How to Get All Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Let Eevee

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This video shows the location of every single Legendary Pokemon and how to get them in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee for Nintendo Switch.►Activate the description for the timestamps of the legendaries!! Meltan + Melmetal

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Mewtwo: *use recover*\n\nGolem: *does explosion*\n\nMewtwo: *stand there thinking* \n\n\
Admin Prone
I honestly hope they keep the pokemon in the overworld mechanic in later games.\nOf course actually having a battle instead of outright catching them.
Alijah Blanco
Get mew if you got the poke ball plus
Alison Baker
Legendary Pokemon Magicarp
Sucks that they didn't bring back the islands, where you caught Moltres originally
Amanda Ciupek
*pikachu uses surf!*
But... you didn't go under the truck...
Artur Salles Serpa
The mew and meltan are mythical
Benobonob 321
Freakin pay blocked mew?! What?!
Bill Fish
If 1 person beside myself leaves a like bless me\n\n\n\n\nP.s hi
Back in my day you hat to run into a Zubat every 10 seconds to get to Mewtwo
Brandon Baker
Hey guys one tip always have pokeballs before fighting a quite rare or legendary pokemon
Brandon roblox and more
You just gave away your location in this vid
Brian Ludwig
I can't even play this game because I don't have a Switch. I just came for the cut scenes.
Cactaclysm Games
I'll be honest. Graphics? Amazing. Being able to access your pokemon from anywhere? Absolutely revolutionary. Cutscenes? Fantastic. Gameplay? Below enjoyable.\n\n\n\nFirstly, being able to select which pokemon you want to battle/almost being able to avoid encounters? Come on, that ruins the fun/annoyance of constant battles!\n\nSecondly, Pikachu surviving 3 hits on 1HP? Wtf? I get it that the love for you and your pokemon kept it alive, but seriously? What the hell? Completely removes the skill aspect of the game and planning tactical switch-ins. \n\nLastly, the new throwing system. I understand that they want to improve on Pokémon Go and such, but there's no need to be desperately flicking your remote to catch a pokemon and hell, missing half the balls.\n\nI know I'm bound to get backlash, and yes inb4 someone says \
Car Guys
Can I get zapdos after I failed to catch him at where you showed to catch him
Christian Santos
ne all may pokemons in max:) ay thit hack it
Remember when it was hard to catch legendaries? I can't believe I actually miss that after watching how easy it is to obtain one now.
Death master
Feel sorry for mewtwo could of easily killed him but friendship nonsense got him catched
Is there a way to get the mew without the pay to win ball?
Ella Luv
Fun fact: you don't need mew OR meltan to complete your pokedex. But everyone else is required...
Ethan Bui
It bothers me how you used the master ball on Zapdos instead of Mewtwo
9:40 Was When Prosafia found the true legendary...... Magikarp :p
Fire Ball2
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm so glad you cant kill them by accident.
Fitsum G
Back in my day it took half a day and 500 ultra balls to catch 1 legendary Pokémon
Gabriel Leite
Good video
Gamerggplayer 69
This is a remake of fire red
Gmod Stupidity Films
December 7th at midnight this guy is going to upload “ALL WORLD OF LIGHT BOSSES”
Greninja_Gaming Roblox & More! Roblox,and More!
Isn't Mewtwo powerful than the other 5 legendary pokemon?
Harris Khawaja
Allright ur terrible at aiming pokeballs and yes I liked my own comment
So to catch mew I have to pay? Wow, so now Pokemon will have physical DLC\nNot to mention that the game is to easy, Pikachu and Eevee are not like others, they have more base stats, to catch a Legendary I have to kill it, something that is very easy, and to get a Meltan or Melmetal I need Pokemon Go, secret spam, and Melmetal is not a so awesome Pokemon talking about stats
The switch is workong hard to pull people away from cells and they are doing a good job. The games are so much better on the switch
Finally, you can faint a pokemon before catching!
Jonas W.
So I used my pokeball plus to get a mew but now it's pokedex entry disappeared\nEdit:it reappeared but it is only marked as seen
Joseph Long
The only way to beat a mewtwo is with the power of FRIENDSHIP
Joshua Brazezicke
But why use a master ball on Zapdos?
Julian Broer
You have Good pokémon
Kenza Tata
Wow Thanks For Helping Me :)
Kermit The Frog
6:34 when you open a pack of gum in class
Knight of Arkronia
20:01 Whoa, 7'04\
Kristina Maurer
Hey,Aren't U Forgetting rayquaza
Last Name First Name
I love Pokemon Go and play it religiously but please don't implement this in future games, I understand it's a cool and fun mechanic but the fact that Mewtwo needed 3 Psychics to knock out a Pikachu bugs me. Yes I know this started in Sun/Moon but did it really need to be in this game? Sure let's give Mewtwo his Megas it's not like that's going to matter when you Psychic everything to oblivion with Y. This game just bugs me and irks me the wrong way, well least we got smash in a few weeks.
Maazter gamer
Anybody else catch mewtwo before all the legendary birds?
Moltres looks like a flying chicken roast
Mariano Nemo
why would u use the master ball on zapdos comeon
Marx Galactic Ambition
*Mew costs 50 dollars? Couldn't Gamefreak leave something like that trash to ElectronicArts or perhaps be generous enough like Nintendo did with Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion? Octo was only 20 dollars and had way more levels, better animation, story, and content THAN its main story and THAT should have been 40 or 50 dollars. Instead of keeping Mew behind a \
Matze K.
