MIG-29 Fulcrum : Edge of Space - Aerobatics - First Greek in russian stratosphere

My first flight with a MIG 29 Fulcrum in Russia. Music from :1. Oblivion OST - Waking Up2. Dario Marianelli - Evey Reborn3. Ryan Amon - Fire Up The Shuttle4. Oblivion SOT - Fearful Odds

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Alchemist M
Wow, this is the trip of a lifetime. I will one day go to russia and ride with yuri. This is in my bucket list. ❤️🇷🇺
Aldo Paganelli
... And with the Oblivion movie Soundtrack becomes excellent! \nThanks for sharing.
Didn't know ice poseidon was a jet pilot
Alex Viller
Russian people are most friendliest I’m so proud :))
Alexander Sidelnikov
Μπράβο ! Очень сильно!!
American exceptionazism
awesome video. Respect from Russia. Youre strong
Andrews Art & Scale models
Yep. Earths totally flat lol!
Arjun Sen
I love russia
Aytac Topcu
And one of the F16s can kill 4 of them. \nNaturally only in American dream and film industry. \nHa ha ha...
Я люблю тебя, Россия, большая и сильная. Я люблю тебя, а мы любим Путина. От иранского народа.\nروسیه بزرگ و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و مقتدر و نیرومند است، اما مثل رعد و برق، بلکه مثل صاعقه است.\nRussia is great and powerful, and mighty, and mighty, and mighty, and mighty, and mighty, without vanity, and without vanity, like thunder, but like lightning.
Bart Si
mig 29 is the most beautiful fighter in my opinion 😍
Boo Boo
and this is why yoU(SA) should not fight the Russians.... they will take you to the stratosphere and pin you there. Job impressively done Gregori. Love from India.
Bulgaria BG
Spartan in space 🛫⚔️⚔️⚔️🛬🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸bravos 🇷🇺❤️🇬🇷⚽️👍☝️💪👍
Now here is the proof that, Earth is round 😁 !! God bless mama Russia...,and God bless Russian friends.... from India.\n🇮🇳❤️🇷🇺
Captain Macmillan
€17,500 for a 45min trip on a mig 29 fulcrum.. Anyone interested in a 2014 toyota rav4? slightly used and well maintained.
Comando Adler
How r u? Ooooooook 😂🤣
Cosmin Modrisan
Unfortunatelly, my country left its MiG-29 fleet abandoned outside, în the sun,rain,snow and freeze...Great fighting aircraft ! Greeting from Romania !
Cristi parvu
Mig 29 fulcrum is better then any fightplate from USA, UK, FRANCE i really love this plane... is above of all.... and what a pilot can do is unspoked, unbelivebel plain,pilot skill.\nF-16 is just a plane but Mig29-fulcrum is mother off fighting planes...
Daniel N.
MiG29 one of the nicest jets that ever existed.
WOW, Great photography, experience and getting all dressed up for 57000' a 1.4m and about the only to experience the altitude and speed. Concorde had a maximum CRUISING altitude of 60039'N and speed of Mach 2.04, you would still have had to be properly dressed, maybe a summer suit and tie to go with the champagne and caviar.
David Foreman
One of the best videos I have watched amazing
Dermia Salasa
Russia is weak, Russia people ride pony and donkey to work, and they make weak vodka, Russia no super power, more like weak power, ..like almost dead battery power,.. works like little baby battery, ..Russia is old people only. Now old people ride jet to space. Russia very crazy, swim in frozen water, drive car into frozen water, drive car in wrong lane, wrong way, while drinking vodka, now crazy Russia people fly jet. What is this Russia do next, fly jet to moon while drinking vodka....all kiddin aside, great job on Yuri part, what a skill.....love to Russia from USA.
Donald Duck
See?? The Earth is not flat.
Dwane Yocum
Bravo! Beautiful airplane, excellent pilot, wonderful day.
What a plane....what a pilot!
Galina Kruz
Дух захватывает! Грегори, ты молодец! Ты сделал это.\nА небо у нас одно.Помни это всегда.
Gary Laaks
I am so jealous. Awesome Gregori. I love the Russian fighters myself.
Geoff Geoff
The question isn't \
George Mavrides
The Mig29 is one of the most cost effective, reliable and sexiest planes ever made. Russian aviation engineering!
George Santamouris
Δωσε ρε πατριδα . Εζησες το απολυτο .
