OLYMPIA 2018: The Big Show

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Real People. Real Stories. Real Olympia. Seven Bucks Digital Studios covers all eight categories of the world's largest bodybuilding competition for the second year in a row.SUBSCRIBE for more!: Executive Producers - Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, Erin Lardy, Steven Kiefer Production Company - Sons of Summer Directed by Steven Kiefer & Erin Lardy Director of Photography - Ryan Neil Postas Cam Op - Grant Duncan Creative Director - Mikkel AranasProducer - Ash Burritt Post Supervisor - Steven KieferEdited by Jesse DvorakMusic Composer - Jermaine Stegall Sound - John Rampey, Elliott Cuff, Rich Jacobs, Roy ChaseGaffers - Shai Keston-Nix, Jason D’Aversa, Tommy Cheatham, Tony VagnuoloDIT - Mikkel AranasProduction Assistants - Ashley Friedlander, Alex Richard, Natasha Ajogbor, Anthony DeCarioHMU - Patricia Ambroise

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