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EXTENDED DISCUSSION: Jay and Rich Evans discuss George Miller's second Mad Max movie, The Road Warrior.

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Really enjoyed that. Great rant about Mad Max 2. Prick stuff at the beginning was hilarious. Great to hang out with guys obsessed with MM as much as I am.
I'd still take part two over Fury Road. Heck, I'd take part one over Fury Road. One reason is simply the performances. Nothing against Tom Hardy, but Mel Gibson nailed the character all those years ago.
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I still like Mel Gibson...
I actually prefer Beyond Thunderdome.\n\nP.S. Australians call it petrol, not gasoline. Bit of a gaff right there.
Let's all just take a moment to thank our Lord and Savior, George Miller.\nThank you, George Miller.
Adrijana Radosevic
I think... you mistook the idea of Mad Max as a character in both RW and FR. They're both stories about a man who is so focused on his own survival (so 100% selfish motive) that he's not even human again, but he finds his humanity again through helping others. MM is never supposed to become a HERO, his arc is becoming HUMAN in a dehumanized world. (MM 1 is the process of dehumanisation, while in MM 4 he's... on his road to becoming a hero. And GM claims, FR is somewhere between RW and BOT)\n\nIt's about defining humanity as such to stem out of how we treat other people. It's about losing your humanity being worse than losing your life. In FR it's even more emphasized by the contrast with the Immortan Joe who lost all of his humanity in order to survive.
Albin Alligator
Road Warrior is still the best.
Aleks Mcallister
Is AIDS replacing Rich in the Bag?
Austin Woods
Raimi mentions the mistake Jay references in \
B Dean
Mathew Broderick killed a mother and her daughter. he was fined 175 bucks for reckless driving. later he stared in a multi million dollar Honda commercial.
There is one guy who likes Mad Max 3 the best: the Nostalgia Critic. One of his worst reviews ever...
Bryan Quesada
Mad Max 2 make me the man i am now, i remember being an 7 year old kid when my brother came home with The road warrior and Predator
Mad Max 2 is my favorite, but there's a lot of stuff Mad Max 1 does better in terms of story-telling.\nMad Max 3 ... never goes Beyond Thunderdome... kill me.\nI love Fury Road.... BUT! \nIt's more like an adaptation of the goofy unrealistic nature of Max 3 rather than the brutality of the first 2 movies.\nFury Road is a power fantasy,\nMax 1 & 2 are brutally gritty.\nMax 3 is a cartoon.
Butcher Seven Actual
I may have commented on this before, but after watching this again, I have to say that you guys are off your collective rockers. You're basically applying the same logic that you criticize others for doing, namely thinking that Fury Road is the better film because it had more explosions, more action, better effects. Fury Road was a film oxymoron - an action-packed dull movie. All the over-the-top stuff was kind of fun to look at, but didn't make for a good film. Hardy as Max was pretty bland, and definitely sidelined and not in the fun \
Caolan Dillon
Fury Road is good but I hate how people talk about it like its a flawless masterpiece
Captain Chlorine
Is this replacing my dead father?
Centrist Glass Cannon
Perhaps it's because I've only seen Fury Road once, & Road Warrior several times, but I have to disagree.
Dan ilo
Both movies are great in their own way. Fury Road is the movie that George wanted to make and now he finally had the money and technology to do it. It's a lot more fairy tale-ish and the gorgeus visuals really accentuate that. The Road Warrior is a lot more drab and gritty and depressing and I love it.
Dave Francis
Still don’t understand the appeal of Fury Road. Personally think it is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a cinema because it was infantile in terms of story and script let alone underdeveloped characters and the worst boss battle with Immortan Joe that ends in about 30 seconds. It felt like watching an amateur stunt show at a theme park. Mad Max is an unusual franchise because everyone remembers it fondly, then when you rewatch it later it never holds up to any scrutiny, particularly production quality. Note: Bruce Spence always looks scrawny and sick, a real hammy actor too. His career should have been like Doug Jones, in that he is the perfect physique for creature and costume work.
I watched all four movies with my 13 year old son, and he liked The Road Warrior a lot better than Fury Road. He didn't like Max's weird PTSD, and felt the whole thing was just a giant chase scene where you never got to really get to know the characters. I actually had to agree with him.\n\nSo no, The Road Warrior is no obsolete. It's the best Mad Max film.