Georgios Koutsimpos
Gregori Alexatos
Due to many questions for price and where you can book this adventure i would like to share some info....\nPersonally i booked this flight from a company called www.migflug.com because i had allready good experience from other fighter flights like L 39 and MIG 15 ...\nFor price informations call at this company and you can ask a really good guy called Phillip. \nThere is hope of SU 27 Flanker, MIG 23 and MIG 31 flights. \nMe personally tried to book NATO Fighters but at this moment is actually impossible.\nOnly an F4 Phantom in Texas wich the have spare Parts problems..
Jay H
You are living my dream...a hammerhead stall in a Mig-29
Jorge Portilla
El mejor avion del Mundo. Saludos desde Peru
Juan 559
Wow nice!!!!👍👍👍👍 VIVA RUSSIA 😉
Kamaru Zaman
From malaysia with love we also have smoky bandit(mig 29)
Ken N
Magnificent beast of a machine!
Late Apex
Russians are some cool, hard bastards. That old pilot was ice man for sure.
Well done mate! Your mother and your country should be proud of your achievement!
Louis Wilson
I am a proud American , but what a beast of an aircraft.. What a beautiful plane.. Kudos to Russia.. :)
Marco Cobra
Mark Cooke
Awesome...Russia has some awesome jets..respect to you from the UK
Nice Gregori - whatever is next on your menu, we'll make it happen!
Michael Demarco
Russian men are a Man's Man, don't mess with MOTHER RUSSIA. DA
Miklós Szekeres
They say money can't buy happiness.. Well, think again
Milton Fender
🇬🇷 🇷🇺
Navaxo Alàska
Love and respect to our orthodox brothers from Greece. Long live russia.
Nek Gab
Γρηγορη ευχομαι να σου αρεσε η εμπειρια κ συγχαρητηρια για τον κοπο σου .Σε χαρηκα πραγματικα κ ζηλεψα.Εχουμε την ιδια καταγωγη (κεφαλονια) κ επειδη κ μενα μου αρεσουν τα αεροσκαφη ενιωθα σαν να ημουν κ γω μεσα.Να σαι καλα,η Παναγια μαζι σου.Μου αρεσε πολυ που εκανες τον σταυρο σου.Νεκταριος
Neven Stupar
hell of a machine, one of the gretaest planes ever made!
Olivier MHT
Thanks for this vidéo Gregory, wonderfull !!! Russian pilots are very good guys for sure
Pambos Zeniou
Pasha Pasovski
Love Russian people, they are most humble at all the greatness they achieve! Just good people!
Patrick P
5:47 wow the earth is not flat ?
Paul van der Heijden
A boys dream, fantastic you get to realize it, cheers!
Ron Wylie
What a work of art this plane is, I don't believe anything could touch it in it's day { and possible this day }, operating in horrible conditions it looks like all you would need in the field would be spare parts and a couple of mechanics, not like the army of scientists and computers that we in the west need. This fantastic aircraft reminds me of the Russian people in world war 2 when they moved the tank factory back 100 miles and drove the tanks out and straight into war,
Shaun Chin
Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!
супер. ниче что блеванул. видос хорошо сделан
Τι έκανες ρε θηρίο; Αδιανόητο... Πόσο σου κόστισε;
TOng Sam PaH倫튠壘
Very Great pilot👍.from malay pilot..
Theodore Alexopoulos
αχ τυχερακια μακάρι να πετούσαν και εγώ έστω για 1',μπραβο!!!!!
Tony daUdine
Simply fantastic, in stratosphere seems to be firm in space.... no moving...
Valerka W
Ублюдки! Для любого пацана это стоит его карьеры и молодости! Приди в учОбище, пройди комиссию как в космонавты по 1й графе, а потом тебя комиссуют во вторую группу.... пока научишься воздушному бою - тебя комиссуют в третью на штурмовики.... и ппц! Молодость прошла! Ты ни чей не родственник, ты никому не нужен - не герой, не орденоносец, налет меньше 1500 часов - мусор! Хлам! Ты потратил свою жизнь ради государства и стал хламом! А потом тебе показывают видео где му да к купил поездку на истребителе!!!! Просто купил!!! Чхать он хотел на комиссии, на ривизии, на тактику боя, на снабжение и прочую ерунду!!! Он купил! Вжик! и ты понял, что ты не мужик воевавший за ОТЕЧЕСТВО, а ЛОХ.... которого использовали....
I can't stop smiling while watching this. It's just unbelievable and so beautiful. \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Vladislav Rokotov
Да, техника у России самая лучшая! И люди самые стойкие и добрые.
Wall Cutter
This must have been the experience of a lifetime!
bloody hell, when he lights the burners, that thing takes off like a proverbial scalded cat!
Zacaria Hunt
Russia just gave 8 mig 29's to Serbia for free thank you Russia.
