Luigis Mansion 3DS - All Portrait Ghosts Bosses (Gold Portraits/A Rank)

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All Portrait Ghosts bosses compilation of Luigi's Mansion with getting all gold portraits for Nintendo 3DS (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy - Rate - Comment - Subscribe =) ►Activate the description for the order of the bosses!!Every boss fight:Area 1: EndingAll boss battles of Luigi's Mansion with getting all gold frames for Nintendo 3DS and Gamecube in 1080p and 60fps►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2018)◄

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Alexander Hansen
The return of the furniture humper.
King Boo:That p- po- power.... IS IT THE POWER OF HIS STAND!!?\n\n* As Luigi walks up his surrounding is ignited with a green colored aura *\n\nKing Boo: NO..., IT'S IMPOSSIBLE\n\nLuigi: It's over you pathetic boo. It's time to face justice\n\n* As luigi comes closer, A figure with a green cap and a muscular build arrives from behind *\n\nLuigi: I T ' S T I M E T O D I E\n\nLuigi's stand: OYEH.... OYEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH YEH
Ape Mayor
do a comparison
Apples and Cream
If anyone ever made fan ideas on how these characters passed I wanna hear it.
Aqse m
As this was completely remade on the same engine as dark moon with a few assets ported over, it gives me high hopes for LM3 if they are able to pull this off. Like perhaps it will be the perfect in-between dark moon and og weegee's spooky house?
I feel so bad for the baby..... he just wanted to have a little fun with Luigi, reminds me of how I was as a kid, (I'm 16 now btw)
Braneyes Gaming
*1 Like = 1 Boo Captured*
Broder The Hedgehog
And like always, ProsafiaGaming 100%s the Latest game released on the market a few hours ago and uploads it to his YouTube channel!
Byø Kőrā
What do the mushrooms do in this version of the game
Cachorro Suspeito
-No Booette?-
Caden Shears
Ah yes, the five main area bosses (according to the thumbnail)\n\nA demonic baby\nAn unidentifiable monster \nA gigantic mass of boos that can tower over others\nThe king of all boos\nAnd...\n\nOne cheesy boi
Is anyone attracted to Melody?\n\nNo?\n\nJust me then?
Carlos Sanchez
Its kinda sad to know a baby died with its whole life ahead of him....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBut then again he was a spoiled brat...
Chris ThreeLeaf
Wow, they used actual sound effects from the game!\nIt's so weird hearing Bowser's old roar in 2018, especially with his current design.
Christopher Edwards
Thanks for this. It's amazing✊
Ciro Arpaia
Constant Gains
*Who Else Loves PROSAFIAGAMING?* ❤😄 Btw im close to 4.2k Subs
Crazy Reactions
Is this a new update?
D.J. DryBowser
anyone know how to fondle the analog stick to suck up the ghosts quickly enough to get gold portraits? i'm having trouble with biff and the clockwork soilders specifically
DJ Maple
Oh me gosh, the blood and sweat I put into this game! I remember everything from the very last sound effect! I beat this game in a single day 6 times! This was my childhood on my GameCube other than Sonic Adventure 2 and Wind Waker! I am so glad I can play this again on my 3DS, and nothing looks out of place either. I get to re-live it's true former glory! Oh, bless Nintendo's soul!
Dalton Plank 2
I still play the old luigi's mansion on the gamecube
Aaahhh... finally a Mario game remastered that DOES’NT stray too far from the original, as in, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And while i miss luigi’s old scared faces and over-reactions, they did well here.
Dudecai the Spawn of Satan
I hope Bogmire gets a heart quote soon.
EpicLuigiKid Journified Trooper
Sweet :3
23:07 Sure, and yet you still freak out like a rabid chihuahua when Luigi tries to vacuum you up.
Level 1\n0:00 Neville👨👻📔\n0:41 Lydia👩👻🔍\n1:31 Boss 1:🗝♥️Chauncey👶👻\nLevel 2\n5:52 Date Dancers💃👻&🕺👻\n7:02 Shivers🤵👻🕯\n8:33 Melody Pianissima👩👻🎹\n10:10 Mr. Luggs👱𗀌𗀍👻\n12:11 Spoochy & Mr. Bones🐶👻&☠️👻\n13:17 Boss 2:🗝♣️Bogmire👻𗁝💜\nLevel 3\n16:58 Biff Atlas🏋️👻\n18:10 Ms. Petunia🐷👻👙\n18:48 Nana👵👻𗁿\n19:40 Slim Bankshot👱👻🎱\n21:04 Henry & Orville👦👻❤️&👦👻💙\n22:57 Madame Clairvoya👳\u200d♀️👻🔮\n23:45 Boss 3:🗝♦️Boolossus👻⚪️𗁀\nFinal Level\n28:44 Uncle Grimmly👴👻🕵\n29:34 Clockwork Soldiers💂👻💚,💂👻💙&💂👻𗁧\n31:27 Sue Pea👧👻𗁷🛏\n32:50 Jarvis🐙👻💜🏺\n34:35 Sir Weston👱𗀛👻❄️\n35:55 🗝♠️Vincent Von Gore👨\u200d🎨👻🎨🖌\n40:30 Final Battle: King Boo & Bowser👻⚪️👑&🐲🐢
Gamerkid 7965
23:23 Its not even thanksgiving, and Madame already sounds like a turkey.
