OLYMPIA 2018: The Big Show

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Real People. Real Stories. Real Olympia. Seven Bucks Digital Studios covers all eight categories of the world's largest bodybuilding competition for the second year in a row.SUBSCRIBE for more!: Executive Producers - Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi, Erin Lardy, Steven Kiefer Production Company - Sons of Summer Directed by Steven Kiefer & Erin Lardy Director of Photography - Ryan Neil Postas Cam Op - Grant Duncan Creative Director - Mikkel AranasProducer - Ash Burritt Post Supervisor - Steven KieferEdited by Jesse DvorakMusic Composer - Jermaine Stegall Sound - John Rampey, Elliott Cuff, Rich Jacobs, Roy ChaseGaffers - Shai Keston-Nix, Jason D’Aversa, Tommy Cheatham, Tony VagnuoloDIT - Mikkel AranasProduction Assistants - Ashley Friedlander, Alex Richard, Natasha Ajogbor, Anthony DeCarioHMU - Patricia Ambroise

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- Kon -
Anyone else going to supershowdown, I hope the rock is there
Who thought that the big show in the video 😅😂😂put like
Aadarsh Sharma
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Adventure Time
I want to be the rock he's awesome and a good fighter when i grow up I'll be bit like him ^_\u003c
Akeel Aslam
Congrats to Shawn Rhoden for winning this year and to everyone in the comments yes there on steroids but that's the nature of the sport. This isn't a natty competition so if its not for you that's fair enough there are plenty of natty shows you can watch.
Alex Polite
I thought was an actual video about the wrestler Big Show
Arianna Reardon
Whoever wins, takes the most steroids wooooohooooOOOOO! Bodybuilders are gayyyyy!
I can lift 20 lbs
C .G
Phil will gonna get back nxt year and won again
Clyde Chapters
Well deserved Shawn!💪👑
Whoa! so if I workout 24/7 and take drugs like them I might get paid for it!!! Awesome!!!
Dark WolfGaming
I have a question, is it true you play world of warcraft?
Dimension Brother's
Please rock show up at smackdown! 1,000\n-from miami
Dominique Silva Neves
Ultra big showker!!!!
Doris Leyba
THANKS ! the absence of steriods has made this beautifully artistic; I wouldn't have seen this had @TheRock hadn't shared. 10/19/18 except not happy about the tanning; why aren't the faces tanned too?
Jeremy Buendia
Hey rock I wish you would have given Brock Lesnar a big as beating before you left WWE Zach Gowen go through Hell and the only person that would help him would be you
Foxgame play
can yon do vlog plz team the Rock
Fun Videos
Anyone else see the male entrants a lot smaller than the prior years?\nI'm used to seeing the Ronnie Colemans, Jay Cutlers, Dorian Yates sizes... these guys are a lot smaller now? maybe its the camera angle?? Still... Kudos and great job to them all, they worked hard to be here at this level 👍
Gandalf The White
Shawn was well deserving champion. And Roelly was easily second
Gleep Glorp
Why does their faces look CGI? Like their faces are hovering inches in front of their heads.
Goku Black Mito
The rock you back WWE
Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding)
That 4K makes a huge difference!! Thank you for the awesome video!
H24 Delirium
I still don't get why people want to get that big it looks bad for the heart but this is coming from someone who wants to be like jeff hardy so yeah respect though respect
Hakan Sahin
All wins
Harshil parmar
Best Video compilation..
Hasmukh Kumar
some people still talk about this bodybuilders taking steroids, of course they do and should actually do... no matter what..\nthey gotta achieve a certain great level of mascularity to sincerely appeal to certain audiences...\nnot only that, they have a great mindset, discipline and tenacity in which you cannot simply compare of... you know what, just mind your own business.. do what you want to do in life.. not freaking destroying other people's visions with your petty and ignorant nonsense... i admire and have great respect to this people because they work hard... not some other people out there who just randomly barf nonsense.. all just to feel better themselves because they are simply insecure in everything
Hassan Saleem
Hello im a special kid age 22...im deaf & dumb.... but i want to beome a part of ur compaign.... i want to be a model a actor... i cant speak but i can explain everything through my actions... plz do somthing for our kinda ppl and do support us... thank you🙏
Haydos Tripanoski
Hey rock
Jacob Bennenbroek aka Jacob is chief
Big fan of the rock best wwe supersatar
Jawn Bk
The Rock endorsing Steroid abusing drug addicts, I wonder why lmao.