Zhan krg
12500 евро стоит такое развлечение на МИГ 29
Ziad Ben
That's Great... A great experience of flighing... Like F1•WRC•Rally-Raids racing....\nI dreamed this when I was near 23-25 y.o. ... Flighing in the Stratosphere and the handle in my hand... handling the Sukhoï/Mig experiencing the loops with 00-07G power in straight as shortest time... From Icy to Heaty regions... in fact a 01 & long fly with ''Air-refueling'' from Vladivostok (Icy = Siberia) to Tamanrasset (Heaty = SAHARA) -(or in the opposite way)- via Moscva and Algiers... And don't forget another dream that challeging this via station Mir or Saliout on that times...\nWhat a great and cool moments to live at this high speeds and flying between the atmosphere levels...\n\nStill... Love to do it right know...\n\nA dream stay dream... ;) ha ha ha \n\n\n\nPS : It could be another great & Good experience to do the same from Anchorage to Tamanrasset ...
Greeks and Russians are two old brothers. Great video!
andreas bomber21
Γρηγορη παει καλα δηλαδη το εργαλειο???εχει γκαζι τι λεει??:-D ...ωραιο βιντεο respect
andreas kotsos
Και γιατί να γλείφουμε τον κωλο τον αμερικανό, να πάρουμε τα F35 3 γενεάς που στοιχίζουν πόσα δυς το καθένα και να πάρουμε τα ρωσικά 5 γενεάς 3 προς 1, μάς δίνει ο Πούτιν. Δεν το καταλαβαίνω αυτό, με τούς φόρους πού πληρώνει ο κόσμος 3 προς 1 ,ήμαστε μαλλακες για τούς αμερικανόυς.?
antonio de montenegro
spectacular russia\nspectacular pilot\nspectacular music\nto all my russians friends greetings from switzerland
Gregori .... Welcome to the Russian SKY ... Congratulations
ja ne lk
kisisel gelisim
wow! Thank you Gregori for this amazing video.. Respect from Turkey.
kos pao
Γρήγορη είσαι ωραίος Μπράβο φίλε ανατρίχιασα \nΤι να σου πουν ρε φίλε
marko vidakovic
russian planes perfectt. brothers russia grece serbia ❤❤❤
mike opc
Συγχαρητήρια αδελφέ..αυτή η εμπειρία είναι σίγουρα μοναδική ,αξέχαστη κ πάντα θα μείνει μέσα σου!!Από κει πάνω..μόνο γαλήνη..
Say what you like but the MIG is a work of art. Amazing piece of tech
n1csome RS
Wow, what a beautiful aircraft.
plamen jekov
какая красота там над облаков!! там одна свобода и светлина !! нету зависть, жадность, толпь1 людей спешащие кудато, нету ограничения влево и вправо и куда либо !!
Are you sure about the \
Imo the Russian planes are the most sexy ones to look at.
You Gregory are with shure not the first greek in Russian Stratosphere..Before you, two other Pontian Greek Cosmonauts have been in the vast open Space. Ofcourse they were a Russian Federation ID Citizens.
Γνωστός Άγνωστος
Να 'ξερες πόσο σε ζηλεύω φίλε Γρηγόρη! Μοναδική εμπειρία ζωής! Εξαιρετικό βίντεο και μουσική, να 'σαι πάντα καλά παλίκαρε!
Быть Или Не Быть
Hello from Nizhny Novgorod and congrats on your flight! I've been in Greece this summer and I love your contry. I've also tried to get as close to the egde of space as I could by visiting Zeus's cloud temple (mount Olympus). It feels good to see people from different countries coming to my city. I hope people will start travelling more, understanding each other better and stop using those machines to kill. Amazing video!
Вячеслав Бобров
Пакет все же понадобился. Но оно и не удивительно, 5g это не шутка, только на видео выглядит легко
Игорь Коробейников
Прям забрали!! Американцы пишут, что мол вау!!! Как круто как класно! Но наши, все о том же! И мы вас победим и мы вас что угодно, какой стыд только!!!
Россия супер
Лё хана
Блин на репите трижды пересмотрел ,музон под шкуру зашёл теперь пару дней в ушах стоять будет .Крутотень мать её
Очень приятно, Царь! Царь, очень приятно.
В Липецке официально за бабло можно полетать!!!
Сергей Пушкарь
Восхитительная дикая птица! Как во сне! Он может быть другом , может убить, он сильный и непостижимый! Самолет-царь. А люди им руководящие- великие люди. Страна которая может делать такое- великая страна!
йцук йцукен
9.01 Блеванул турист.
таня нюша
дед провез как положено
セックス大好き & 欠 を 食べる
only in russia pilots fly mach one in adidas tracksuits