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Mad Max 2? No, this will always be The Road Warrior for me. This movie hardly has any similarities to the original Mad Max aside from the main character.
Adam Brady
Make the Wasteland agreat Again
Adam Wright
No more games
Andrew Wales
Australia is weird.
Hughmongous wha? Is that sexual harrasment?
Bad Cattitude
we needed a villain like this in fallout 4
Bear 7453
this movie is so much better than fury road.... fury road was GOOD, people were saying its the last best action movie in the past 10 years, i'd give fury road a 7/10\n\nGood story? YES\ncharacter devlopment? NO \n - and don't give me that \
Binary Tribbles
Dear Lord, Humongous sounds like a Skyrim Guard
Australians: Killing eachother with boomerangs since 1981
Brett McGowan
That moment when you realize this is where Chris Jericho got his \
I am gravely disappointed..
the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla
Daniel Ness
Humungus is one of my favorite post apocalyptic movie villians
David Ayarra
humungus what...!!
Dee Bee
I always gave this speech to my new crew when i worked in retail.
Lord Humongous is simply a Jason Vorhees thats into S+M and bondage.
Dials Mavis
Just your average Australian Weekend Shenanigans 😆
Duc Tran
Humungus what ? \nHumungus wat ? \nthis man just Humungusual assaulted me !
I would have loved to been one of the motorcycle extras in this scene.
Et Tu Utube
0:08 greetings from hugh mungus
Evan Acree
Mad Max inspired two things - Action/Special Effects Innovations and Porn Costumes
Gareth Dunford
in my dvd it doesn't show the closeup of the boomerang lodged in his head with his skull split open, I always remember seeing the uncensored version and thought it looked gross.
Gumball LastRally
Handy Capo
The actor that plays the Toady, played; [Dr. Frankenfurter of Rocky horror fame,] on the stage before Tim Curry starred in the movie.
Harry Johnson
Imagine what you could do to those goons with a high powered rifle.
Holden many classic little nuances in this scene. Casual crossbow bolt to the rodent. Backflipping into a gopher hole. Boomerang to the side of the head. Pulsating welts on the back of the Humungus' head. I can go on and on....
Idoma lion
Ivan Lendl
Pretty good sleeper-hold by Humongous. He must've been a fan of pro-wrestling before the nuclear holocost.
Jacob Lucas
That moment when you realize that Wez is wearing Assless Chaps...
James French
Nothing more frightening than a well spoken villain who can switch on the charm.
Jayvee Joshe Villosillo
Humungus: I am your father!\n\nH20 delirious: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
K.V. Surdas
Saw Fury Road! The movie is awesome, relentless action, amazing cinematography, Charlize Theron was good... But the disappointment was Hardy as Max, overweight and even finding it difficult to run.. He was no match for Mel Gibson.. And to think of it food was scarce how the new max had a beer belly and looked well fed!
Hokuto No Ken :D
Ave - True to Cae- Oh wait...wrong franchise.
Leather Neck
Lethal High
Now we know why Max decided to help those poor people. Because he is sexually harassed. XD
MMO Wolf
Atleast in that world they can say Hugh-Mungus without a feminist taking them to court.
Martin Rodriguez
Now I know where jason voorhees was in 1981 as his mother was killing people at crystal lake, amazing.
Michael Kelligan
I read the script for this movie.....the name of their biker gang was \
Why does humungus sound like Vegeta?
immortan joe's got nothin on lord humungus.
Pearson Peng
Burning Man is looking really hardcore this year
S&M leather?\nFruity hair colours?\nTwinks?\nBig, muscled men forcibly making other men submit to them?\nLooks like an average day in Melbourne to me.
Try getting away with a Sadistic Gay Movie Villain in the 21st Century! Interesting trivia tidbit: Vernon Wells (Wez) went on to portray another memorable movie villain in \
pause it at 0.09 and there's 3 woman in that shot alone....this is NOT a gay gang like most people think!
Reginald Greene
He's a big guy. Why does he wear the mask?
I like how the villains of Mad Max often times aren't that bad of people.
The jason voorhees of mad max everyone!