Deplorably Candid
Saying \
15:25 \
Fury Road was one of the best films in DECADES!
Eagle 4
Well I am upset that you called Mel Gibson a prick, I like what he represents and what he stands for, the fact nobody wants to employ him for his controversial views makes me respect him more.
Earl Obama
These movies are my favorites right there with Indy Jones and Star wars. But riddle me this Batman. I thought Fury road was pretty amazing even despite itself. WHY for the love of Pete did they get the best actor of our generation/Hardy to play Max if he was only going to grunt through the entire film? Say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the reason that Fury road will fall short as a \
Eldritch Augur
I still think Road Warrior is worth watching because Mel Gibson is a much, much better Mad Max than Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy is alright but he is unfortunately pretty bland and doesn't carry the same charisma as Gibson. He's the worst and most inconsequential character in Fury Road and that's kind of a shame.\n\nMel Gibson is a fucking psycho and all but as an actor he's fantastic. It's a shame hollywood won't cast him anymore.
Elias Ntarlas
Fury Road is crap. 20 years later and people will still be talking about how iconic and influential MM2 still is, not MMINO.
Ethan Kroon
Before fury road, the closest thing to a nonstop chase scene Miller did was Happy Feet 2, actually
Is Mike working on a new Plinkett video
Isn't it a praise being called pricks by hack frauds?
Mel Gibson did nothing wrong.
Garbage Person
I had never seen a Mad Max movie before Fury Road, I'm not a huge fan of action but I thought I'd give it a go because of the high praise it got, and I absolutely loved every second of it and still do whenever I rewatch it.\nNo issue whatsoever with all the ladies in it. And I hate women.
It'd be nice if in your Road Warrior review you didn't spend it instead jacking off Fury Road.
Hachi Roku
isnt it barren wasteland because its the middle of Australia?
Hert Zollner
The feral boy is the narrator... He tells the legend of the Road Warrior! :)
The Road Warrior is still more enjoyable to me than Fury Road. And I liked Fury Road.
Istvan Vilmos
The Road Warrior is a far superior film to Fury Road.
I know it's not a popular opinion, but I greatly preferred The Road Warrior over Fury Road.
Jay Jeckel
Nope, Road Warrior is still the best Mad Max movie. Firstly, Mad Max is actually the main and most important character and, secondly, Road Warrior has actual characters and a story beyond 'cars driving fast' and 'OMG GUY WITH FIRE GUITAR!!!!'. I understand why people like Fury Road, but Road Warrior is undeniably the better movie.
Joe Kane
So weird to here people say the Mad Max series doesn't care about continuity when it has the best kept continuity in any trilogy I've ever seen. Injuries effect him unlike other heroes in movies so much so that when he gets fucked up it stays with him, like his limp at the end of the first movie. Same clothes throughout, drives the same car in the second, and they point out his character arc which we get to see in great detail explaining why he's so fucking miserable in Road Warrior.\n\nJust saying, seems odd.
K Botick
Mad Max \u003e Fury Road \u003e Road Warrior \u003e holocaust footage \u003e Beyond the Thunderdome
Kamil Cybulski
I always thought that Mad Max is not supposed to have continuity because it's just a bunch of legends about a guy named Max who did some stuff, saved some people in the wasteland, there are conflicting stories about him etc.
Kevin King
400K subs! You frauds did it!
Thank you george miller! :)
First Mad Max was best movie
Lotus Prince
Of course Immortan Joe was a more developed character than Humongous, but there is something to be said for Humongous. When Wez goes berserk and tries busting into the compound, Humongous holds him back and say \
M Weistra
You know what Fury Road also didn't have when comparing it to Md Max 2? \nAnd what made that film just a little less brilliant to me...\n\nMEL F#CKING GIBSON! (
speaking of army of darkness...RLM should review that movie
Mac Smith
say what you want about Mel, but his Max has infinitely more charisma than the new one.
Matt Sinclair
Road Warrior \u003e Fury Road
No, just no... NO! The Road Warrior is FAR superior...
Mickey Lee Bukowski
Thanks for reviewing Fury Road, guys. When is the Road Warrior review?
