Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ANALYSIS - World of Light Reveal Trailer (Secrets Hidden Details)

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While a ton of new information was revealed about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including its final roster, there was one mode that was more intriguing than anything else, the World of Light! We take a closer look at the new Adventure Mode to discover its secrets including the new villain Galeem, the massive map, how the mode will work, all of the many references, and the all of the Spirit Battles. All of this and more in our latest Smash Bros. analysis!Special Thanks to the following people!

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69 or 420
You know what sucks? There is a huge percentage of the fanbase who love the whole idea of collecting spirits, and aren't upset by the fact that they didn't get the fighter they wanted, and yet they're barely seen because of the people who are salty over not getting specifically what they wanted. It's a problem with most fanbases actually. The small bad portion is more acknowledged than the large good portion.
I want a counter on how many times he says \
AaronPlays ROBLOX And MORE!!!
Where is LUIGI?
So basically smash ultimate is a confirmed kirby game
35:53 Applying all of the game logic I can, I've deduced that the ribbon hole probably leads to a sub-area, and the face with the tongue sticking out is the exit.
Why didn't the villager try to pocket the beam?
Artsy Omni
“Wanted to hide a kid getting vaporized”\n\nOpenly vaporizes Villager, both Pits, and Zelda, who is presumably on the younger side. =P
First I know what that crystal place is. From smash 64, theres theese things called poly-clones which are the identical colors to the crystals.
Biscuit WHYYY
Kapp'n's bus and the tunnel may be a reference to Earthbound.\n\nIn Earthbound, you had to cross through a ghost inhabited tunnel in a bus, so that seems to make sense in my head at least.
Well I guess the world of light is looking pretty BriGht
Brent Terschegget
The purple sparks are probaly the purple light form Breat of the Wild when calamty ganon
4:14\nGleam: Did you just assume my gender
Candy The Cat
Villager's Clone Eyes Look Terrifying
Chatal Doyle
We didnt see the new comers so maybe they will join with Kirby and save the world
Chicken Nugget
Where’s my boi meta knight at?
Christian Espinal
And that’s why you main kirby
Cometflamer Gaming
*Kirby: Dead Allies*
Crushing Bellhead
When i saw Rathalos i wanted to buy the switch immediately
Derrick: You’ll never catch me Nintendo, not when I put the analysis machine into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!!!
The island looks like the island covered in bombs in SSBB
Damià García Nájar
The purple crystals are from a bonus area from the 3ds gamemode in which you run around killing enemies and collecting prizes.
Daniel Y
It may be the stump Yoshi was sleeping on in the beginning of Subspace
Im so happy that my boy marth is one of the first to be unlocked\nEdit: Also if you want the new charaters good freaking luck
Doodle Bob
I really hope my main is unlock able early.
What if they all used their Super Smash? Would that be enough? I dont think so...
Dude Tube
I thought the town at the start was the one in kid icarus upriaing
Electric Yoshi
Now I wanna play it soo bad
Eric Pike
The dlc's that appeared in super smash bros. Should be in there as normal characters they are also not shown except for bayonette also, I noticed Ness is missing. (Those crystals are a reference to where you fight shadow mewtwo in pokenn tournament!)
Feeling Healing
10:40 The purple crystals remind me of the fighting polygons!
I was excitted for the World of Light, but now I'm even more HYPE!.
Yes yes\n\
God Magikarp
The stump is Yoshi’s stump from the cutscenes, and the cave is the same cave in subspace, the one that Mario,Link,Pit,Kirby, and Yoshi travel
Gordyyy Productions
Everyone: * *is here* *\n\nGaleem: NOT ON MY WATCH
Hanna Dalat
The town on the map at 28:21 kind of looks like it could be Pastoria City from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, because like Pastoria City, it is next to the beach, it has small white buildings and a couple larger white buildings with rounded blue roofs, and what look like swimming pools. All the exact features of Pastoria. Also, the fact that it shows the Pokemon Trainer surfing from the beach next to the town (though that could just be coincidental) makes it even more likely that it is a little callback to Pastoria City and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! It could even tie a bit into the hype about the suspected future Diamond and and Pearl remakes!
Insert Name Here
Yoshikage Kira?
Isaac Kihia
I am the only one who felt really touched that sonic tried to help pikachu
Jackson Struble
Just looking at the amazing amount of detail Sakurai and the hundreds of beautiful people on the dev team makes me thankful that companies can come together peacefully and willfully to make such a masterpiece of a game. I mean, who could’ve imagined 15 years ago that Mario, Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Cloud, and who knows else all in one fighting game. I’m amazed that at the least Microsoft hasn’t been approached to at least consider pitching in some of their IP.
Joel Pais
Josh Wilson
I wonder what nintendo would think if they saw this
Khaos Sampie
What if Galene (correct me if I spelled that wrong) was hiding inside the final destination, or it was the aftermath of the sun and earth colliding in the background (explaining the wing texture)
Kosmic Waffle
10:37 Maybe it's battlefield, the smaller islands kind of looks like the ones in the background of the stage.
Lolishy TAS
Also, Sonic can't outrun a beam of light.\n\nSonic is faster than the speed of sound but light is faster than sound so Sonic will get caught.
