2:02 does that look like the face of mercy
Tara Williams
IDIOTS! Wahluigi IS in super smash bros ultimate! He’s not a main character, but if you get the rainbow player helper thing, there is a chance he will come out of it. And kick the emeyie into the ground. Then, use his tennis bat thing to try to destroy the emeyie. This is why you are explained as a \nIdiot. Listen, before you say something’s missing, ACCUALLY test it first.
That Memey Boi
That One Woomy
whom remembers when 95% of the internet thought Smash Bros. Ultimate was going to be called \
The Everythinger
Except for waluigi
The Reaper Hunter
19:55 \nhuh.. Wonder why it went after a random, non-suspicious box.
Thomas Bright
Avengers : Infinity Bros
Shulk: sees that everyone will die to this weird creature\nAlso shulk: UHH
Unicorn Wizard
Where's Waluigi?
Just kirby
Will Her
Marvel: We will wipe out 50% of the universe \n\nNintendo: We will wipe out 99% of the universe\n\nMe: Weird flex, but okay
Ximena lol :3 García Estrada
dragongirl draws
*Welp, thats another unirverse gone...*
last trailer: isabelle is joining! she's training hard to fight!\nnew trailer: the apocalypse happens and everyone dies except kirby
*kirby is the one sole survivor of the smash bros infinity war.*
isiah furye
Sora for smash!!!!
jean barnes
papa pig
El que mas me gusto fue el de king k.rool
slushee e
Everyone(?): i bet waluigi is playable!\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSakurai: *hold my beer*
19:38 feels bad man
everyone is dead including you. you wake up in horse carriage on way to helgen. its just another skyrim
when the reaction channels react to this     OMG  OMG OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OMG OMG then  puts  micopohne  louder and louder