Wait, what happens if you haven't got surfer and fall into the pit with water (the first clip)?\n\nI know, it's impossible, because you need surfer to get to the island, but if you glitch there or something, in that case.
Meead Rahman
Wow they really made this so that a toddler could beat this game, huh? Mewtwo, once argued to be the strongest pokemon, can't beat a Pikachu without 3 STAB Psychics.
Melvin Rodriguez
am i the only on that felt bad for pikachu. when he had toughened up so his trainer won’t feel bad, or when he lost so he ran away crying ? i felt so bad for the poor thing 💔🖤
Mew 151
This game is just like pokemon fire red
Midori Bl4Z3
When you miss your master ball on legendary\n\nEdit: thx for 100+ likes\n1 like = 1 master ball not to miss
Miguel tvid
cant wait for pokemon lets go part 2
I feel so scammed buying this game. HOW IS THIS A $60 GAME?!!
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
So now lugia
Is much as I want this game, I’m saving up for smash so🤷🏻\u200d♂️
Nallely Dorado
The game went out in 17 of november of 2018 and you already caught all 😱
Nathan Young
How is there not lugia in this game?
... You used the Masterball on Zapdos? Pff... Pokemon Master my patoot.
Nuigi 12
Catching Legendaries isn't really easy or hard. Like all pokemon games the capture rate is randomized. So its hard or easy for different people. Also my only problem with this capture system is that it is hard to throw it straight at the pokemon. I don't hate the game, in fact I love the more relaxing nature of it. I just hope they don't keep the capture system
Other Thing
Evasion 100
Pichu Main
17:02 aww pikachu, dont cry, you’re gonna make me cry
RayPlaysGames RPG
Being honest, I don’t like the catching and stat system in this game. Sure, it’s fun and cool and all, but I still see this as a side game rather than a main game.
Razi Md
Ap ne ya mobile mein kaisa download kiya
Ricardo Alonso Pineda
Moment of capture legendaries \nArticuno 2:50\nMoltres 8:30\nZapdos 11:30\nMewtwo 15:40
Rogelio De leon ruiz
Meltan no es legendario
Romelson Vicera
Pikachu can use surf & strength??? That's ridiculous
Rowl Owl
*sees how much candies to get Melmetal*\n400!!!!!!!!!!!!
Royal Collectables
I never used my master balls ever!! I only use pokeballs.
This game makes a mockery of the original. Everything is so dumbed down. If you faced Mewtwo in gen 1 with that team I'm confident it would one shot all your Pokemon with Psychic.
Sebastian Lozano
hello madafaka\n\n\n\n\n\nnah mentira hola jopu#a
SilverThe ShiningWolf
game came out yesterday: people have already completed it. is this what life turned into?
When Pikmin 4 comes out, he funny beat it in like 50 minutes lol
Solvorr- Solaire of Astora
Can Mewtwo mega evolve in this game?
Soul Core Arcade
How to get Mew 101:\n*_Mewcrotransactions_*
Pikachu gets more dialogue than any other character in the game....
I love that Nintendo put the female character/you in shorts. Thanks for the eye candy!
Subscribe to me please
Don’t know if they have a master ball in this but if they do, that moment when you use it and miss🤣🤣🤣😂😂
THEpotatoFAN !
Tahseen Rahman
Not trying to hate but it makes me feel that you are dumb since you didn’t use the master ball on mewtwo or as I like to call him... Phystwo (I named him that in Pokémon let’s go)
Terry Valentine
The casualization sickens me. I don’t care if it’s a spin off.
The 52047
Do you need Mew to complete the pokedex in this game?
The Dark Sonic Channel
10:35\nYou look around\nLightning saps around \nYou: what's happening?!\nZapdos: *inhale and screeches* _-bish-_ IM RIGHT HERE
TheBestAadi1 -Gaming Channel
6:22 someone else has a moltres?
Theamazingsamuel ,
You know I new it was mewtwo cause in the pokemon origins show or thing mewtwo was found in a cave
pikachu fainted\nPikachu: -runs away crying-\nI thought you fainted
Views from The Lookout
match timer? add pokemon to party... in a cave? wtf did they do....
Yuya Pendulum
7:14 when your teacher finds out your doing something bad
on the upside, no annoying cave battles every 10 seconds.
carlos Moreguez
Media hora i sigo sin encontrar a un Español
keegan kingYt
Even thoughg I accidentally killed zapdos in pokemon fire red 😢😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
o0f Bl0x
paco ramon
At least you don't fight zubat every 10 steps.
reset flowery
I’m sad today\nI made a deal with my aunt\nIf I sold my 3DS until December 1st, she’d buy a Switch\nThere are 4 days left and no costumers
the gaming girl cloud
You know u could have saved that master ball for mewtwo right?
vijay kumar kumawat
I catch legendary trio you want my location please see my videos
william Almeida
Who remembers them days when you used to chuck a couple hundred pokeballs at a legendary for hours...... yea me too those were the good ol days
• TopazWolfixx •
15:26 how I talk to people when I’m secretly plotting to murder them