Ghostgirl 708
They changed alot with the Twin’s dialogue! I do love all the changes they made with the twins though, it shows how they are afraid and shy. \n\nAND THEIR GOLD RANK LOOKS AMAZING TOO AND SO CUTE AAA\n\n( yeah i love the twins so so much, they have been my favorite Nintendo characters since i was a little kid and i still love them)
Glitched gamer 99999
That ending is so heartwarming!
Great Wolf Western Railroad
So there’s one thing I don’t like about this game: The vacuum suction effect is far too faint. Half the time you can’t even see it when you’re capturing a ghost
I haven't played this yet and I wanted to know\nWhat is the Hidden Mansion like? Is it the North American version where you just take and deal more damage, or is it the PAL version where the mansion is actually mirrored and the bosses are different?\nThat was going to either make me buy the remake or not, and I find zero information about it.
Hisham Husin
42:32 Luigi's Reaction to Nintendo Rule 34
I hope Nintendo looks back at this and see what they kind of got wrong with Dark Moon like how creepy it can be at times so they don't make Luigi's Mansion 3 have like a cartoony like atmosphere.
Hunter manzzz 2.0
I saw a Luigi mansion 3ds ad before the video
Inferior Hash
Sometimes I wounder how you do all these games so perfectly
James Cummings
Anyone else get a luigis mansion 3ds ad before the video
James Williams
Thanks for showing the major bosses in the thumbnail. I was actually considering buying the game for a minute!
Jaycee Morris
I thought there were going to be four new Portrait Ghost bosses
Je-Dark IMPy127
Is it just me or Bogmire spawns more of his shadows than in the original version?
Jett and savanna and saphira Tuckwell
You all lucky since i am in australia i have to wait until october the 20th
Joey Madrigal 94
Just Another Super.
I didn't play the original GCN version, but this looks amazing so far.\n\nI now wonder if there will be a Super Mario Sunshine 3DS just like there was Super Mario 64 DS and this Luigi's Mansion 3DS.
Justice Pena
Bogmire looks more creepier than the original GameCube version
Justin Russell
Luigis running animation looks so unnatural
Kauan_ GamingExtravaganza
I guess you can say it *sucks* to be the ghosts.
Landon Saavedra
Bruh, I just realized, Lydia kind looks like Paula from earthbound lmao.
LilYunYori ‘
can someone tell me why the purplle mushrooms aren't there
Mairo,goosebumps fan
I love the game and I never played it its true OK!
ManintheBox 101
16:57 That poltergeist scared me to death when I was little. I don't know why I was scared but I had my mom capture him for me because I was too scared to even battle him at the time
Mar1o 640
I love that melody actually plays the boss battle music for you
Marty M
RIP Poison mushrooms, now can't say Mario but tiny:'(
Mega Daddy
I literally got a Luigi’s Mansion Ad Before watching your video \n\nAlso LUIGI AIN’T DEAD
Original Gameteer
King Boo refers to his people as his \
Pao Azul
So can they remake sunshine for the switch now?
hang on, they ported Luigi's Mansion to 3-DS?
Peterson Byrd
Also you do need to suck up the ghost who are delivering food to Mr.Luggs. Because the second he gets enraged they flee. They're only feeding him because they're completely scared of him. It's actually possible to to drain Mr.Luggs food if you haven't caught them. It's a neat Easter Egg.
Pierre Negron
There's something better than gold. Are you posting platinum?