Jay Rojas
I thought this was a promo for The Rock vs Big Show😂
Jeppe AP
My Man
Jocelyn Canodiaz
Rock pls pls plzzzz come back to wwe we miss you alot plzz come today monday night raw plzzz!!!!!
John Tucker
no steroids were used in the making of these humans
Jordanna Stairs
Haw did it feel to lose the wwe championship to Cena . I was hoping you would win💪🏼
Koenigsegg Kid
Dwayne Johnson has helped me through a really hard time, I was bullied a lot, and Dwayne Johnson was one of the inspirations, especially when I felt that I was alone. Dwayne is my role model, my favorite actor, and he is my main inspiration. He has impacted my life greatly, and I wish I could meet him, as he is just an all-round nice guy. he is so generous, and he truly is, the worlds most amazing and wonderful actor.
Lincoln Hawk
I'm not buying any products associated with those pregnant men.\n\nOh, the Olympia. Ironic.
Mahesh Walatara
Each time I saw Phil my eyes went to his gut.
Malcolm Charles Tears II
Kinda late to be posting this isn't it?
Mars l
Will you appear at smackdown 1000
Michael Beltran
And A New King Is Born \
Mill Millan
I thought this was big show related
Mixstil Banana
when will the rock returns to wwe
Morgan Carpenter
ok Dwayne this has nothing to do with this youtube video but I’m a big fan of your movie Skyscraper. But the first scene had me asking a lot of questions about the beginning scenes and the backstory behind the guy who blew up his house at the beginning. were there any scenes that you guys shot that were not in the movie that explained the beginning better or did the movie not ever plan on explaining it.
Mr. Nothing
If the uploader wasn't *The Rock* , I'll never watching this probably.
You and dwane look so alike are you twins?
GOOD Role Models
Natasha Holmes
*Everyone's 5x my size* :(
cmon Olympia, next year make sure stream is working
Making gainz just watching this xD
Lol I need a life coach :(
Nyam Cat
Még fogsz jönni valamikor Magyarországra ? Mert ha igen légy szíves legyél olyan kedves hogy szólsz nekünk magyar rajongóidnak szólsz előre is köszönöm !!!!!
Prince Lakhera
Love u rock....u are best.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Priyanshu Kumar
I thought it is something related to WWE
heart pleaseeeeeeee :D ITALYY
RR the clasher of bangladesh &Germany
I expected a lot from big ramy 💔
Rachel's Town
Man this isn't the big show
Ralph Leclerc
Amazing! Seven Bucks, you did an awesome job!
Replicated Media
Horses everywhere especially the females
Shaik mohammed Abdullah
Big ramy is underrated and he had the best clean and greek statues looking body
Shane Kelley
Yeah! My boy Chris bumstead!! Git it bro!!
Sharjeel Ahmed
My favourite Natural bodybuilding show!
Shion Kusanagi
Big show vs The rock Confirmed\nthe reason: Copyright
Tanishq Mahajan
Tanvir Ahmed
The best video so far about mr o 2018
Theresa Riley
I love rampage btw it's your best movie and will u ever return to wwe
16:07 Main Tank is here
Thona Ly
Ti Bubbek
Shawn seems like such a humble dude happy he won, he deserved it
Brought to you by Olympia gang 😤
Troy Hagen
Can you sing more songs? I stragely like your singing alot.
Vinay Solanki
Never thought Rock would do clickbait\nTheres no big show in olympia.\nDisappointed
Virginia Freebody
Workout Faculty
This video is always be my motivation for bigger muscles ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
a stupid weeb with a potato on ass
M14 by olympia gang
amrit kang
17:14 need to notice...
ayush tiwari
I was searching for big show(wwe superstar) in this video😅😅😅
dylan saeng
I was waiting for this when I left the Olympia
haai haai
Im happy with my body
harrendra suren
Tht was just really inspirational
iqbal noor
john lee
This looks so unhealthy. I feel sorry for them.
Angelica's implants look so off to me
making homebrew wild and cheap
how did i not know the rock had his own youtube channel!
shandy chiks
Hulk in the real live
I dont like Phil for some reason but I think he should have won.
viciado em like
zєllαяѕн TM
Can the rock beat paper?
Дедушка Ленин
Триумф метандростенолона и дека-дураболина!!!!!! А яички тем временем отдыхают....
Who is the girl at 0:32