Neon Leon
Oh come on, give Mel Gibson a break. He was roaring drunk for about 25 years. He's clean now so don't be so cruel.
New Rule Media
Road Warrior is great. Fury Road and The Dark Knight were good but overrated. I know I'm in the minority there.
Nihilo Zero
Actually, Rich, the introduction strongly implies that the movie does take place in the aftermath of a nuclear war... \n\
Thank you George Miller!
Noel F
Nice review, but I do have a couple of comments. I'm an old bugger who saw these movies in the order of their release here in Australia and my favorite by a very big margin is Mad Max. I get what you're saying that every single frame in Fury Road is beautiful but there's a purity of story about Mad Max that's difficult to explain. Perhaps the authenticity comes from the fact that George Miller was a trauma doctor in a local emergency ward and had the idea for Mad Mad as he dealt with numerous road traffic accident victims. I've always liked that It's a movie about a man's decent into madness like its contemporary film, Apocalypse Now.\n\nMy understanding is that when Mad Max was eventually released in the US it was dubbed with American accents and even if you saw it with the original Australian accents perhaps some of the expressions weren't known to you as it was never made with an American audience in mind. Mad Mad 2 on the other hand was clearly made for an international audience as it used words like \
Ol' Zircon
Am I the only one who thinks Fury Road's art direction is kind of tacky and overdone? It looks like a jeans commercial from 1995 and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland got in a fight with the art from Saddam Hussein's palace. Everything is so precisely executed it feels like there are no risks being taken even in the areas where there are (the stunts).\n\n\nWhich is a shame, because by all accounts it's really good but I just haven't gotten past the look of it yet.\n\n\nThe old one, for all its flaws, feels vital and risky because it is. What I've seen of the new one feels like watching a video of Burning Man.\n\n\nWhat I'm saying is, I'm with Rich Evans.
Party Pooper
Is this reviewing re:Place?
Mad max road warrior had depth, humor, and build up of tension. Road fury was a two hour chase scene. I think these guys stay blinded because they watch every new release. They get flooded with so much crap that anything that holds interest they say its movie of the year.
The world's not actually a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the _Mad Max_ universe. Only Australia is a savage shithole. The rest of the planet is fine, but the Aussies don't know and just continue wearing weird fetish gear and blowing each other up.
There's the fact that every injury Max sustains carries on to the next movie.
Ringus Slaterfist
Wait a minute\nBLM=Black Lives Matter\nRLM=Red Letter Media?\nConspiracy
Samuel Stephens
As much as I like _Fury Road_, I think _The Road Warrior_ and even _Beyond Thunderdome_ [gasp] are better movies. My thoughts are opposite of Jay's. Everything _Fury Road_ does, _The Road Warrior_ does better. \n\nPeople overemphasize _Fury Road_'s unconventionality. The description of it being one long chase sequence is plainly inaccurate. It's structured like most Hollywood action movies with intervals of action set-pieces and periods of \
I liked Fury Road, but I bet my right nut it will not hold up the way Road Warrior does. Road Warrior gets better the older it gets, Fury Road is already being called overrated by a lot of people. And it is.
Shanos Ummesteros
Many of us from Australia grew up with the first Mad Max and still consider that the best.
It's such a shame Mike passed away at the ripe age of 84.
Simon Drake
Mad Max is like John Conner in the sense that they are more interesting as a myth (or in the case of T2, the boy struggling to become the myth) than an actual character. John Conner becomes boring when he becomes an adult as no actors ever lives up to the presence and leadership iconography of the character implied in the first 2.
Fury Road was realy good but Road Warrior is better.
Isn't the narrator the Feral Kid? He's definitely the character in the most awe of Max, and the most likely to remember him the the far future?
Fury road had no heart, it couldnt wipe the arse of the road warrior!
TJ Hastie
Watching this as a younger viewer after being introduced to the franchise with Fury Road was similar to watching Tim Burton's Batman after seeing the Nolan trilogy- it's definitely a good movie, and I can appreciate it. But seeing the newer one first kinda weakened my enjoyment because the bar was so high.
The Tallest Dwarf
The thing that The Road Warrior does better than Fury Road: Tell a story about Mad Max.
The Wu-Cepticon
_Fury Road_ is great, but this is still my favorite _Mad Max_ flick.
