Zac Efron Meets Simone Biles and the Final Five Girls on Today | LIVE 8-17-16

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ZACHARY "ZAC" EFRON (AGE 28) - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - ACTORSimone Biles finally meets her crush Zac Efron and Zac Efron meets his newest Olympic hero.All-Around Final Results:Rank Gymnast Total1st Simone Biles (USA) 15.866 14.966 15.433 15.933 62.1982nd Aly Raisman (USA) 15.633 14.166 14.866 15.433 60.0983rd Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 15.200 15.666 13.866 13.933 58.6654 Shang Chunsong (CHN) 13.883 15.233 14.833 14.600 58.5495 Elsabeth Black (CAN) 14.866 14.500 14.566 14.366 58.2986 Wang Yan (CHN) 14.733 13.733 14.666 14.900 58.0327 Jessica Lopez (VEN) 14.833 15.100 13.800 14.233 57.9668 Asuka Teramoto (JPN) 15.100 14.566 14.266 14.033 57.9659 Eythora Thorsdottir (NED) 14.833 14.200 14.066 14.533 57.63210 Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 15.366 13.800 13.666 14.733 57.56511 Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 15.566 14.033 13.600 13.766 56.96512 Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) 14.733 14.100 14.000 14.125 56.95813 Ellie Downie (GBR) 15.100 13.783 13.700 14.300 56.88314 Mai Murakami (JPN) 14.866 13.766 13.900 14.133 56.66515 Marine Brevet (FRA) 14.166 14.300 14.133 14.000 56.59916 Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) 14.633 14.033 13.800 14.075 56.54117 Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 14.100 15.233 13.200 13.833 56.36618 Isabela Onyshko (CAN) 13.933 14.166 14.366 13.900 56.36519 Nina Derwael (BEL) 13.966 15.300 13.300 13.733 56.29920 Lieke Wevers (NED) 14.066 14.600 13.066 14.133 55.86521 Louise Vanhille (FRA) 14.000 14.233 13.200 13.233 54.66622 Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) 14.866 15.033 13.800 10.966 54.66523 Sophie Scheder (GER) 14.033 13.950 12.666 13.258 53.90724 Jade Barbosa (BRA) 1 1 13.700 7.500 DNFOriginal Airdate: Wednesday August 17, 2016 (ICE-TV)Final Five Members:- Simone Biles- Aly Raisman- Gabby Douglas- Madison Kocian- Laurie Hernandez

2012 Olympics 2016 2016 Olympics 8\/17 8\/17\/16 Aliya Mustafina Aly Raisman American Cup Ashton Locklear August 17 Brazil Columbus Dallas Final Five Laurie Hernandez Madison Kocian MyKayla Skinner Nastia Liukin National Championships Olympic Trials P\u0026G Championships Pacific Rim Rio Sam Mikulak Simone Biles Spring Team USA Texas Zac Efron all-around balance beam event finals floor gymnastics team finals trials uneven bars vault women's Gabby Douglas

A Cherished Gem
awww soooo cute. happy for Simone that she met her celebrity crush. 👏👍
Acacia Bloom
That was totally cool of him!
Aidaze Eliza
Gabby is always different she didn't even give a hug to Efron. She is maybe to shy and afraid of the camera. But I love you Gabby!
Alex Arulf
Allan Greene
I love how Simone looks at Zac.. To make sure he really is that cute.. And her reaction after his kiss is priceless.. I could watch it a 1,000 times..
Ari Horan
Omg my cheeks hurt so much from smiling 😄😄😄 I've never been so happy for someone to meet their idol 😃 ❤️❤️❤️ And Zac is such a sweet guy. Been in love since HSM ❤️
Ashley B
Gabby was like \
Ashley Perez
I love zac Efron more now
Bea Santos
This makes me smile so much. My gosh,  I'm so happy for her. :)
Benaja Julien happy he did this for them. Simone got her dream come true lol..I loved it.
