Men’s 100m at French National Championship 2018

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Full race report from Men’s 100m at French National Athletics Championship in Albi, July 7, 2018

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Nothing!!!!!! 10.04 - 9.56 !!!!!
Jonny Woodburn
What's Ivory Coast and Iran doing at a French championships? Nice way to expose those slow Frenchie boys
Thank you for uploading a new batch of stuff! Also, why don’t you post diamond league races?
Katie Clarke
It sounds like LeMaitre is one of the commentators.
Sabri Messadi
Y'a pas faux départ
Where is CHRISTOPHE LeMAITRE??? As a funny side note, they have the shortest guy in in the race in Lane 7 (5 foot 8 inches) right next to the tallest guy in the race in Lane 8 (6 foot 4 inches). Very funny...