Riddick Official TRAILER 1 (2013) - Vin Diesel, Karl Urban Movie HD

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: Riddick Official TRAILER 1 (2013) - Vin Diesel, Karl Urban Movie HD Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction.

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Bad Ass: Check\nHot Chicks: Check\nMonsters: Check\n\nI'm gonna watch it :D
Aaron Brennan
LOL! So true!
Alex Skywalker
wtf isnt he the king of necromancers? wtf happened.. ?
Andres Gonzalez
you fight him then
Andrew Puckett
Andrew Rosland
This I believe is a prequel?\n
Gore, you scare me son.
Banter Board
Uhm . . . so if they have all that futuristic technology then why are they so concerned about Riddick having an advantage over them by being able to see at night? \n\nCan't they just pop on some night-vision goggles to even out the odds when going against Riddick in the dark? Night-vision goggles exist today in the year 2013!\n\nI found a hole in the story just from viewing the trailer . . . I ain't wasting my money to see this shit. Sorry.
Barış Eral
I think it's also sometime between Dredd and Star Trek...
Brzo marjan
every budy..... 11 minutes and 11 seconds,, hard spiking, he
C.J.L. 25
just like the first one.
Charter Con
I dont really care much more the plot in the Riddick movies. I just want to see him kick ass
Chris Hanson
I think this is actually a prequel to The Pacifier if I'm not mistaken.
Connor *
Everybody in the comments is fucking retarted saying there remaking pitch black... If you guys even watched the trailer you can clearly see its different people different story line... the only thing that's the same is the aliens... Saying this is a remake of pitch black because it has the same creatures is like saying aliens 2 is a remake of aliens. Lol
Crunchy Kieran
They said they want it to be a 5 film franchise hopefully and if this one does well then the next one in empire he said they Woop look at the mythology of chronicles again and go back to rhat scale, that film was awesome
The bounty is part of his character. He will and forever have to live with the decisions he made in the past despite whatever else is going on at the time(necro-dudes). Oh and about the bounty, how come it can work for han-solo and not for Riddick? The most important part of these movies, is the universe they create, and the narrative they use to do it.
Dror S
hmm this looks really similar to pitch black...like alone on the planet the some ppl come than monsters!!
omg. I lol'd so hard at this\n
Gore Goritza
I want his eyes
Greg Rizal
I was hoping they made a prequel which explains why Riddick got the weird eyes and how he became a fugitive hiding in that planet.
The real question is how big a star is Sackhoff? Will she make it to the end of the movie or will she die just before the end?
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I'm sad this looks so much like Pitch Black, which was a really good movie. This, however, looks like it would be a decent film if it wasn't a carbon copy.
La Day
Thats why I'll wait for this to go to netflix..because their was so much they could have done with him being emperor of the necro's instead they redid Pitch Black all over again.
Leo Craveiro
Where is Karl Urban a.k.a Vaako? Is it the guy shooting him at him at 1:12? He is using the same weapons as the Necros
Lyle Drexler
I noticed that the dogs share the same the same look of the Australian dog that went extinct
Didn't this trailer just showed the entire plot of the movie? I mean, what exactly is there left that would surprise me now!?
4 years has passed already. Dam!
its just a remake of pitch black. it had its good parts but still was a little boring.
what a shitty riddick movie. pointless. no script. nothing.\nboring so borin.
Mr Lettuce
Is that Batista in 1:52 ??
Mr. Swordfish
I mean this was just a remake of Pitch Black, but at this point its been so long since ive seen Pitch Black i mostly forgot the plot. This movie wasnt the best, but it was very enjoyable and fun to watch, Chronicles and Riddick are different films. Chronicles will still always be my favorite but this one has a special place in my heart.
1:51 batista
Nikolay Dipchikov
RUBBISH movie!!
this is exactly what i think of when i think of Vin Diesel.
Pete Lane
RCG Sergeant
is batista in there if he is wow
Red Hulk
Vin why didnt you pick up where Chronicles left off, you're the emperror of the most bad ass force in the galaxy, you could have gone mass effect and faced off with a bigger threat, why do pitch black again?
Rei Rei
How do you watch out from \
Robert Rudnik
...the light...hurts my eyes...