What do I think ? hmmm...I think that's there's not a lot of people that can make a video of 50 minutes on a basic reveal trailer of 4minutes and 35secondes
Luigi's Hat
Goldenrod city? 11:11
Manuel Candelaria
So this the new Kirby game?
At 12:00 that could be the pimpkin Forrest or whatever it’s called with the guy called mars or lars
Mazuki151PGSZ PlayZ
Inthinity war:we killed half of our characters\nSmash bros:hold my beer
One of the things I absolutely love about the opening cutscene is how the game doesn't just ignore some of what the characters can do. We see them all (or at least the ones that mattered the most in this scenario) try to use their unique abilities to escape and see that almost none of them mattered. Although, Shulk's ability might actually be how Kirby escaped. I just love getting to see everyone shine, or at least try to.
MiLK Carton
the purple crystals... FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM
Morningstar Tucker
that skyscraper place is tilted towers
Mr Pumpkin Man 712
if you don't buy this by christmas you have...\n\n\n*THE BIG GAY*
Nathan L
Kirby: Star Allies. \n\nNow with over 70 allies.
Nathaniel Bandy
This analysis really makes this adventure mode look fantastic, cant wait to try it in a month!
Nathaniel Jackson
28:01 is that food Ness-essary? Is it? XD
Nicholas Vargas
How do you know there are no crazy hands?
27:38 This area totally is a Kirby reference!\nAll these blocks and tiles with the sun and the moon are very reminiscent of the Bubbly Clouds stage from Kirby Super Star.\nI know this stage is from Kirby's Dream Land, but this version matches almost exactly with the tileset from the SNES version.\nNot only the blocks, but the color scheme and these grids and bells in the background too!\nThe food on the ground is probably a reference to Gourmet Race, like you've pointed out.
Omnii Games
That island looks like the floating island from The Subspace Emissary.
The purple crystal place could be (I know that this is a stretch) Meta Crystal from the first Super Smash Bros.
Thanos Beam
At 49:01 that could be the great fox or falcos arwing
Retro Gamer
All of there including the Nintendo reference are just.... AWLSOME!
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis
Saketh k
No! I wanted Ike to have a bigger role, like subspace, his intro was badass. Couldn't even spot him in the trailer :(
Sir Pancakes
Hey mommy I see a light- AHHH
Who would have thought that we would get this much story and lore out of a Smash Brothers game?
Smug Sneasel
Skipper: Kowalski, Analysis! \nKowalski: Well Skipper, it seems that in the end this game with really about the exploits of Kirby. A pseudo-kirby game, if you will.\nSkipper: Interesting. Continue.\nKowalski: I have also discovered that the symbols with which the japanese use spell \
Sniping Pikachu
IDK why I think this but when I saw the city, it looked like crisis city from Sonic 06 but it lacked the lava
Squeak Squadron
The stump in the forest could be the one Yoshi slept on in Brawl’s Subspace Emissary.
StarKnight 54
U sure it ain't the Atlas logo from CoD AV
I hope World of Light would be possible in Co Op
To be honest luma could have ditched Rosalina a become a separate character because Luma could teleport to another dimension because that is one of the only ways to escape the beams
Even if Sonic didn't slow down, he still can't outrun the light, he's just a bit faster than sound
The Big E
Nintendo: You have 4 minutes to hide as many details as possible, think you can pull it off?\n\nSakurai: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!
The Meme-Museum
world is ending\nWii fit trainer: Oh well, my friends are dieing, time to do some Yoga!
So, the World of Light story mode is literally named \
Timothy Lei
So.......looking at it it seems more like a light has taken over the world or the galaxy or the seems the light is evil which is basically the opposite of what light usually evil light
Toviel Chung
Kirby was the only one Shulk warned because he is the only one who can escape in time. Sonic would need the Chaos or Super Emeralds to escape the planet, and Fox and Falco's ships aren't fast enough to escape the beams. Rosalina could've probably escaped actually, but didn't for some reason.
Toxic Teemo
The area of purple crystals might be referencing the fighting stage for Shadow Mewtwo in both Pokken Tournament games.
Did anyone notice that Link losing balance while fighting the beam is a direct reference to Breath of the Wild where if you don't parry an attack, you lose balance and become vulnerable?
Valente2210 XP
37:30 This place representate R.O.B, beacuse It is a Nintendo acessori
Volcanic 0321
You think the light can catch me?\nNOT WHEN I KICK INTO\n\n\n\n\nM A X I M U M O V E R D R I V E
Wolf Draws
I just realized that Kirby is treated like the favorite child
Yoshi Kingdom
4 minute clip stretched out to 50 minutes......\nThis is the GameXplain I want!
clancy johnson
I hope there is more than fighting spirits and characters and other stuff you mention. I would like brawl's 2D sections with its A+ cut-scenes and with voice acting. Also congrats on 1 Million Subscribers.
deno_ 55
The new currency could be ,,Catched Light´´. You could get that by fightning and defeating the light clones with spirits or getting it in chests
eeveeplayz Games!
I noticed something some places look like maps from smash tour
phantom Orion
I watched .. the whole video no skips ..... no pauses .......
whats the music in the beggining
World of light better have waluigi
sf sonic
What the f*** is Mario supposed to do jump
So who knew the implications of what Kira meant because of Death Note, lol