French prepositions (French Essentials Lesson 12)

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In this 'how to speak French' video lesson, Alexa continues her French Essentials with a lesson on PREPOSITIONS such as ON, UNDER, BEHIND, etc. SUBSCRIBE ► for more great FREE videos.

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alexa you are very good at french
Aanya Doda
It was really very helpful to me
Adam B
Bonjour Alexa! Maybe you could make a video on how to hear the difference between il sont and ils ont. I can't seem to understand it... I love your videos! Bisou bisou :)
Ahmad Akkawi
je vous remercie beaucoup \nvous étes trés gentille . \nbisou bisou 😘😘
Aj funny video
Bonjour mam
le petite blanc et noir chat est sur la table dans la cusine.
Anderson Cerda
Bonjour Alexa, je m'appelle Andy et je voulais dire que j'aime et soutiens vos vidéos sur l'enseignement du français sur Youtube. J'ai appris et j'étudie le français afin que je puisse pratiquer parler français, profiter des conversations françaises toutes les deux semaines avec un groupe de personnes. Merci beaucoup et au revoir pour l'instant.
Bhavya Padamsi
1:29 how does she know what we said but amazing video u saved the day and super man has got nothing on you your only french away i appreciate your vids keep it going good job
Bob Stone
Le chat est sous le boite. Pour kitty he looked squished
Cherry Bomb Animations
Thanks Alexa after watching you doing the gestures of the prepositions and explaining It is all clear in my brain.\nMerci !!
Chotto Ovi
thanks a lot ,
Craig Johnson
The cat is not on the box \
Enjoyed. As always. Thanks a lot Lady Alexa.
Dan The Nerd _
4:43 - RIP le chat qui est sous la boîte
Eleanor Luxton
Brilliant! So so helpful and explanatory
Elson Ngai
Je m'assois devant mon ordinateur dans ma chambre.
Eman Alshehri
You are amazing
Esau Gamez
Poor 'chat'. Gettin' squashed by a box...he sacrificed his life for us lol
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Francesca Corradini
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Je suis sur le lit dans ma chambre devant mon armoire à côté de mon frère 😉😉. .....merci beaucoup.....tu es trés bien t'aime beaucoup 💓💓
Hiu Tung Chan
Thank you so much Alexa! The gestures really help me remember those words easier :D
i noticed that you used feminine nouns after each one of the prepositions discussed in the video. Is it the same for masculine ones too??
Igman Ienczak
Hi Alexia! Merci beaucoup! I am learning french and i am learning so many things with your videos. I am brazilian, and i want to encourage you to keep recording videos, it will help us to discovery more about this beautiful language that is the french language, and more, you will be in our memories saying things like \
Ignez Maciel
I don't understand why \
Jacintha Reema Gomes
Hi Alexa. Thanks a lot for your French lessons. I am shifting to France in October and these lessons are helping me a lot! my in-laws are French and most of them do not speak in English! So thank you!
Jai Shiva Ram P
Hi Alexa,\nwish to bring to your notice that, at 6:25, the text is wrongly given as 'the cat is on the box' instead of 'the cat is on the table'
Jaime Burgos
Les libres sont dans la bibliothèque.
Joel Fernandes
Hello dear alexa. I'd like to know the difference between dans and dedans.
Johncy alexander
Thanks a lot mam..
Julian Apostate
Now, how will you say \
L'homme est devant la fille qui est dans le resteraunt.\n\nHow did I do?
KJ Studio
There are several ideas for how to learn FrenchDecide exactly why you want to speak itTry to use French everydayFind what method works for you best.(I discovered about these and more from Magic language method website )
Karin Löffler
Merci beaucoup Alexa. Your videos are amazing. I wrote a paper on how using iconic gestures for vocabulary learning is very beneficial. You used them and I found it really helpful
Kazimi Syed Mujtaba
Le chat et le rat sur la table. \nLa boîte aussi sur la table.\nLa chat et le rat à côté de la bôite.
Nice lesson! \n\nWould be even better with more interesting and more distinguishable examples. Moving a cat around a box does not really help to remember and distinguish the prepositions. So I think it would help to \
Laura Camila
Your videos are amazing! I laughed too hard at \u003c\u003cLe chat est sous la boîte\u003e\u003e The cat looked so funny, it'll definitely help me memorize it 😂
Laura Clavijo
Hello Alexa :D I am having trouble with prepositions due to the fact that I am a spanish speaker. The thing is that in spanish I am used to say '' El gato está debajo DE la caja''  so in French I would say '' Le chat est sous DE la boite'' ....that DE is wrong ??\nThanks so much !!\nAnd in the case that I use a droite or a gauche , then this sentence would be correct? L'armorie est a droit de la plante?\nThanks again, I loveeee your channel
Lena A Philip
Merci , u r good in teaching French
Lika Chichua
Oh my god, French is such a difficult language
Lisa Moore
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Hi Alexia the English one is wrong in the last
Malavika Nambiar
I love you so much! you are such an amazing teacher!❤
Malika Mh
i enjoy all of your lessons alexa thank u
Hi madame alexa le chat and la souris derriere la boite nice madame i like your videos thank you so much madame you are so beautiful
Marwa Alsharef
You are super amazing funny teacher have i ever seen ❤️😘 than you so much for your sharing this helpfully videos :D
Millionaire Poet
Thanks Alexa! I recently moved to Quebec from Jamaica and need to learn French fast. I have been using your channel and it is super helpful.