Chris Stuckmann removed you from his favorite channel list haha. Someone can't take a joke.
The kid in the movie is the Narrator in the begining and at the end!!!
Tomi Eloranta
Mad Max 2 is still my favorite of the four movies, it's just so raw and brutal.
Vince Maslowski
I wish I could love Fury Road as much as these hackfrauds. Idk, it was pretty and all, but it felt so clean, and nothing really had any impact or weight. It's one of those very well-made movies that made me feel nothing at all.
I'm suprised you prefer Fury Road over this. I mean Fury Road is f'in amazing but Mad Max 2 is as realistic as a brutal stylised apocalyptic fairy tale can get. Whereas Fury Road is too escapist, colourful and fantasy like compared. Plus I didn't rate Hardy as Max in comparison to Gibson. It must've been his nonsensical Aussie accent. He sounded like Bane but without the mask.
0:59 I finally made it!
Is this replacing the new RedLetterMedia Meme?
Haven't seen Road Warrior in some time but I'm almost positive it's made clear at the end of the film that the narrator was the feral kid in the future.
Between 2:19 and 2:20, the poster of Mad Max becomes R.OT.O.R. for just an instant. Sorry if this was posted already, but it bears repeating.
I think Rich is wrong about it NOT being a post nuclear world, explain the geiger counter in thunderdome and water salesman commenting about the fallout.\n\nI also believe gyro captain and jebodiah to be the same person. He left with cute blondie from road warrior had the kid from thunderdome. her not being there suggests shes been killed, stolen. He is hardly likey to go round calling himself gyro captain with his new girl and son. When Jebodiah see's max in bartertown he recognises him! Then later max sees jeb and points and says YOU, you have a plane! How did he know he was a pilot?
Nope. Turned off when after the 'Fury Road is better' comment. That film is shite!
answer to Rich at 8:25 it's a wasteland because it's australia.
I saw Road Warrior in my early teens and then Mad Max a few years later and learned how important that goddam Interceptor was. I, too, have my soul crushed a little every time Max tried to barge his way past the baddies and the car is destroyed. I felt the Fury Road car wasn't the same one. Dunno. Just me.
jay is aging like fine wine no homo
Nostalgia Critic says Thunderdome is the best. Early onset Alzheimer's. So sad.
I like the fan theory that these films are all stories that were passed down through the generations as humanity dragged it's self back up to some kind of civilization, and Mad Max is actually a composite of a bunch of different wandering loners who helped out at the right time. He's a folk hero basically. It explains why there's no continuity between the movies, because each story is about different people, but told and retold until the details blur.
I'm looking forward to Mikes re:View of Waterworld. Mad max on water.
Actually, Mad Max 1 makes more sense, because it has a more plausible world. There is a semblance of civilization needed to sustain all those car chases. It's kind of difficult to imagine the world of Road Warrior, where there's no steady supply of petroleum, and yet people drive muscle cars at full throttle.
nm-8 .com
i favor the first mad max. society slowly transforming into anarchy. no other movie ever showed this. roadwarrior gave birth to the genre called postapocalyptic. but the genre of mad max(1) never got out of the womb.
Fury Road is to Road Warrior what Terminator 2 is to Terminator. Both took from a previous entry and made it better but the source material is still great and important.
Around 11:40 they are discussing how the Wez has a boyfriend and that is not really ever commented. Mates, did you even watch the movie? The bikers are even called gayboy-berserkers and smegma-crazies, that should give you a hint about what's going on there.
I watched all the films in preparation for Fury Road when it came out and man all the films are SO different from one another. It's so fascinating. Road Warrior was this perfect blend of outsider film status with a good amount of money and distribution whereas Mad Max 1 was filmed for like 0 dollars and succeeded in spite of it's obvious low budget. And then Beyond Thunderdome was WAAY overproduced and too polished and while Tina Turner did a good job, celebrity cameos sort of ruined the immersion. Plus when I was rewatching it, I had forgotten all about the kids in the desert. And that's like half the film! Such a great journey. I'm with you on one more Mad Max movie. Miller can hit it and quit it as far as I'm concerned. He knocked it out of the effing park with Fury Road and I don't need a lukewarm continuation.
I appreciate the fact that you mentioned the casualness by which the \
Road Warrior \u003e Fury Road
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