Bradley Banford
I wish I could get girls to react like this to me.. Damn you Efron.
Gabby has seemed so uncomfortable and self conscious lately.
Byron Peña
Would've been funny if...\n\n\
Camille Delorme
Catherine Harvey
Chef Lakenya Colenburg
I'm smiling and blushing like it was my fun 😄☺😍😂
Craig V
As much as I hate his douchey movies, he seems like a stand up dude
respect for Zac doing this
Debzy Music
Simone is soo cute!!! She's so natural and herself !!
Dion Writes
theyve spent so much time training that they probably dont focus on actually interacting w boys much so this is their innocence speaking. theyre so cute
Diosa Allen
Among all the bad news around the world, this was THE BEST!
It's nice to see these supergirls getting normal teen experiences
Drew S
What a legend! And congrats guys on having another great Olympics. 👍🏼😎
Em Ali
We don't deserve simone
Emily Wiley
Aly \
Estela Rodriguez
He is gorgeous they deserve to meet him tho
Fatiimah Ibrahim
Gabby doesn't even look the least bit excited
Filli Croc
Gabby low key disappointed for being upstaged by Simone. Girl stop! You are amazing. Being in that top 5 alone is the greatest achievement I could never even come close to. Love yourself and appreciate the greatness you are.
Simone's scream is so freaking cute!
Frank J
Simone got that jungle fever for Zack lol, see what happens when you keep your daughter locked up in the house 24/7
Gisella Bella
I would die she is deserves it. :)
Gracie C.
Look how reserved Maddie and Gabby are the. Laurie and Simone so hyper LMAO
All those people saying things about Gabby just want something to pick on, she is literally beaming the whole time, just because she isn't jumping or screaming does not mean she is not happy.
You can tell that gabby Douglas is not a fan of zac effron
Heather Wicker
That's so awesome that he showed up. I think people do forget that they are still young ladies and not yet adults. So glad to see the smiles and giggles again. Good for them! Way to go ladies.
Hema Malik
I DIE 😭 This is so sweet, omg! I'm so happy for Simone. Her reaction is just everything. She is me!
Omg they're all so short compared to him😂😂😂😂
Cutest thing ever😭😍
Izayoi Higurashi
Well.. now I want to be a \ngymnist T_T
Simone is so freaking hilarious I can't 😂😂
Jada Marie
I would have the same reaction if I met Zac Efron
Congrats Zac, you are a gentleman.
Kantrice Dorsey
This was totally awesome.  It just reminds you of how fun it is to be young and have a crush!  When he walked in Laurie Hernandez didn't wait, she went right over and hugged him.  I think Simone was still in disbelief!  Her comment that \
Lexi Love
THis is so adorable. Reminds me of when me and my friends first met Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles at a convention
Lian Elmore
i smiled through this entire thing, not even jealous. this is absolutely adorable.
Linda Olsob
simone: \
Way to go Simone...Congrats!!!!Shiping them so hard!!
Maisie Alice
Gabby's so chill I love her man
I think Biles was happier to meet her idol than to be the greatest gymnast of all times
Michele Greene
Too cute. Laurie is so cute screaming like a wild fan. She is right he is gorgeous in person. Simone is too cute. Congratulations to her.😍😍😎
I just have to say that I LOVE Zac! It is more than just his good looks, but the kind of person he is on the inside. And it shows and its genuine. Even though he is in Hollywood, he doesn't act stuck up or prideful. He is humble and down to earth. And I like and respect him for that.
Nadia Mary
0:52 \
Natalie Pennington
Did Simone shout \
P Hampton
The most relevant Zac Efron has been for years.
Pete Nice
Zach you rock bro.....good stuff dude....class USA women gymnastics greatest most electric team of all this video great post....
PlsCallMe Rook
I was smiling and blushing during this video......I'm a guy..
Poe Leggette
damn you zac efron. you did it. you made me a fan
QueenDre_ Joy
Imagine Simone Biles when she watches Baywatch.....
