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Antonio Feredo
What's he say afterwards ? Something like, \
1:02 crack addict
Bob Ross
Mel steals the scene every time he's in frame. :D
It's funny how the name of this clip is \
Happy Birthday to you.\nYou belong in a zoo. \nYou look like a monkey. \nAnd you smell like one too!\n0:33
Grim Tea
South Park anyone?
Hunter Michaelson
What is wrong with that kid? Autistic?
Jeff Mills
Personally, I love both Mel and Tom as Max. So rare that a sequel many years later is as good as Fury Road.
John Martin
In 'fury road' max plays second fiddle to furiosa....the original max plays second fiddle to no one.also they took him off the road and placed him in the desert,that just doesn't suit max (yes I know it's continuing where thunder dome finished).and they separated him from his interceptor which isn't short,this is simply the best of the franchise with superb characters.the gyro captain with his James coburn smile and papagallo,who faces such violence with swaggering dignity
John Smith
The blond Norwegian dude doesn't get enough credit for keeping his little society together among the savages of the world.
Juan C
Dingo kid is max in road fury
Judson Joist
No matter how desolate he thinks he is, Max will always be a dad at heart.
Justin Time
I wish the Feral Kid would fling his boomerang towards Bieber!!
Charisma overload. Tom Hardy's a pale shadow, indeed.
Liam's Lenz
The movie should've been about Max and the Feral Kid.
Matt Nelson
best one out of the series
if you think theres something wrong with that boy, try teaching a kid ABC while fighting an army in a post-Apocalypse desert with hardly any water or gas to live
Orangy Pteco
Max Rockatansky S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats \n\nstrength: 8\nperception:7\nendurance:9\ncharisma:6\nintelligence:8\nagility:7\nluck:10
Ozzy Maverick
More emotion, suspense and feeling in this 2 minute scene than in the entire fury road movie. One reason: Mel Gibson
Paul Lorenzini
Please, be a good humangoid......
Paul Redi
My favorite line by Mel Gibson ever
Poser Hunt42
I saw this movie when I was little in Spanish never knew they were astrialian I thought I was film in Arizona or something
Rant Corporation
Australians are badass people like Max and because mel is half australian
Remember Tornberry
I don't care how old is this movie, neither I care about which movie is the best. I love the wasteland aesthetics, post-apocalyptic warfare full of charismatic survivors, their \
Shot Down In Flames
Brilliant scene, brilliant movie.
Sinisa Acimovic
najbolji film
The Fury Road was a bloody fantastic spectacle. However Hardy's portrayal of Max was pale and lifeless at places. And I know Hardy can play a witty and charismatic bloke, I'd say Miller was bit off on that regard.\nFury Road so far is the best film in the series, but Road Warrior's Max is still the most iconic one. Gibson just oozes with charisma in this one, even when not talking, you can feel his presence.
Stonecold Skeelo
People keep commenting on Tom Hardy's Performance as Max as being lacking of charisma.....Um that was the entire point of the movie. At the Start of Fury Road he was almost 100% feral to the point where he is about to loose his identity. Through meeting Furiosa, both charactersover the course of the Movie transition a path of Redemption. Furiousa Redemption is Saving the Wives (Slaves) after becoming The Top Slaver Commander of the Citadel, And Max's Redemption is learning to trust and re-engage with people again after being Nomad for years. thats why at the start of Fury Road Max essentially just Grunts like an Animal and by the End of the Movie he is conversing again as the Madness has less of a grip on his persona. This movie was a masterpiece in visual storytelling.
Tanner Phoenix
Mick Jagger?
The Maddening Sound Kris Adams
Do ya really want me ta...?
The Velo In The Vale
For us Aussies who grew up watching the Mad Max films in the 70's and 80's ... the only permissable notion is that in Fury Road it is the Feral Kid grown up and NOT Max at all ... Tom Hardy isn't Max and never will be.
0:22 ya call that a knife?
Tin Dero
Papalogo mick jagger
Voxton 23
Little Tarzan kid...
My favorite actor. To bad things went down hill for him.
extra solar
I always feel sorry for that guy who lost his fingers.
Is there no one else ! Mel is and always will be MAX
“Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that can haul that tanker. You wanna get out of here? You talk to me.”\nToo cool 😎
0:45\nImpressive how Gibson kept a straight face while looking at that face.
I'm pretty sure the Max in Fury Road is this little kid with the music box anybody else make that connection. Mel Gibsons character is gone this is later in time things have gotten worse.
are we to presume that was the feral kid's first human kill and therefore graduates into manhood (happy birthday)?
so,what if instead of the road warrior it was rogue warrior(richard marcinko)?
Only ever gonna be one Mad Max & its not Hardy.
Mel was 24 when he made this
1:55 She's talking about when the Grinch stole the roast beast.
fury road was made for furiosa , that's why Hardy barely talks , great movie but main character is furiosa not Max
hardy did his best but he hardly talks and sometimes you forget about him with mel gibson you never forgot him still liked the new one
Radical Idea: You can like the classic Mad Max's and the new one!\n\nHonestly though, the first, this and Fury Road are miles better than Beyond Thunderdome, which started ok but quickly devolved into a family film where the plucky kids hit bad guys with frying pans.
One of the best movies ever. 
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So cool...