Thanks for watching! Enjoy!:)\nArea 1:\r\n00:00 Neville (The Bookish Father)\r\n00:39 Lydia (The Mirror-Gazing Mother)\r\n01:19 Chauncey (The Spoiled Baby)\r\n\r\nArea 2:\r\n05:50 The Floating Whirlindas (The Dancing Couple)\r\n07:00 Shivers (The Wandering Butler)\r\n08:30 Melody Pianissima (The Beautiful Pianist)\r\n10:09 Mr. Luggs (The Glutton)\r\n12:09 Spooky (The Hungry Guard Dog)\r\n13:15 Bogmire (The Cemetery Shadow)\r\n\r\nArea 3:\r\n16:56 Biff Atlas (The Bodybuilder)\r\n18:08 Miss Petunia (The Bathing Beauty)\r\n18:46 Nana (The Scarf Knitting Granny)\r\n19:39 Slim Bankshot (The Lonely Pool Shark)\r\n21:02 Henry and Orville (The Twin Brothers)\r\n22:56 Madame Clairvoya (The Freaky Fortune Teller)\r\n23:43 Boolossus (The Jumbo Ghost)\r\n\r\nArea 4:\r\n28:42 Uncle Grimmly (Hermit of the Darkness)\r\n29:32 Clockwork Soldiers (The Toy Platoon)\r\n31:25 Sue Pea (The Dozing Girl)\r\n32:48 Jarvis (The Jar Collector)\r\n34:33 Sir Weston (The Chilly Climber)\r\n35:53 Vincent Van Gore (The Starving Artist)\r\n40:00 Bowser and King Boo (The Dastardly Duo - Final Boss)\r\n44:29 Ending\r\n\r\nAll boss battles of Luigi's Mansion with getting all gold frames for Nintendo 3DS and Gamecube in 1080p and 60fps
Quentin Davis
I’m getting this for Christmas. Why didn’t I see any ads on TV? Can’t believe they keep remaking all my childhood games for 3DS so I can play outside of my bedroom ❤️
I don’t remember the names of all the ghosts, but the ones I do are unforgettable.\n_Chauncey, the Horror Unborn._\n_Bogmire, the Shadow Entity._\n_Boolossus, the Amalgamated Monster._\n_King Boo, Destroyer of Dreams and Creator of Nightmares._
What does the mushroom do in this version
This remake would have been better if they added new portrait ghosts, specifically the scrapped Safari ghost.\n\nEdit: Actually nevermind, the Safari Ghost was just a rumor from an old magazine. There is no proof he actually exists. DAMN!
Santiago Trejos Gonzalez
Wow! I like Luigi Mansion
Schmitt Djeson
*i remembers! I playing this game in 2009!*
Do bosses not drop poison mushrooms anymore?
Spirit Tail
Do those mushrooms do something bad on occasion or is it set on difficulty cuz on the gamecube version they shrunk you when touched
Springlock Gamer
Sunshine for switch now pls
o h y e a h o h y e a h o h y e a h
The Legendary Golden Flash
Anyone get a Luigi's Mansion ad before watching this?
The RATifier
Aside from a few minor changes, it doesn't look much different than it's GameCube counterpart
This game looks better than Luigi's Mansion 3. Just goes to show what art style and talent can do.
Toni Leaf
I'm surprised there isn't more rage in the comments! I do prefer the visuals in this game, but I can also see how some people would be put off by it!\n\nAlso, Bogmire is even scarier-looking in this version!
Does anyone know how to complete the Time Challenge Champ Achievement. It doesn’t seem to keep track of how fast I defeat the portrait ghosts
Vanh Moua
Vixtar Torrex-Gomex
Oh, memories...\n\nI still remember the commercial of the GameCube version.\n\nPlus, I'm ready to get a 100% and a \
Luigi humps everything and gets money
I was sooooooo disappointed when there wasn't new portrait ghosts to capture. I mean seriously! In the original, E. Gadd said there were 21 portrait ghosts (not counting King Boo & Boolossus) in the gallery. But in the remake, he said there are 25 portrait ghosts (again, not counting King Boo & Boolossus) in the gallery. Really, no new portrait ghosts? It's the remake! We needed new portrait ghosts to see their interests and NOT be forgotten. But instead, 3 portrait ghosts took the 'Individual' spots. And they are:\n\n-The Floating Whirlindas with 2.\n-Henry & Orville with 2 (again).\n-The Clockwork Soldiers with not 2, but 3 spots.\n\nI really hope Luigi's Mansion 3 can either make the old portrait ghosts return from the original, or make new portrait ghosts WITH personality. Or, it will be the next Paper Mario series fuck-up.\n\n#PORTRAITGHOSTSFORLUIGISMANSION3
Yuto Naruhodo
that boss is very hard for me 26:21\nfrom my childhood, I played Luigi's Mansion in Gamecube when I almost going to get the last one and it keep flying away and started to make me really angry
Zack Onomadek
I really want this game. I cant afford 40 dollars for this game right now though
[LSF] Chaz
I hate Boolossus so much, the last couple of boos are like impossible to get.
[WUT] [TB] asian Magikarp
How come the dark moon bosses were harder than this
brave blast123
dark ruler
*sigh* still no safari ghost boss
ember ashes
jacob campbell
How do you vaccum the ghosts up faster I've never played Luigi's mansion untill now
kasibstalin Garciamolina
Is it just me or the bosses are easier to catch?
kenny halvorsen
2:48 your welcome
Well that \
when i new game comes out so you pre order the game then you maker like 3 vidoes of the same game with spoiler thumbnails
Is it just me, or was Boolossus made up of WAY more Boos in the original?
I wasn't expecting to hear Bowser's N64 sounds ever again.
wazzup 534
Look here smash ultimate port sayers. This is a LEGIT port ok!
Jumbo ghost is very difficult^^;