Naim Naji
Boise toi! Le chat est sur la boite😂
Je suis dans mon lit, à côté de mon ordinateur, qui aussi est dans mon lit. Je suis dans ma chambre, dans ma maison. Pendant que je regarde ce film, j'écris dans mon cahier. La table est devant la fenêtre et la fenêtre et derrière la table, bien sûr.\nIl fait froid à Oslo - il y a du neige sur les toits!\nMerci beaucoup pour ces films!
Okuku Liliann
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Older New Age Travellers
J’apprend le francais dans la cuisine devant la table! X
2:20 when she was doing the action im like should i do this? what if someone comes? \n\nthen she says do it nobody's watching.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱😰
Prabhu king
How am I suppose to do that gesture by holding moi portable ? however this session was fun and helpful. I enjoyed it really and I love the way you teach #Alexa# keep going.. doing great job.. am following your videos... tres bien.. au revoir, Abientot, ... bisou bisou... ;* :* (Sur, sous, a cote de, dans, devant, derriere ) vous parlez excellent dans anglais et francais..
Pragathi Ms
le chat est sur le tableau
Je suis sous moi ordi
Raj Kumar
effective lesson
Rejane Nascimento
I am 66 years old and love your french lessons. You are #Super!!!
Rose 7
riding the bus learning french mouthing the words
Sanjay yadav
you are very nice and friendly
This is so cool and easy to follow.. Are you a teacher of English?
mon chat dort dans la cuisine devant le poêle.
Somsom Hayat
l love you so matche
Sonam Dabas
I liked this video, please upload a video on prepositions used before countries
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Je t'aime tellement pour tout que tu fais pour moi
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When she says nobody is watching.... Am looking around me in the library..... Heheh...
The Fruit Team
i had a test about French place prepositions and you really helped, THANK YOU!
Victor Bugarin
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Vladimir Oprenko
It's a pity. (( Fight your greediness and set in discription of videos text of examples... Stealing viewer's time is not so smart, because you are stealing from your popularity much more! Try and you'll see!
Wilmar Beia
Honestly, I have to thank you for the time you spend recording these videos. I really appreciate that because not only I could and still learn important tips about French from your videos but also I could notice how close French is to Portuguese.
Yuce W
Thank you, Alexa! I learned a lot from your clips. The things you teach are very useful, and you make them easy and interesting to learn! Thank you!\n(Oops, the English translation at 6:13 should be \
Je suis dans ma chambre avec ma regarde la télévision
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Ma voiture est devant l' église, qui est derrière l' école!!! 🌠🌠🌠 Bisou bisou :-* :-*
ezra samuel
3:52 can you help me please why \
fartun Wayax
If you find these lessons of Alexa interesting then thumbs up by the way I find it nice so my two thumbs are up for Alexa and also thanks Alexa for your lesson
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Hello, Alexa!\nHow to pronounce \
jossuet evangelista
Anyone would like to trade languages? I speak fluent English and Spanish also Portuguese. I teach you, you teach me?
justinofficial go!!
C'est un plaisir apprend avec toi .
poorni ranasinghe
hi Alexa I have no words to say your volunteer service. It's really helpful to who learning French. I wish you all the very best. and hope your more videos.
rajan ghosh
Very interesting teacher you are. I like your teaching method.
rockline kwakye
Thank you soo much for your videos. It's very helpful to me. Thanks!!!
rudy post
PRePosITioN \u003e\u003e grep -v grep MINItel | SECAM -\u003e\u003e\u003e HTTp://
rupan rupan
Merci très bien
You are a great teacher!
sanju khan
Video clip 6:01 there is not the right word in the sentences.\n\nLe chat est sur la table dans la cuisine..... \n\nThe cat is on top the box or table?
shalvi mishra
Je suis sur les chaise.\nI hope I am not wrong
2018- im on lesson 12 and i feel very confident thanks to you Alexa! \u003c3 Keep up the goodwork! \u003c3
ward rob
la souris est devant
xd SaltyTM
Alexa, how do you say LOL in French?
Thanks for the video... However I am unable to find vidéos on other prepositions - du , de etc... Could you please help me on it
zen electric
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Le chat est sur la table dans la cuisine à côté de la souris qui est devant la boîte.
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so what is the different between \