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Well....i guess the man is being honest. So, if u r a woman and this does not bother u then...hey two consenting adults i guess. Thank the lord i am married! Been knowing my husband my entire life, i guess this is how men feel these days. To each his own.
Akeem King
I love this song so much
Andre Nascimento
nice song
Ben Fisher
Much Love
Bk Denali
Nice vid. Musta missed this one Curtis.
Blinksblinks Jossy
I wanna meet 50 one day.
this chick is a killer.....who is she?
Brahim Messeguem
Je suis un fan franco-algérien absolue de 50 cent, vous navez pas le nom de la fille silvouplait !
Brandon Gabriel
50 always has the best video girls
Bruno Tesfaye
ma boy 50 going ham release street king immortal dawg
who's that nice lady?
Camila Gomes
50 o melhor
Carl Johnson
the girl is hot but the rest is ... nice
Chris nicolaou
damn them thick girls are so sexy
Christian Paredes
qué dice la última parte?
Kanan,Dre and Vibora in this video spot :D\nPower \u003c3
CoCo CoCo
💋🔥🔥2018# I love this🎶💃 song🎶💃
CoNz ZenTi
Watching in 2016 ☺
Thumbs up if you just came to this video to see the hot chick that's in the thumbnail
Daniel Bridger
Adrianne Nicole has my favorite butt in the world
Danny Fischer
50 Cent is a legend !
Darth Troller
His flow was crazy in the beginning
David Okusi
Ain't gon lie is too funny
Dionathan Silva Ribeiro
Quem pode me mandar vídeos do 50 CENT pelo WhatsApp\n031992207398
Edgar Cardenas
$#er sb nike 23
Elaini Griffin
she is fine dayum
Eric Iverson
Whats her name????!!!!!!
Golden Chadez
That's  a GOOD track right there....wow..
Guilherne Marcos
50 cent foda pra caralho!!! vou morrer curtindo as musicas dele
Hikmat O 💸
My cousin told me to watch this ......DIRTY! !!!
Hugo Lopez
2-1 lopez 2-1
I listened 1 song and that made me fan of 50 anyone listened I'm supposed to die tonight
Icaromartins Martins
algum brasileiro
Ihemba Nadezhi
bro you kill it cook like this in 2018
Innocent Mmasi
perfect song wth cool rhymes
Irwin Wilson
I forgot her name but she a porn star real talk!
Jawsef Mekels
Yea its Adrianne Nicole incase you guys are wondering, piece of art right there.
Jesus Fucking Christ
I've always liked 50 cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe four hundred trillion dollars
Joell Matute
that chick is so gorgeous \u003c3
Jon Candy
This is great
Jourdy Pratama
too honest 50, too honest 
Leart Hoxha
who's the girl in the video clip ? whats her insta ?
Lucas Silva
Marie Smith
Love this song
Marvin Rainey
Wtf is her name
2 things are great about that song: the girl, and the chorus. 50's verse was straight up whack, flavorless and shallow.
50 STDs
Nathan yoo
the girl's name:ADRIANNE NICOLE
Nu Era
Love the hand pick Talent !!
BR 👊
Popper Galib
'Adrianne Nicole'\n-thats her name. 
Purple Goldie
50 is a winner
Rafaella Aguiar
Sou brasileira e escultor 50 cent maior inspiração
Rap é Minha Vida
Cade os BR Nessa Porra vamos invadir a Gringa escuto 50 Cent desde 5 anos
Rauth Mayanja
Robinson França
Muito boa a musica... Demais 50 cent
Rocco Pov
Who is the girl in the clip?
Romario Cardoso
Que porra de funk proibidão e ostentação, sou da epoca do DVD black total .. Vou morrer escutando 50 cent e os blacks da vida kkkk ...\n50 a fuckin boss .. Fuck you Trump , 50 cent for President !!
Rufus Akintunde
Am still dreaming about meeting hot babe like this....
Simix Boyka
50 cent ....
Stefanie Loiola
Steven Hernandez
who is she
Thiago Bortoleto
Pancada \n:P
Thomas Mason
this is a TTTUUUNNNEEEE!!!!!!
Trevor Johnson
Still one of the best, even though he´s not the same rapper anymore. If this would be every other rapper on the planet, except 50, you´d all say this is a top track..
Trollin Gremlin
I can play this on repeat rather hearing all these new wack 2015 rappers
Vinay Seth
Is this actually intended to be this funny? :D
Wesley Marombeiro Mutante
Cade os comentários dos BR aqui ??
William Bennett
50 tyson....I AINT GON LIE
Wolf Arkham
What is her name?? 3-3
Zach Ali
i'd rock her world for...10 seconds
audi mercedes
cute song
baadmann style
Damn this is fire record!
gunty erwin
i kinda like the new 50:)
Massive buubs
james dodenc
damn I would gap her up whoaa
jesus m solis jr
josselin carrillo
Jeje y por canciones como estas respeto a la raza negra uufff
juan jose sepulveda vargas
OMG 50..... 2018??
kash tag
50 cent is the only rapper today that I can listen to. 
marlon green
50 cent is still my favorite rapper remember listening to his music in early 2000s.
mike hihop
50 CENT el mejor rapero de antaño real hihop
moussa balla
t'es le meiilleu
noizy otr
50 cent K1NG from ALBANIA
olando haynes
Not the beat for this song
peny nina
She reminds me of kim kardashian
ray shanklin
Maybe she a good girl
real music
good song , but he got soft
red Josh
50 got money. I'm glad he cleared that up.
ton sin miedo
tremendo tatuaje en honor a los reptilianos!!! mk ultra
tudo e misturado santos
esse e foda!!!
ulisses folha
Come to Portugal 50 Cent, you're the best!
yohanes ireneus
Çhřıss Łynn
Or reply my comment
● Barack Obama ●
10 points to whoever finds her instagram