Hidetoshi Nakata: A Japanese football icon

FIFA Fotball caught up with an icon of Japanese football, the one and only, Hidetoshi Nakata. The former midfielder reflected upon his extraordinary career for club and country and his life after football.

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ANTRIBE from somewhere
we proud of Nakata!
Abel Vasquez
Oliver Atom=Captain Tsubasa
Ace Legacy
Inazuma Eleven
Achille Poirot
My generation was blessed with great footbaler, and Nakata was one of them..Japan's genius
Aj Styles
Allen Ko
what he does now is kind of my dream, except I don't speak Japanese and I don't have enough money...
Andrei Skavinski
Great player! I'm fan when was young... still fan!hahah
Azar Sied
Legend great player such class and elegance
Azran Misran
Not just an icon, he is a legend.. much respect for this guy..
Boxer Boxer
I'm a player
Cameron O'Brien
Icon in FIFA 18 WC mode⚽🏆
Cavin Tube
Real life captain tsubasa!!! True asia legend!
Cesar Romero
Who else watched this cause of the world cup mode in fifa?
Chew Kok
Nakata and Ichiro are icons of Japanese sports.
Dan Dan
Nakata is a legend and gentleman. Honda can learn a lot from him. Honda has a massive ego and a selfish player.
He’s so down to earth and modest. He’s an inspirational dude.
how is it possible for someone to have so much class??!!? HOWW?? HOWWWW???
Edward Watania
Asia football Legend. Nakata. Gbu
Eli Salmon
Anyone here cause he got an icon card 😂😂
Elí Kusanagi
Nakata and Shunsuke Nakamura BEST footballers !
Erlangga Prasetyo
juventus nightmare
Haidur Shah
One of my icons. Long live the Samurai footballer
Hanbyul Kang
Nakata, one of a few Japanese football players I like and respect.
Hans David
I had the privilege to interview him one on one. He has completely abandoned football and makes it as part of his past that he will never dig up again. He does not watch games or play for fun anymore. He is now completely focused on his other ventures.
This guy never old
like if trash in worldcup mode
Ikhsan Fadillah
Tsubasa virus! yeah
Incoming Airstrike
He is the reason I watch almost all Perugia game back then in Serie A :)
Ivan SoBoringOne
Какой же хороший человек Хидетоши, настоящий боец, мужчина, с большим и добрым сердцем. Дай Бог тебе здоровья, ты - пример для многих.
Nakata and Honda Daisuki
so humble
Ken Car-Michael
In 2000-01 he dominated for Roma alongside Totti. He is the best asian player I have seen in my 30 years watching football.
Khairul Ikhwan Aznan
He was so famous, to an extent on the same level as David Beckham particularly in Asia. This guy is a superstar!
Kid Icarus
King Bubu
New fifa 18 icon world cup edition!!
Kushal Parmessur
What an amazing guy!! Respect
Kwon Alexander
His English speaking is very well!
Lewis Piper
Got him on FIFA hehe
Such a classy dude. And rare one. I'm mean he's inspiration came from a manga character, how unique is that! And kudos for supporting your culture too, not many players would have even thought about that. But then again, not many cultures are as Rich as Japan's.
Luis Martinez
Captain Tsubasa was lit, yo.
Man came from the future
FIFA18 appearance confirmed
Marco Miranda
Captain Tsubasa! GREAT ANIME.
Miss Mia
thats why i love anime,japanese cartoon.their animation always give an inspiration!
Mr Tsed
Thats a beautiful suit
MrSwager TM
Mustafa Ahmed
One of best Asian players to have ever graced football. Greetings from Somaliland
NO Doubt
He is a pioneer of Japan.
Naz Z.
Still my favorite Japanese soccer player. I still see him as a great player.
Nick Soccer
my childhood. I fell in love with football after watching 2002 world cup
Omar Al-ali
,,Nakata is one of the best asian players ever \ngreeting from Kuwait
Ragazzi Ciao
still we love to remember quality players like him. Shogun Hide forever
Rahim Sharif
Hidetoshi nakata and cha bum-kun is the two of greatest asian footballer of all time.
Rapmonster 10
Get him to react to his legend card on Fifa 18 World Cup mode
Ray Monzon Antonio
I love Nakata.. he's charismatic..
Renzokuken Leneyoyo
Impossible not to wish this man all the best in the world. Always been a fan of the japanese passion in their national team
Ricardo Takazu
Was the most complete japanese player in all fundamentals I've seen play
Roy Makaay
Japan best player : Hidetoshi Nakata , shunsuke nakamura , Junichi Inamoto , kazu miura , Shinji Ono and naohiro takahara
Why in the world he retired so young?
Saranhero Beckham
He is the reason I watched all the Japanese national games in my entire life.. Asia's Tiger
nakata 98~2002 japan legend
nakata is an icon of youth in far east,east asia during his peak
Teru Lifestyle
He's still a legend for Japanese
When I was kid growing up in Japan, the couple who owned a restaurant we would regular every Sunday, would bring me back gifts and souvenirs from Italy being that they would travel there all the time. \nI still have the Parma Nakata jersey they gave me as a kid. \nNakata and Nakamura were footballers I idolized growing up. Great role models too.
The Songs
some of the youth nowadays still rocking the nakata's hairstyle. legend.
you also have a hide nakata in inazuma eleven\n#inazumaElevenFan
Thomas Ma
Watched him when a kid, a very modest player, an icon for not just Jpn, Asians from 80s n onwards.
Millenials would probably not know who this guy is. One of the best Asian footballers ever, and a starter wherever he goes - Perugia, Parma, Bologna, you name it! Not to mention man ages well too. Massive respect!
Tony Coughlan
This guys English is excellent!!!
Wow that was really inspiring, he deserves the Icon recognition
Nakata was my hero growing up. Aside from Park Ji-Sung, I never saw an Asian player I can relate to, let alone a Japanese player.
Zhexu Wu
The power of Manga.
andres pina
All Time Asia Legend No.1 Cha Bum-kun!
ash unknown
Japanese greatest player of all time is nakata. Asian legend n grandmaster in football history
Nakata Fashion icon now
When I think of Japan football-wise Nataka and Nakamura always come to my head.
elizabeta beilschmidt
He got into soccer, thanks to Tsubasa?! That's amazing o_O!!!!
gustavo w
speaks very good english!
My favorite footballer!!! Hide-san!!
hisardo dagmar
This guy is fine
the best player in Asia
hyd e
joe 90
Let's not forget ji sung park man utd
He is truly SAMURAI and inspired so many people in the World. \nThank you Nakata!!! I wish you the very best for new purpose of your life.
Because of NAKATA, Asian football gain more respect from the world, ARIGATOU!!
his english tho.. \u003c3
How come no one else mentions how incredibly good looking this guy is?
so st
also he can speak Italy
tan hock jun
Nakata and nakamura are 2 of my favorite players in Japan :)
zi chen
Though I am a Chinese ! I got to say, Nakata is perhaps the best player ever coming out of Asia! I mean back then he was not only an icon in Asia but really a world class footballer
Juventus killer
he can speak 5 languages
NAKATA is my favorite soccer player!