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Kim k is more than half gram heavy on the back end
Advocate Saurabh Chaurasiya
Full entertaining
Amador Simao
pox posta esse filme acho o melhor deles nao so cenas ok
Amelia Kyle
trying to figure out what was going on in that moment when they both are holding the dagger and he is asking if the two of them have met somewhere?
Andrew Dembegiotis
I've never seen this Fast and Furious movie before, looks great
Lol he turns to leave as if they were just going to say \
Anime4 Mii
oh so they deleted this part where he stab him 3time...
Bacon Slayer
I love Vin Diesel because he's a awesome actor
How can a movie be so cringy, yet so good
Ben soso
Richard B. Riddick The B is for Badass Incase you guys where wondering. But still why won’t they make the 4th sequel already? I think we need to rally up and demand to know what happens after Riddick entered Under-verse
What a great exchange
Blank Stare
He went from half dead to full dead in 12 seconds.
Cameron Alexander
Karl Urban.. stealing the show again!
Cat's Tent
Its time to split!
Chris M
Are there 2 versions of this scene? I swear I saw one.where the guy said something about the Lord marshal returning from the underverse with powers or something.
Christos Antonopoulos
neither do I when it comes to my faith but I don't impose it on anyone either.
CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord
Right in the nuts
Colonel Strickland
Wtf are These clowns wearing?!
E usa
Riddick is the synonym of badassery, can't wait for the next movie
Edmund Au
two badasses talking to each other
Whats your badass qoate, mine is I bow to no man :D
Is this an extended cut. It's seems a bit longer in a few spots than I remember.
Emilie Smith
That’s because u only bow to a womanGods Queen me
I read the title as the black knight in Monty Python
Fuego Fuego
GP 56
The dagger of faith description: a half gram heavy on the back end.\nImpact: 70\nRange: 20\nEfficiency: 90\nSwing speed: 75\nAmmo: 25\nLight: 260\nMods: Aggressive blade\nPerks: kinetic modifier\nDamage type: kinetic\nInfuse: twin axes 275 light
GodLoverMoose_ GM
I bow to no ad.I skip them😎
Hahah Hahah
I love that scene
Hayden Frost
Probably one of my favorite scenes
Hellenic guy
Back in day before Vin Diesel had steroids
Hunter Jenkins
My dude always hooks it up a half gram heavy on the front end :p
“You keep what you kill”
JIN Gunner
Trump be like to the stupid queen LMAO
Am I the only one that thinks that the main character looks like Pulse in R6S
Jeff Busby
from the directors cut... much better than theatre cut... but both are pleasantly different in their own ways as most movies are....\n\n\nbut dark city.... directors cut all the way
Jess Connelly
Complete badass 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Jessica Riggsby
All superhero films thank you
Jihad alsaied
I bow to no God!
Jordan Butler
Never understood the knife deep in that guys armor
Kay Lou
I FART with no man
Koko Lee
I'm hard
Legend of Norn
seems an extended scene
Lucifer SON OF GOD
Watch game of thrones show for better fights
Luger Reminton
y every movie that’s good talk like if they wer prophets or some lol
Millennium Gaming
1:50 *Confirmed* Riddick can use the force 😳
i jerk to no man\ni jerk only mine
So hard
Riddick´s ability to insult his enemies is his most powerful superpower, not his eyes. :D
Why Irgun? Can't remember.
Noa Jorg
I prefer Pitch Black but this was still a good flick.
Paul Walker
I guess dude don't have to sleep on hi stomach no more.
1:22 When you're heading out the door but the stove is still on.
Prince Jraxson
damn...gotta stop watching yutube..gotta get back to my assignment. ..the struggle is real
Love this whole series, check out Pitch Black and the animated in between short-- its so sick... its called Dark Fury
Rabbit Skipper
Look I'm not with everyone else here.
Racc Hastati
Spent about 30 minutes looking for witch movie this was, when I found it I said to myself \
Ractor Jones
But he does bow to a queen :)
Remey Rune
best suits of armor in any movie
This is an UNCUT version as this clip showed much more than the DVD I rented the first time I saw It
Rocket Power
Best scifi movie ever.
Maybe I'm Wrong but I'm thinking at some point when really had the blade he could have killed Commander Marshall. Regardless if the commander had super ghost reflexes Riddick could have killed them right there.
Sana Hanif
best scene of the movie
Sander Nielsen
What does the script writer try to do when the \
Shane Holloway
Best scene ever
Sight Beyond Sight
Waiting for the next one!!
If he's the best they have, then killing the rest will be easy.
I remember the dvd had a anime and also talked about the previous lord marshalls
Thulitha Senevirathne
A severely underrated movie, this is
I'm here because I can't afford the movie
Timothy Creighton
Fast&furious 9 really jumped the shark
Tony Kong
Fidget spinner with that blade
Tóxico Industrial
1:52 He was like: WTF, this man got some skills.
Wendell Cotham
I bow to no man no not my problem
big foot
In our faith you keep what you kill, wait did I kill the knive?
brian mellett
if you say so 🤣
I forgot how ridiculously entertaining this movie was
donkey kong
Who be this no man that he bows to
This is best scene in any movie ever
gareth van den berg
i bow to no ad, i click the skip button
Galaxy Sergeant Zim!
kygmay 82
Vin diesel is a midget
mynameis bob
Acting is kinda cheesy.
omery aguilera
Bruh got a whole as knife knee deep in his back and he ain’t know that
sharmarke abdulkadir
first move = good, second movie = excellent, third move = just awful -- we need a return to the lore and story telling behind Chronicles
What is the name of the music at 2:30 ?
best scene of the movie!