Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Lifelight Music Video w/ Lyrics (World of Light Main Theme)

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This is the music video with Lyrics of the main theme of Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch appearing in the World of Light Story Mode trailer of the Smash Nintendo Direct from November 2018.

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Aca _Playz
OMG ITS THE BEST SONG EVER THIS IS GONNA BE MY NEW FAVORITE SONG !!!!!!!!!!!! WHO AGGRES WITH ME ?? (Please Like :3) Replay Button: 0:00 Costs 1 like only
AceBreak/ /ActiveRed
This trailer made we want to get Smash even more
Adam Crawford
Best song video ever ever ever! I watched it so many times just today! This video is so amazingly awsome! Omg so good!
Admin Prone
I just love how Sonic tried slowing down to grab Pikachu. It's a small but very touching moment.
Ahmario 21
Only pirhanna plant can save them
Aidan Stg
Sonic tried to save pikachu
Alex Doloriert
*I REALLY HOPE THIS GAME WILL BE THE 2018 GAME OF THE YEAR, NOT JUST 2018 BUT, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, & BEYOND!!!!*
they *TALK*
Antoine 123
1:23 why Dark Pit ans Pit stop flying after Palutena death
Armanduchi 2
Im the only one that cried with this?
I knew Smash was going to be Ultimate, *but not this ultimate.*
Beautiful Walrus
Shout out to Snake for trying to hide in his box. He will be missed.
You know you’re gonna have a bad time when even Mewtwo and Bayonetta get overwhelmed like that
1:01 \n\nThat’s adorable and sad, because you see that Sonic was trying to save Pikachu, but ending up getting caught because of it! :,(
- Incredible roster.\r\n- Genuinely feels like the ULTIMATE Smash game.\r\n- The final direct had good information, but poor pacing.\r\n- If I seemed upset over Piranha Plant, I was just shocked. VERY hyped for him.\r\n- 5 DLC slots!!!!\r\n- SAKURAI PLEASE REST
Bridgette Perkins
Kirby mains, it is time to HIII!
Button mash
Subspace emissary but the actual complete version
Caleb N Carter
*DIS IS SO GUD!!!!*\n\n\nAlso...\n\n*\
Carmenlita Jaramillo
I cried a little when i saw Link and sonic even pikachu.
Charlie Premo studios
Sonic died trying to do whats right.
Choco Devil
That light made one mistake, and it's leaving that god killer kirby alive lmao
Crazy Alex
Meanwhile I was seeing this... I cried of joy! Who else cried with joy
Cyberjose1045 Ω
This is art, appreciate it!
Davy PE
1:00 Sonic died like a hero\nHe could easily run away, but he tried to Save Pikachu\nHe is a true hero
*Starts video*\nNo need to fear, because EVERYONE IS HERE!\n*video ends*\nNo need to fear, because KIRBY IS HERE!
Dio Drando
Of course Sakurai's child survives
*Better Than \
Donnell Braxton
It would be amazing if all the characters used their final smashs to defeat the final boss its would be amazing\nedit: man thats alot likes would be a shame if all u guys remove ur like
This confirms thanos for dlc
Emilio Fernandez
I'm in love with this music, do not you? (she makes me cry a lot) ❤😭
Emilio Solano
I guarantee you whatever is oofing our smash characters is pissed because we killed tabuu.
Are going we gonna talk about how when sonic and pikachu are running away and right before the beam kills pikachu sonic sticks his hand out for him?
Kirby's the true protagonist of Super Smash Bro.s Ultimate.
Gumball 333
List of characters that have to be in Smash:\n- Heavy guy from TF2\n-Baldi \n-Granny \n-Evil Nun \n- Steve \n- Waluigi ( if he was in game, there wasn't any T-pose apocalypse) \n- SMG4 (as skin for Mario) \n- Tari the girl gamer (from SMG4)\n- Fishy Boopkins ( Yes, it should be the strongest character because of his dad)\n- Bob\n- Roblox guy
1:30 why the hell is Wii Fit Trainer saluting the sun?
