EVE Online: Preparing for Into the Abyss - Part 2 - Caracal

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"Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel for future updates and content! Let's get this thing to 1000 subs!"This Episode:Finding a cheap, t1 Cruiser, to start running Tier 1 Abyssal Deadspace sites on May 29th! Part 2 of 2 - CaracalThe Fit:[Caracal, ADS Caracal (t1)]Damage Control IIBallistic Control System IIBallistic Control System IIBallistic Control System II10MN Monopropellant Enduring AfterburnerLarge Shield Extender IILarge Shield Extender IIThermal Dissipation Amplifier IIEM Ward Amplifier IIPrototype 'Arbalest' Rapid Light Missile LauncherPrototype 'Arbalest' Rapid Light Missile LauncherPrototype 'Arbalest' Rapid Light Missile LauncherPrototype 'Arbalest' Rapid Light Missile LauncherPrototype 'Arbalest' Rapid Light Missile LauncherMedium Core Defense Field Purger IMedium Core Defense Field Purger IMedium Core Defense Field Purger IHornet II x2Caldari Navy Scourge Light Missile x8655-------------------------------------------------------------------------To start a new Eve Online account and receive 250,000 bonus skill points and support my channel, please use this referral link. Where can you find me?Facebook.com/pocketsdkTwitter @PocketsDK

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Andrew Escocia
just lost my caracal in a t1, ran out of time did not have enough dps and ran into BS in 2 rooms. my rapid light took an age to kill em
Anvil Dragon
Tank was great but faced a battlecruiser on the fist section one one and burned the 20 minutes killing it. Needs more DPS.
Christopher Hughes
A video that ive been looking for all over and have not been able to find is one explaining the different types of filaments( like the buffs/debuffs for each) for the sites and the towers within them.
John Sellers
I thought we were supposed to do thermal damage, but those missals do kinetic damage, does it change?
Luan X
Question: I wanted to do the abyss with a Caracal Navy, and I wish to use Assault Heavy instead of rapid Heavys... How would this particular misseles type fare against the frig size drones? \nThe long reload on the rapid Heavys just kills the buzz for me --\
Can this build be used for ratting too?
Great ship and great guide. As a low skilled player i can fly it. Thank you :)
Paul Egan
The only video that I could find which clearly explained what the new pve is and how it works.
Preston Barnes
Is it possible to pull the loot with a tractor beam? I mean it falls from a structure so IDK if it would work. Just thinking about a free high slot and what to put in it.
My thoughts exactly towards your end. Why risk a Gila with all my shinies when I've never done such a site when I can buy a cheaper cruiser to get the feel of it. Thanks for your vids man, appreciate it.
mateusz kasprzak
is it possible to rattling the serpentis clone soldiers with this fit those for 1.5 mil isk and 1.7 mil isk bounty?
roland rayar
shield is better with this ship.