Sherhan Mahmud
Lmao Lord Hummungus aka pre-Bane
Skull fu
The part where the Toadie gets his fingers chopped off is classic. Absolutely hilarious.
Hugh Mungus what? What that sexual harassment!?
The Fine Boy
The Interesting Nobody
Humungus rules over the wasteland!
Humungus looks like Bane.\nTom Hardy gets to play Mad Max,\nbecause he looked like Bane.\n\nThat's the story behind Mad Max 4.
There are too many Americans in the upcoming Mad Max Fury Road! They should have kept most of the cast as Aussie's!!!
Tim Ewa
You know it's going to be a bad day when the Humungus is addressing you through his P.A. system. : l
Tony Same
Jason Voorhees brother.....Humungus Voorhees.
Tropheryma Replay
Fist of the north star
Ucan QuoteMe
For a marauding wasteland warlord, Humongous has an amazing grasp of psychological warfare. he's cunning, charismatic, and probably very manipulative. He doesn't even really threaten. He even places the blame on them for the attack: \
Urdnot Wrex
Hugh Mungus wat? Hue Mungus WAT?!! :D
Vegeta Solo
1:34 now I see why scorpion loves this scene
Victor Poulin
For anyone interested I made a replica boomerang from this movie that really flies and returns. You can see the flight on my channel and It is also for sale on my website.
Vladimir Chertok
this was the best mad max of the original trilogy.
that guy looks just like me
Hugh mungus
abdul galad
Daily life in australia
this one is way better than fury road. \nI did love the I LIVE, I DIE, I LIVE AGAIN bullshit lol
Hugh Mungus wot.
Hugh mungus. in the world before , he was Hugh G. Rection
need spin-off ... Humungus - Ruler of the wasteland
Dang, that kid killed Duff Mckagan :(
Hugh Mungus what?
duncan maccleod
gay boy take the boomerang in his head good for him
God I still can't believe how much this movie and thunder dome have been referenced throughout pop culture these last twenty years.
Reading an article on about how Lord Humungus wasn't all that bad-the article points out the great care he takes of his Smith & Wesson Model 29 pistol along with old pictures and medals in the pistol case-it's very dear to him. He's in charge of keeping his gasoline dependent clan alive and even offers (more than once) that the settlers can peacefully go if they just leave the gasoline tanker behind. (Whether that actually would have happened would have shown if Lord Humungus was a man of his word.)\nPlus he comforts the weird Mohawk dude after his odd looking blonde lover gets the boomerang to forehead treatment from the even weirder feral kid. It would be an interesting story to learn more about Lord Humungus' background-probably a decent person once upon a time-it still shows every now and then, but way too much physical and emotional pain has produced this twisted man.
haitian voodoo priest
even the voodoo gods respect the humungus in the beyond \n*PRAISE THE HUMUNGUS!!*
Wez is Bennet after Bennet let off some steam
This movie is so awesome even today. Such a classic.\n\nI couldn't keep myself from laughing too when they started laughing at that guy when he lost his fingers.\n\nAlso, I always thought that beautiful, tough warrior chick on the fortress people side was super hot... I always felt extra bad because of that when she dies. Just mentioning.
ian pepall
The ayatolla of rock and rolla
ingrid mendes
A lot of homofobic mans watching this movie and love it LMAO
The 'spokesman\
I notice the roads are in great shape for a post-apocalyptic wasteland. No potholes, cracks, or breaks in the cement.
kevin zachary
For those comparing the Humongus to Jason Voorhees, remember, the first Friday the 13th movie where Jason has is hockey mask is part 3, which came out in august 1982. Mad Max 2 came out in december 1981.
Your move, fallout 5.
merle dixon
no hassle
It's fun to know that the guy who played the purple haired villain in this is also Bennett in Commando.
It seems that this film was always way ahead of its time and the technology couldn't support what the director wanted to portray.\n\nThe new Mad Max is the true realisation of this early prototype.
santi oliva
steroids, bumless jeans, teen wolf and oil conflict, there is no way i could of thought of that, Great movie!!
Humungus for President!
and remember kids, this movie inspired the great Hokuto no ken/Fist of the north star manga! So epic!
Тенчо Недялков
Imagine Nolan's Bane in the world of Mad Max he would kick everyones asses :D