Imagine yoshi
this song....makes me cry inside.....😔😔😔😔
It seems that Kirby stole the role of Mario xd
Jinx Batstar
*Kirby wakes up from the blast of energy and noticed that everyone is gone.*\n\nKirby: \
Kirbypro1 The bee
Kirby best character \n-has anime \n-is young star warrior \n-Sakurai’s child \n-best games\n-one of the originals
Knuxiel Lombardi Ybur
Aside from the fact that Kirby survived a universe ending disaster, I'm actually impressed that they were able to picture Light, a thing most people consider to be associated with good and purity as an evil thing, it obliterated everything and turned all of our favorite heroes and villians into Amiibo's/Spirits. And this seems to happen after Tabuu is defeated and the Worlds are \
Lindbergh XD369
0:53\nWhy I Think THIS IS the same like Infinity war... Kill me xddd
Luna sparkle .
Kirby is your chance to save the world of smash bros
1:24 *PLOT TWIST* The Box was... *EMPTY*
Maranico Mario
Anyone else want to cry of seeing their hero become nothing but a shell of darkness? Seeing Mario for one the one I always look up too as a hero and active in sports turn evil made me cry and made me mad and wanted nothing more to save him from the darkness and back into the light once more. I am hoping the miis play a big part where the mii is pretty much you searching for your lost hero lost in darkness. I am hype to save my hero. So World of Light sounds epic! I am getting some Kingdom heart vibes of light and darkness here. 100% Sora is in the game as DLC! lol kidding. But for once...I think Sora would fit right in of such a theme of light and darkness.
Marwa Pranata
When Thanos snap became so meta even Nintendo use it
Mathias Palacios
*Puts the lyrics \
Mega Daddy
Sakurai:Kirby if you can hear me I using my Power to Keep you Alive my Son\n\n\n\n\nKirby:Poyo? (Wait son?!)
Morgan Ritchie
You know, I've seen this drawing that was basically the Infinity War poster with Smash Bros characters.\n\nI like to think that the artist saw this trailer and said \
Is it just me or can I listen to this all day,
Nicki Bell
thanos:I wiped out half the universe!\nsakurai:That's cute.
*And then this is almost blown over after the piranha plant trailer*
Noel Villarroel Cruz
I’m lovin’ this song, we always heard it, we just never knew the lyrics. It’s surprising
Octo G.
Smash bros. finally has lyrics!
Ogre Lord
So this is basically the Smash bros anime opening?
Overshot Nightshade
Just imagine if Waluigi is the final boss
The man behind all of this...\n\n\n\n\nWaluigi, pissed because he didn't get in but a plant did
Pingüino S Castillo Herrera
Yep, this theme's superior to the one in brawl
Pirat Sun
1:27 what the hell is wii fit , Duck Hunt duo and Villager doing?????
Pj Montrose
Shulk : \
Pokemon Pack
Kirby: Welp time to save the world....Again!
Retarded Bros
This could be a great anime theme song if nintendo makes and anime about this\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNintendo plz make an anime about this
Y'know, everyone's jumping onto the bandwagon of Kirby surviving because he's Sakurai's creation, but it makes perfect sense to me. Kirby is a child, and just witnessed all of his friends being murdered by Mr. Glowing Tentacle Man over there. If Super Smash Bros. is creating its own storyline, unaffected by the canon stories of the franchises it crosses over, imagine the PTSD *everyone* undoubtedly has from Subspace Emissary, and imagine how much worse it is for Kirby to be practically reliving the entire thing again.
Seth The Twisted
Heroes, villains, the ones between them, it no longer exists, we all fight this evil demon, not a soul is safe, we all must bring back our childhood and take down who did this too our poor friends
Shark bite 792
Looks like Kirby has to save the day, good luck :)
Im still trying to get past the part that Snake was hiding under a f****** box
Sketchy melon
Everybody: OH MY GOD WE'VE NEVER FACED SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE! \n\nKirby: it's another Tuesday.
Every soul contains a whisper of light, growing louder as it calls to unite AA I LOVE THIS PART
Smol Bean
Welp,either Kirby has a plan,or he's screwed.
Soggy Biscuit
I look at how far Smash has come, and I wonder: Would Iwata be proud? And I feel like he would be proud of Sakurai. He's done so much for us with so little rest. Please let this be his final smash before retiring.
Solaire of Astora
Sorry Brawl, but we have a new winner.
