Telltale Games SHUTS DOWN - The Walking Dead Season 4, Wolf Among Us 2 Stranger Things CANCELLED

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★ Telltale Games is shutting down. The Walking Dead Season 4, The Wolf Among Us 2 & Stranger Things are CANCELLED! ★★Enjoyed it? Give it a LIKE!!! Loved it? Make sure to ★SHARE★★Follow me on Twitter: ★Super Ad Family Friendly :)

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1,000 Subcribers with no videos?
*Gamers will remember that*
A, Joseph Stalin, wants, 20 million subs
I think I got the bad ending
Adam Foster
noooo this can't be real can it? noooo Clem 😥😥😥😥
Alexandria Manjavinos
But..but Clem...our baby, what of our baby!?
I wanted game of thrones season 2 so bad
I legit grew up with the walking dead series this is so frustrating 😢😭
Alpine Ayres
*everyone will remember that*
An Average Guys That Watches
Me right now...\n*Raging at the background*
Angel Rodriguez
*final season of TWD is announced*\n\nTelltale: *Shuts down*
Arthur Morgan
so we will never get to know how The Walking Dead ends after 7 years years of playing??? wHAt ThE FuCk?
Bill Cutting
This sucks. Big fan of Telltale games. Before Joel and Ellie in The Last Of Us we had Lee and Clem. The Wolf Among Us was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in games for decades too. I hope the people at Telltale go onto bigger and better things.
Brandon Montenegro
So they would finish fucking Minecraft but not The Final Season of The Walking Dead?
Brian Ogilby
Hopefully EAs next. They are far more worthy of shutting down.
Caleb Garcia
*Telltale Games fans will remember that*
I'm legitimately upset that they couldn't finish the walking dead :(
Cool Space
Damn I didn’t want this to happen I never asked for this to happen I really want to see what happens Clemen time if she does or she lives I guess we’ll never find out this will be a mystery forever
Heart is sad
Dalyn Ward
Darkvierrus 007
Kenny come back !!!
Distant hills
So the studio ended due to mis-management?
Echidna Boi
If they do shut down, I hope some other company will take over and continue TWD and The Wolf Among Us. Even if the graphics don't look the same, or gameplay is different, I don't want these amazing games to end on the worlds BIGGEST cliffhanger.
Eunus C
How about the guy that tweeted to the wolf among us every day?
Flying Ace
What if another company bought out Telltale, similar to how Microsoft bought Minecraft or Amazon bought Twitch. They could even rehire the old staff. Seems like it'd be a win for everyone: The fans, The unemployed staff, and whoever buys Telltale.
Fredome King
Bro wtf they can't do this \nThey just started the last season of the walking dead
Fry Gum
yall dont worry imma go get a job in telltale someone else also come get a job cause just one person going dosent work, we need more
Gipper 1911
Oh my darling,\nOh my darling,\nOh my daaaaarling, Clementine.\nNow you're gone, and lost forever,\nDreadful sorry, Clementine.
Golden Gibus
Discovering That the masked man holding the conference call shotgun in tales from the borderlands was actually Loader Bot in disguise.
Who's here after the announcement that they will finish the season?
Hanakin Sidewalker
No. We waited long for closure of the Walking Dead and for Clementine. They can’t quit now, not when they’re so close to the finish line with that story.
Hardcore Pete
_Oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine~_
It’s so sad to see that the game characters that I have grown to love from season 1 2 3 will not have a complete story. Clementine has been a massive favourite of mine since season one and I think it is unfair that we will not see how her story ends. Each day I reflect on season 1 and I look at how clementine has grown as a character and it makes me sad thinking about the abrupt ending to season 4 \n\nI hope that the employees from telltale games find new jobs and carry on with their lives but I really would like it if some other company would finish off the game \n\nRest in piece TWD and TTG\nThanks for all the great memories ❤️❤️\n\n(Thanks to everyone who read, carry on with your lives.)
Hisham Alharbi
All those years of play in Telltale games is nothing. :(
Jamez Blaze
The have to finish the walking dead... they just have to
Jen 12
Probably for a season 3 of MC story mode
What I don’t understand is how can you watch your sales go down tremendously for a whole year and still release a season-pass for preordering if you can’t even be sure that you will be able to provide the service people payed you for?
John Donovan
All those years waiting for The Wolf Among Us 2....... R.I.P :(
Joseph Seed
I’m really upset that the final season of the walking dead may not finish. I don’t even care if I get a refund, I just want all 4 episodes to release. It is a great series
Josue Hidalgo
What happens to Clementine??? Will we ever find outt?!?! 😣😭😭🙈🙊
Justin Loughrey
There’s been no confirmation of any cancellations or continuation I think will all just have to calm Down and wait and see
K3vy Kev
Goodbye Telltale😢
Katariina Martens
Favorite moments from Telltale: Bigby being himself, Lee and Clementine moments in Walking Dead season 1. Kenny was great. 👍 I also enjoyed Batman series.
King Zss
Wolf among us season 2 😭😢
Kirby SuperStar
Why telltale WHY?!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kormit De Frag
It's a horrible thing but maybes Destiny will finally get some good story
Kviker Plays
They left us with probably the biggest cliffhanger i the whole world
Pls Complete the story of walking dead \n\n\n\n\n\n\nFrom the game walking dead they were started and also ends
Leonardo Di Dogeło
Actually! Telltale told that there might be a chance to finish twd the final season.
