Op 3 Donten ni warau【HD】

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Laughing Under The Clouds chuutarou ending opening shirasu soramaru tenka

21 BT
Agnes Max
I cried when Tenka appears in this op.
Animes are not cartoons
I love Tenka more than any other 😍 anime character
Enrique U.B
I love this versión from the opening 2, episode 11
Fabián Ortega
Tenka came back \u003c3
Hafidz Zulfiansyah
i like shirasu
Joel Áquila
Mahina Miyuki
It gives me goosebumps every time I watch this opening... Love it! 😊
Ray Ed
The opening. The Song. The anime itself is so freaking epic.
Smrijoyee Dash
fuyu zelda
I still miss donten ni warau it was one of the best anime i ever watched. Who else thinks like that kfkfkdkfi
nico robin
Shirasu backstory so tragic wtf ! 😭 i love him so much even though i have trust issue now because of him dammit this son! ! Ahhh i just want to see more of Kumo brothers peaceful life with Shirasu ㅠ.ㅠ
Fave opening XD