This is not a prequel everyone. This is a continuation of the previous movie.
Russ Fox
Don't you listen he was casted out and left for dead
Anyone can create cool concepts, but it takes a special talent to apply them properly.. George Lucas is an example of a writer who created brilliant concepts with one hand, and destroyed them with the other.
it's not a prequel, at one point you can see the person shooting the cliff where Riddick falls, the costume that the shooter is wearing is armour from CoR. And Karl Urban os in it.
he wanted to go back to furya and was betrayed
Wasnt he king of the Necromongers?
Yes it would have ended the series if it ended like it did in chronicles. Riddick 2013 explains his fate in the begining.
T- Linski
No There Wrong The Most Dangerous Man They Have Tracked Is Osama Vin Diesel
Riddick has a huge chronicle of stories. I am sure there is reason.
Tulip Dew
Duh, obviously it takes place after Starbuck comes back from the dead. This is what she was doing the whole time she was missing!
New alien is coming.
The lore of Riddick universe is pretty interesting, particularly the Necromongers. Stories of them are told like a folklore; a comet signals the destruction. \n\nTo think that they're known for destroyers of worlds, no alliance has formed to seek out and destroy the Necromongers (or is there one?). \n\nRegardless, this is a cool sci-fi concept. This series has got my full support. \n\n
a. j. sw
So... they don't connect at all to where we left him last time? That kind of... sucks. And is a little weird... I do hope they at least mention something about it. I mean, if you become kind of the new leader of the Universe, it should have some consequences no?
Nope! As u can see...or not ...a Necromonger tries to kill him on the planet. The Necros or some of them..think Karl Urban, reject Riddick as leader and try to kill him. Necros are probably the ones who dropped him off on the planet and sent Mercs to kill him. New monsters on a dark planet and all hell breaks lose. The hunters become the hunted.
some bounty hunters come after riddick.\nhe kills many of them.\nthey capture him.\nsome monsters come.\nthey let riddick free.\nhe kills the monsters.\nthe end.
cedric douillard
I've been freaking waiting for this
I thought he was already the Lord Marshall of the Necromonger, or maybe this is the story behind the story, even before pitch black
I dont understand why they got the same director as Pitch Black to do this movie. Chronicles of Riddick was better than Pitch Black by a long shot. This isn't a progression of the story of riddick. It basically disregards everything in Chronicles as if it never happened. Riddick gets riddick stuck on a hostile planet in the dark again where he has to kill monsters. again. With a bunch of mercenaries. again. Its pitch Black 2.0. It shouldn't have Riddick in the title, because you could have replaced the main character with anyone.
Chronicles of Pitch Black? Richard D Riddick was awesome in Pitch Black but whatever the fuck they were snorting when they came up with Chronicles (the movie where Riddick fights those robot things from Star Trek) killed it for me.
why does this look like a remake of Pitch Black?\r\n
Riddick is such a badass I bet he doesn't even have time to bleed!
Because that's probably what it is, essentially.\nPitch Black was an above-average example of the survival formula; the late 90s/early2000s answer to Aliens and Predator. Of the two Riddick films, it's the one that performed best at the box office, and has some enduring appeal. Hollywood thinking = \
jim cognition
I wouldn't put the house on it
They are closed for holidays...
why does it look like remade of pitch black?\nonly he can see in the dark only he can save them....\ncould they not have made a beginning insted\n
Looks like Diesel couldn't get the right budget for a real Chronicles sequel, so they compromised to make a smaller scale movie like Pitch Black again, which would act as a stepping stone (if successful) to going bigger again
moony kash
moral of the story: don't hunt riddick. and btw, if you do, a bunch of monsters will show that will make the story more exciting XD
robe asd
It's already explained... The guy asked a doctor to operate him and give nightvision, however he can now only see in nightvision, so he has to wear sunglasses, so that he could see during day time.
ryan moore
fuck yes. I loved the riddick movies.
Instantly thought the Karl was Karl Pilkington, that's a movie I'd watch.\n
vin is hardly 1/2 black. more like 1/8. but since he's popular you gladly claim him as black. let's see if if he fucks up. then it's like, he's 7/8 white!
yeah it does look like the first one, but I'm still going to watch it cause it looks awesome
svetlana ninic