Men’s 100m at French National Championship 2018

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Full race report from Men’s 100m at French National Athletics Championship in Albi, July 7, 2018

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Nothing!!!!!! 10.04 - 9.56 !!!!!
Jonny Woodburn
What's Ivory Coast and Iran doing at a French championships? Nice way to expose those slow Frenchie boys
Thank you for uploading a new batch of stuff! Also, why don’t you post diamond league races?
KitKatKatie _15
It sounds like LeMaitre is one of the commentators.
Sabri Messadi
Y'a pas faux départ
Where is CHRISTOPHE LeMAITRE??? As a funny side note, they have the shortest guy in in the race in Lane 7 (5 foot 8 inches) right next to the tallest guy in the race in Lane 8 (6 foot 4 inches). Very funny...