Rebekkah Alvarez
Rhaine Hodge
Simone and Laurie's reactions killed me
Ronelle Samson
Simone efron yes ship it harder than fed-ex ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!😃
Rosy Arvizu
I can't stop watching this😂😂😂
ahh.... to be a young teen and meet your heart throb! could life get any sweeter? Simone is such a talented gymnast. May all of her dreams come true. Cant wait to see her make the rounds in other countries once the Olympics is over.
thank you so much for posting this! I live in Canada and NBC has blocked all the videos so I really appreciate you posting these! If you can, could you also post the interview of Aly and Simone with Bob Costas?? I saw clips of it but I can't find the full video :/
Samuel Williams
Gosh, this is so sweet.
Awe too adorable! Simone was so excited. Wow, Zac Efron he is so gorgeous 😍
Shubham Songara
Did anyone noticed that lady host is getting kinda touchy with Zac..... Weird but LoL.
Cutest thing ever! Simone getting all squealy was too cute😂\
Summer Jones
how could he fly to Rio, and I can't even get a text back??
Susan Apollo
Thank Zach Efron for making girls dream come true
Simone is so adorable! Seriously. She's a multi-gold Olympic gymnast that performs in front of millions, but gets nervous meeting Zac Efron. It's just too sweet! \u003c3 Just shows that these amazing girls are also just regular girls and it's really heart warming.
This is just the cutest thing in the entire world. The girls are adorable!!
Tori D.
simone is so dope...she has so much energy!
Simone is so funny, I love her 😂😍
Walk3r Hunt3r
her dreams came true twice, im happy for her , she's hilarious
Simone is my fav girl of the month for real, how she can be that cute and humble
Yogie Gomez
I was so happy she got to meet him.
aly: I want a hug him too!! awww bless her!!!!
beatrice lim
am I more upset that simone didnt get the gold in beam finals than simone herself? :'(
diver dave
wow... he BLEW IT BIG TIME - he should have dressed up and brought her a few dozen roses and a box of chocolates to give her and he also blew it by not giving her the first hug and a kiss.... then take her out to dinner.
ester ferreira
Simone is sooo cute and tiny
id like to congratulate gabby douglas for not having white girl hair during this clip we know its really tough when you come from the absurdly rich white privilege world she exists in. . .she is so rich i feel like i need welfare and im college educated #reality
flowers-that- died-of-thirst
yea yea ok it's cute but \
I think the surprise and their reaction would've been better if the anchor said nothing and just let him walk in!
At last something good to watch instead of that Ryan Lochte lying mess.
iamsecond 41
Happy to see no hate in the comment section 🙂
kelly sloan
Zac seems so down to earth. I love him.
Yo no lie I'm a guy and I'm straighter than a plank of wood but I have a big crush on Zac efron 😂 I go to the gym everyday planning to get his body 🙏🏼
I can't stop grinning, this is beyond adorable
It would've been funny if they ACTUALLY handed Aly a defibrillator to use on Simone
Simone is so cute! Freaking out and hiding behind Aly. She's incredible at what she does but still a giggly teenager at heart
This was the most adorable thing ever during The Olympics! Not about world politics but about young girls having fun during a competition and getting rewarded after the hard work with a teenage dream come true. Especially if you realize that they had to miss out on prom and all that other stuff because of their schedules.
Man, I feel like Gabby has been totally forgotten lol. I didn't even realize for a second she was in this.
rosie 8th
When they say that she is so calm in competing and she's crazy when he's there, it's true, but they've gotta remember that Simone is still a 19 yer old girl! I mean, of course she's gonna freak out
I hate when ppl/ older women be touching you when they speak to you.. Honda whatever her name is would get on my nerves I she did that, she' that kind
suckmy _dopeness
I love how diverse this USA team is 😍
womanruntings james
gabby has the biggest crush cause she is the most shy...