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Anya Prosper
Nwa Oma Adaeze. keep it up, the LORD is your strength.
Dale Lewis
what language are they speaking
Joan Browne
i love it nice love you
Joyce Ngao
Wooooow nice one. May God you all Super Kids
Katy la meilleure
That verry good
Marvelous Izudinma Ikeokwu
When is your vol 6 gonna be released
Milas Salim
make more songs for my little sister she love your songs
Peace egop
I love your music😍😍😍😍
The Superkids.
Thanks for the Patience. By Popular demand, we present Super kids Non Stop Video mix. Party & Celebrate with this collections. Watch out for Volume 6. Thanks
I love it
Tiny B Ramasu
luv it so much more than you do
Tracey Chiagoro
Absolutely love The Superkids in New Jersey
in the next song can the super kids form a song called final battle between Jesus and Satan
christine heart
I love it this was on my birthday may 31
einstein anantia
this remix is super
norah nabukenya
I loveyou
queen of dance queen of dance
Nice song and you are so Nice girl