Lightless Wolf
The walking dead is back bois check ttg Twitter
Lucaix 0
I mean, we can't really say we didn't see it coming. The games were boring and pretty uninteractive for games which's story changes according to the players choices (yeah, right) we aren't really loosing that much
MR noob
Why are we still here just to suffer every night I wonder how the walking dead season 4 was going to end
Manuel Camelo
Let's burn in flames for the accusation of Whitchcraft the CEO from the Telltale Company ! Come on People \u003e;OOO
Telltale \
i hope they can get a start again its sad that one of the best game developers need to shut down hope they get enough to start up again
Mudblood Slytherin
To all TWAU fans, the game was a prequel to the comic book series Fables. Fables is the on going story taking place after the game, so you haven't COMPLETELY lost Bigby!\n\nJust trying to give some good news amongst this sadness.
What they should have done is finish twd and sell the rights to someone who is willing to countinue the legacy
Nathaniel Proctor
I’m sad we’ll never see clementines story come to a close
RadioActive DontKnow
No..... No.. \n\nNot Wolf Among Us... 😢
Random Dude
Lol TWDG season 4 is released're rong
Rangiku Ultra instinct NEPGYA!
Man was hella hyped for the wolf among us season 2
RealPaigeFan WWE
Awww I was looking so forward to the last season of the walking dead I wanna see what happened with Clem and Aj
One like adds one more person to our group hug
Rman Nayr
Rob P.
So few things get me excited anymore, telltale games did and now they won’t ever again. This whole thing sucks. I hope the people who retain whatever rights to whatever series sell them cheaply to bigger companies so we might get some kind of resolution but it took like twenty years for dreamfall to do it and most never do.
Salt Salt
Man this sucks so much but at least all those people will get jobs at other company's and, at least we'll get episode 2 of the walking dead but man this sucks 😤😭
Salty Miles
Favourite moment out of all the games was big b turning into a giant wolf
Fav memory? My walking dead disc was broken and it would lag severely and me and my friend would scream at the top of our lungs while trying to do quick time events... I can recall waiting for the new episodes to come out to watch my fav YouTubers playing them. And I remember watching every single reaction to Lee's death.... Seeing almost 100% of the players/watchers (myself included) sobbing or atleast shedding a tear.. and I can't help but feel.... Sad and somewhat empty knowing a character who I feel like I myself have grown up with is just going to be tossed to the side. Kids in coming years won't know what it felt like hearing that a new tell tale game was coming out. They'll see it as another defunct game studio with old games they won't want to play. They won't feel the feeling we all felt seeing the bright colours and the fantastic style that the studio provided.... I can't help but wish well to those who lost their jobs. But ultimately all I have to say is a big fuck you to tell tale. But also a thank you for bringing me some pretty great memories for years upon years.
Shujaat Hussain
Please dont these tell tale your games was very best who with me
Snowflake Man
Damn i heard telltale games wqs found dead on april 4th instead of founded in april 4th .
Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my daaarling Telltale Games,\nYou are now lost, gone forever,\nDreadful sorry, Telltale Games..
Squishyxx Forever
They’re not anymore
Star Knight
It should be EA was shut down, Telltale Games didn't deserve this.
Telltale shutting down is the emotional *plot* *twist* no one saw coming
They need to at least finish the walking dead season 4, if not I’ll look back at this 20 years later still wondering what the ending could’ve been
Tenkeper Ving
The Winter soldier
It's not shutting down completely. The wd Episode 3 and 4 is in development as per the latest tweet by telltale games
1) Walking dead is gonna be finished\n2) stranger things is still gonna happen whether by telltale or not
Valen V
My tech friends were screaming about this but I wasn't paying attention. \nSo no one is talking about how this was because of a group of liberal feminists who tried to become management because theirs was \
Venomous Dragon
Why is it shutting down???
W. D. Gaster
Telltale.exe has stopped working
Wriller Nebulous
Im gonna get a heart attack! Im soo scared and soo angryyy and soo sad!! :(( Ahh I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET TELLTALE GAMES KEEP GOING! fk
First Lee .. then, Kenny .. and now *Telltale* ? \n\n*R.I.P Telltale | 2004-2018*
Zulacı Gaming
I'm from Turkey and ı didn'T understand any-some-things :D Please help me What happened those games ? ? ? What happening to Telltale Games :(
ajar_ ash
Why would they continue minecraft?
whY aM i sObbiNg
crazy ol maurice
Telltale fans will remember that....
I feel bad for the employees but good riddance, imo. Their quality went down dramatically with their bugs, glitches and poor customer service.
inferno squad
Where is my refund then? I'm sorry for the ppl who lost their job but I paid for those last two episodes so if I'm not gonna get em I want a refund, this is bullshit ea or 2k should be getting bankrupt not these guys
ahh clementine\nindian,asian,arabian
loui loui
Fml. At least finish the walking dead
paul calderone
I bought a season pass for Walking dead final season, when do I get my money back ?
They had this problem like a year ago,right ? So when that problem became BIG and got out of hand,they shouldn't have published the first two episodes of TWD4.This problem didn't just appear today. As a fan,I am very,very dissapointed.\n\nEDIT:I'm deadass cryin tho send help
war jr
I was really hoping for wolf among us 2
winged hussar
Rip the walking dead and the wolf among us.
•Lil Mochi•
*deep inhale*\n\n\nR e f u n d
I'm actually gonna cry. Some of Telltales most popular games have been a big part of my younger years of life. I just really appreciate the hard work, art and creativity that has gone into these wonderful games. I just feel sad and disappointed that The Walking Dead will go on unfinished and other games will never be released. Although, I really do appreciate the amazing games that have been such a great experience.