Solo the Dodongo
Smash bros: Infinity War
Sonic El Erizo Asombrado
The Sad Part Is Of The Sonic And Pikachu😭
Soul Solis
Sakurai pretty much killed everyone\nExcept Kirby\nSakurai Created Kirby\nKirby represents Sakurai and the world of light represents everything he’s been through\n\n*_O h m y g o d_*
That bad Gamer
This there should be an anime and or manga
The Normal Jolteon
1:00 it makes me cry when sonic slows down for pikachu and they die together it just go’s to show video game characters do have emotions......... I cried so much during this
I thought for a fleeting second that Shulk survived it, due to his Vision. I was immediately sad. BUT KIRBS SURVIVED!! And I think I know why. When you first start playing World of Light, I suspect that Kirbs will be the only playable character at first, because he has his copy ability to copy anyone else. Also can we give credit to HOLY SHIT THAT IS A CUTSCENE AND A HALF
TheMenacingInkling :I
Wii Fit Trainer: Tree Pose Will Keep My Postur- WHAT IN THE CHOCOLATE BARS!?
Who's the singer? I've already heard her voice, maybe in some anime or videogame?
Thomas Mclaughlin
everyone: Kirby will save them all!!!!!!\nme: piranha plant will save them all
Did anyone notice that the beginning part of the cutscene is at Brawl's mountain, and the area Kirby lands is at Smash Bros. 4 area?
Unlawful Potato
So, just a little theory of mine now, is that this literally picks up where SSE left off (yeah, plus additional characters but oh well). I feel like Tabuu was either trying to protect everyone from Galeem (the villain's name, as pulled from the official site) OR he was an extension/minion of Galeem. \n\nAlso, I have a second theory. Considering Kirby, and what Sakurai said about the Spirits trying to make it back to the \
Winx Paper
What’s worse?\nYour Favorite Nintendo Characters Being Possessed by Master Hand?\nOr\nGetting killed by Random Storms?
Yoshicu37 300
kirby must save Yoshi!. and the world!!
el honguito que comenta
*EVERYONE IS DEAD*\n-except kirby-
henry cai
kirby main :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD\nalso, this theme is really Kirby's theme. Think about it. Kirby is just a kid, and he's struggled so much, and he is PURE light.
jeremiah booth
You better not spoil this one, Profisia. As for the thumbnail complainers, just in case he does anyway don't watch YouTube the week before or during the game's release and wait a while until there's nothing to be spoiled before returning. You probably don't want to do this but hey. It's gonna be your fault.
kinai potato
Infinity war director :this may be the most ambitious crossover yet\nSakurai: hold my beer
kyle huang
Kirby is sans
platuim knight
At first i thought this game would lose goty to red dead redemption 2... However now I believe that it stands a chance! Onwards my fellow Nintendo fans! Let us unite and give Nintendo their second win in a row at the goty awards to show once and for all that Nintendo is not to be underestimated!
There are actually a lot of cool details at the beginning.\n\n1) Link's Hylian Shield, being indestructable, can block the lazers\n2) Zelda and Mewtwo attempt to deflect the lazers\n3) Sonic reaching out for Pikachu to grab his hand\n4) The inklings attempting to hide in their ink\n5) Palutena standing in the way of Pit and Dark Pit so they can get away and when she's zapped they lose their wings\n\nMy only complaint is that Beyonetta could probably have just activated witch time and have gotten away from the initial lazers, but I'll chalk that up to Sakurai cutting to the chase because she eventually would have gotten caught in the explosion because she can't warp like Kirby can.
the krabbypants
I was about to cry a waterfall when Sonic tried to save Pikachu 😭
From what we are seeing here, this is about something new appearing and probably has been lurking ever since brawl. The heroes and villains probably teamed up after what happened in brawl, since they don't wanna end up like last time. They arrive here to see a weird thing use all these hands to fire a super blast that causes thanos to shit his pants. What's next? Obviously, sakurai's child survives and goes to save everyone and everything from a being beyond our understanding. Well, I hope this comment is worth it.
ßØ·TETO PUBG Lowlights
Subspace part 2\nTurns into trophies\nCharacters turn evil\nWhat's next 3 hour final mission like brawl (find all trophies)